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  1. desertfoxx

    Death Valley Rally...Anyone going?

    Jerry, you forgot to mention the 3 wrongs to make a right. A couple years age I interviewed Jerry for the newsletter. He explained his process for finding new routes. It usually took him 3 wrong turns to get a prime route through an area FUN IN THE MOJAVE!!!!
  2. desertfoxx

    Death Valley Rally...Anyone going?

    Hi Jerry, Mail me those numbers if you don't mind....thanks, Boyd 505-250-1317
  3. desertfoxx

    Dakar Rally on OLN

    Watching every day!! OLN starts there one hour recaps to day. Check out www.blaisracing.com for daily updates about KTM rider Chris Blais, he is currently in 4th overall!
  4. I'm thinking of making the trek out to Jean for this ride. My CA buddys can't ride it, just wondering if someone needs a roomate/riding buddy for this ride? You can contact me at 505-250-1317. Let me know soon as I need to enter soon.....zoom,zoom, Boyd
  5. Mr. Bboyce, I went through the same thing at 13 years old. Your a lucky son to have such a great father...He did many things to make you happy and it sounds like he also helped you become a great young man. Your father would be very proud of your attitude, as all your TT brothers and sisters are. Keep you chin up and get into your new bike and racing. Meet some new friends at the track and have lots of safe fun! Let us hear from you, often! If your ever in New Mexico I'll take you on an awesome ride! My prayers are with you and your family. ,Boyd your TT brother...
  6. desertfoxx

    2005 Spectators What did you all think?

    Just AWESOME!!!! That was so cool, every one was on the edge of their seat the whole time! Every heat race had battles and upsets! The course was insane. What a line up of racers from all disciplines. Thanks TT for the great seats...I got to meet a few TT'ers and everyone was just raving about each race! THANKS....Destry's family was right next to us rooting him on.....A standing ovation from me!!!!!
  7. A little hint for dust control for your goggles. Use Vaseline around the outer foam to make a good seal (only use a little). Also I have great luck with the product RainX (get it at the auto parts store), apply the RainX inside and outside the goggle lens per the regular instructions on the bottle. This makes the lens very slick, which makes the dust just slide off! RainX works great on your car too.....I hear that one of the goggle company now makes a double lens to eliminate fogging, this is just like the ski goggles system. Maybe you could get a set of ski goggles to work for the fogging issue. Sure wish I could go this year but have to work. Maybe next year!!! YOU ALL BE CAREFULL AND POST YOUR STORY'S!!!!
  8. Fellow TT'ers, John Hamilton died in his sleep last Sunday. John was my friend and riding buddy. John really enjoyed life, he did many things in his short life as well as dirt riding. John loved his girl friend Kathy he enjoyed scuba diving,nascar, video games and riding his Buell. John had many friends and riding buddys who along with his family will miss him very much. John, I will miss our great rides and nice talks, but I will always remember our fun times...I thank TT for helping us get to know each other. John I will see you on the trail one day...I know you will be able to show me around all the new trails your riding now. I will never forget you, Boyd
  9. Fellow TT'ers... A note to let you all know that John Hamilton (JohnH...TT handle) has passed away in his sleep last Sunday . John was a great friend and a great riding buddy of mine...I will miss him very much. We rode together many times and always enjoyed great riding and friendship! John was a very active guy, he enjoyed road riding, scuba diving, as well as his love of trail riding. John was a fine contributer to this site....I met John through TT, that I will always be grateful for. Well John let me tell you that you will be very much missed by many people as well as myself. I wish we could have ridden much more often, but I know your riding and diving to your hearts content now that you have moved on. John,My good friend, I will see you on the trail one day, .....God Speed! Boyd
  10. Sorry for your loss, prayers to all who knew him. Always remember your friends way before they are gone! I too lost my best high school friend last year to a road bike accident, something inside me told me he was gone, I even called the police station in the town he lived in so strong was my feelings. The police told me to call his mother for info, I said to them I knew he was dead just by the way I felt...then they told me he had died in a low speed crash...Never forget your friends. RIP
  11. desertfoxx

    FYI- Dust to Glory playing in So Orange Co

    Awesome movie, I saw it two times while it was out here in NM. Must have on the DVD list....Dana Brown did a great job, just like his father's "On Any Sunday" a true classic about the Baja 1000!.............
  12. desertfoxx

    Dual sport riders in New Mexico?

    Sorry post directed at "SndyRds", I rode with him and his son the other day in the Puerco area west of Rio Rancho. cheers , Foxx
  13. desertfoxx

    Dual sport riders in New Mexico?

    Yep, Good riding with you the other day, did your son recover ? Foxx
  14. desertfoxx

    Dual sport riders in New Mexico?

    I have a WR400 dual sport bike, I live in Albuquerque. Let me know of your plans....zoom zoom!