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  1. KTMrideR146

    Bored bike in the 125-250 class?

    [quote name=yz125s are the best ' timestamp='1371496925' post='10849688] Okay just trying to figure it all out. Because there is a 125-250 open beginner and i wasn't sure if that was the class I'm supposed to be in with a bored bike. yeah it shouldnt matter if its bored. so long as the cc's are within the allowed range.
  2. KTMrideR146

    Bored bike in the 125-250 class?

    of course. its 125-250. its impossible to bore a 125 even close to a 250. the most youll probably get is a 150cc bore out of it
  3. KTMrideR146

    Caught in a Torrential Downpour - In a Race

    1:47 - "It's tight and it's wet... just how i like it" you dogg you.
  4. KTMrideR146

    carnage control

    "I'll just let my bike sit in the middle of the main line and stand on the side for a few minutes"
  5. KTMrideR146

    What was your most embarrassing crash?

    In a harescramble the mouthpiece to my camelpack caught my throttle cable, causing rapid acceleration of the bike and myself straight over a berm and into the air. good times
  6. my most common mistake, and often my most stupid mistake, is stripping bolts and such.
  7. just keep trying to start it. every dirt biker, and i mean EVERY has done this too many times to count by mistake. it causes no harm wat so ever. If ur having a problem starting it, try turning the gas on, lean ur bike over until gas drips out of the overflow (tubes on connected to the carberatur). then stand the bike up and try starting it again. First try using the choke, actually, and if that doesnt work then perform above steps
  8. just cut the damn ball lol. I was hesitant at first also but its the best way. any other way you need to lower the barkbuster or the lever, which leaves the lever exposed to damage. you will learn to like your shortened levers very quickly, atleast I did. remember, you only need 2 fingers if your good with a file it will look like that's the way they are supposed to be
  9. +1 on the 125 2-stroke. ur too big for one of those small bikes you listed. a 125 2 strokes are great for learning the fundamentals of riding, espcially clutch and throttle control. They are very light, easy to start, easy to work on, and can be found used for very reasonable prices
  10. KTMrideR146

    Swing arm swapping?

    oh alright thanks for the clarification
  11. KTMrideR146

    Swing arm swapping?

    hey guys I have a buddy with a 2009 400xcw. his swing arm is cracked bad and has been welded numerous times, but it just keeps cracking. a brand new one is like 600 bucks. I was looking for used ones on ebay, I found a bunch of SX-F swing arms from 450s and 250s from 2007-2010. they are the same frames but have different part numbers on the motosport oem catalog. so does anyone know if the will fit?
  12. KTMrideR146

    Bi-Tri Workouts

    do reverse grip pullups on arm day. do wide and foreward grip pullups on back day. both will hit ur back shoulders and bis, but reverse grip will hit more bis while wide grip is more lats. full lock out on each rep and dont swing your body. if u hold your body from swinging it also works core. if u get to the point where you can do 3 perfect sets of 10 reps, hang a 10 pound weight on your body. for triceps dips are fantastic. you can also do triangle pushups. close grip bench press, reverse grip bench press, and skull crushers for chest... push ups, duh, and there are many variations of push ups u could look up online to change things up. but also bench press or dumbell bench press. decline and incline bench press. shoulders, put ur feet on a wall and do handstand pushups, kiss the floor each rep. standing military press also works alot of muscles besides just the shoulders legs, SQUATS!!! deadlifts are legit too. lunges, stiff legged deadlift (aka romanians) just some ideas... i do alot of isolated workouts to get f'kn swole cuz im 19 and i guess thats just how it goes. but these bodyweight exercises and compound lifts are great since everyone is recommending workouts that work more than one muscle at a time. i do alot of bodyweight stuff in the spring summer to get cut up and in better shape. Hey, it works for the Jail-birds right?
  13. KTMrideR146

    R.I.P. Sean Marron

    sorry to hear it. that was a great heart felt paragraph. RIP
  14. KTMrideR146

    New f-150's

    we bailed out GM and now they produce more in china then any other American company (so ive heard). so screw them. built ford tough
  15. KTMrideR146

    New KTM 250XC Already Took a SHIT!

    yeah they actually did back me up pretty solid. u never know maybe they will do the same for u