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  1. Didn't have sound Deb............planned?
  2. Nothing like a METAL tank, I totally agree....and if volume isn't an issue, I won't bother recommending an Acerbis tank which is way nicer and of better quality than any of the others. That said, I put a WTB ad on CL for a DRZ S tank and believe it or not got more than 1 response. I bought a yellow one that had a minor scratch (surface only) and took it to the local powder painter. He sandblasted it down to metal and powder painted it black, which is what I wanted. You could obviously paint yellow. I only paid $35 for it and with everything said and done, it came to less than $100 ($87 and a 6 pack). Try it, you may get a taker..............just sayin'
  3. Might just go down in the mpg's once that 7 degree issue is fixed.....hahahahaha, you're going to love it once that quick turn is installed.......and yeah, welcome to the CVK club bro!!
  4. Whoaaaa......killer shot bud! Doesn't say where you're from next to your name. Awesome country and killer views.
  5. Nice shot Rick.......great composition!! and sky!!
  6. Turned out killer Ken.......did an AWESOME job buddy.
  7. Lookin' sweet.......don't get discouraged, you're almost home now.....
  8. If you have a hard time cranking it over I'd check the oil and smell. If you smell gas, change it. Since it's new, I'm guessing you're ok.........
  9. I've done that before on similar rides, and finally decided to get the TuBliss system, at least for the front end. After that, never pinched again.......highly recommend!
  10. No worries......and it looks good my friend, you're doing a GREAT job!
  11. No, it shouldn't if the paint is dry. It leaves a slightly sticky residual afterwards so spray with Windex to clean off.
  12. I'm with William1 on this issue........nothing is quite like the extra cc's that a big bore provides.......and like ohio says above, the 3x3 and jetting along with a FULL exhaust give the engine some air/breathability. Weigh your options both mechanically as well as financially and I'm sure you'll make a wise choice.
  13. SAWEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ....................and possibly a nice cold beer or two to keep the hired hand cool
  15. You should have success for sure. Be sure to post up some pics when all is said and done.