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  1. You need a load on the engine to create a seal... Idling on the stand is terrible for a newly built motorcycle. You asked the question, here is my answer...
  2. Like 15hr piston changes? What the engineers designed vs what the lawyers wrote are two very different things..
  3. The damage is already done... Best you can do now is ride it...
  4. Will it damage it? No... Is it ideal for getting a proper break in? No...
  5. I have the Stihl unit for landscaping. I also have all the other parts such as the trimmer, blower, lawnmower. Awesome work units for the 'less' experienced and light duty. Simply pull the trigger and your golden. Unfortunately when the trees get thick or the grass gets deep they just don't cut it. I've had mine for two years and have never had a issue either. I had a guy leave a battery on a tailgate which disappeared shortly afterwards. Unfortunately the batteries are expensive. In the bush, I can't bring myself to take it out. One decent tree and she's done...
  6. I guess, I wouldn't know. I have never run 88 in my life... I also wouldn't cut my head that tight either...045-.050 is where mine was cut at...
  7. I don't see how this is going to help in the on/off jerkiness... When I watched the video, I saw the same 'results' in the 2nd portion of the video as I did in the 1st portion...
  8. I set my squish without shaping the dome, bike ran awesome with no detonation... I had my local machine shop do the work with little issue...
  9. No, the bike never changed from 07-14
  10. I couldn't tell you. I've aways done valve work at the same time... As for the issue, there was question whether the snap ring was installed correctly...
  11. 2015 was the first year of SSS for the WR...
  12. Wherever you sourced your information is so very wrong....
  13. Race fuel aside, the video only confirms what I've said from day one, lack of seat time... Less than 5g of fuel a month equals less than 5hrs a month of riding...