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  1. Stephan Foord is the guy I race against, hell of a competitor!
  2. Interesting, I watched the whole video and didn't see CB lock his rear tire up the whole time?
  3. Torque you triple clamps properly, different grips, open flag handguards, composite skidplate, lever and bar placement...
  4. Anytime you're stopping the rear wheel, you're not going fast anywhere... That being said, I couldn't imagine a Trials Tire being the optimal tire for that kinda riding...
  5. Man that 350 looks killer! I've been battling a guy head to head this year in our series, me on the KTM 350 vs his Beta 350. In the tighter more technical stuff he seems to find a edge as his bike seems to really find traction but when it starts to open up my KTM seems to handle the speeds a little better... Still, wouldn't mind riding a Beta for a season...
  6. Ya, you'd probably beat me...
  7. He wouldn't like what we do...
  8. Here, learn to jump over a stick!
  9. Having a 'slower' bike could be the biggest difference between you being where you are at now vs where you could be... But I would gather your skills are very limited simply by your statement regarding a headlight....
  10. $600 on bars? Way too many things I could change to get better flex... For that price I could get you valved suspension which go alot farther....
  11. $900us + $150 battery + $170 stator... I figure I wanted to do the Baja 1000 one day so it doesn't hurt to invest... I also have a smaller single lamp setup which is more convenient for our offroad races.. I use the MotoMinded bracket and just wire it directly to the battery. It's basically just 1 of the dual lights, 4800lumen and 40w draw...
  12. The farthest baracade is nearly 530ft and you have approx 100ft of width...
  13. 9800lumen at a 80w draw... Yes, aftermarket Ricky Stator is used...