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  1. Red header is usually a lean condition. If you have more flow out the header, but the same fuel to the system, then you’re lean. I did the full FMF header and slip-on and the JD Jetkit on mine when it was brand new, so I never had this issue. The one time I had a glowing header was when my bar risers were putting pressure on the hot-start cable and leaned out my mix.
  2. OMG!! I missed the best part!!! (the music caused my ears to bleed, I had to rush to the first-aid kit to wrap my head in bandages) I only had time to post a stern warning about the dangers of rouge mud puddles, and WHAM!! Down goes the Honda.
  3. Woah... at :36, you almost hit that mud puddle!!!! CRAZY!~!
  4. I was in a hare scramble with a trials rider. He had ridden with us before, but I kinda chuckled when he was entering the hare scramble....on a trials bike. But, he WON the beginners class. Then he WON the C class immediately after the beginner race with no break. There were maybe 20 riders in the beginners class and 30 riders in C. Crazy fast. After collecting his winnings... he said he was going home to get some riding in. The ones that devote themselves to the sport get REALLY good.
  5. Vacuum leaks? They can produce those symptoms..
  6. My guess.... internal combustion. KX250 from 1994-1998? google is so powerful.
  7. Wait.....you joined TT 2 years ago, but have never posted a single thing until now, and you post in the wrong forum? If you're a seasoned lurker, you'd know that there is a forum JUST for the XR650L. I'm smelling something fishy here...
  8. Why? What are the symptoms?
  9. You'll be able to apply pressure and get it past the top of the compression stroke. My 450 takes about 10 seconds of heavy pressure to overcome the "vapor lock" that affects the auto-decomp bikes like mine. I had a 01 wr250f, and it would start without the compression release, but it was a bitch.
  10. The amount of RTV Silicon smeared on various areas there, would lead me to believe something requiring a new gasket has been worked on recently, and was resealed without the proper gasket. But, that's just me.
  11. I second the monster stickers. They look sweet and repel mud and most people.
  12. I always wondered about this stuff.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IPM8OR6W6WE
  13. And be careful about giving potential buyers your address. (Although if you have a clean title, it'll have your address). A guy I know recently was selling some nice Nissan wheels, some collectible sports cards and a gold necklace. Some Mexicans came to check out the wheels and "didn't like them". Two days later, someone broke into his house and stole everything that was listed on Craigslist. Coincidence or not?
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