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  1. i lost my sister, tabby sue preston, 2 yrs 9 months and 19 days ago. it still feels as if she left me yesterday. that day still replays in my head a million times a day over and over in my head. i still believe that it is my fault that she left. many people have tried to convince me that it wasnt my fault. but i question my faith. i question if there is a god and a heaven to go see her in. i wonder if there is a heaven if i will be forgiven for my sins and accepted into heaven and to be able to hug her at least one more time and tell her that i do love her. to be able to protect her and never let anything else happen to her. people allways talk about how they have lost a loved one or what not. but very few of us have lost some one so close to them in their own arms. to see the person they love so much die in front of their eyes in there own arms and it kills me everyday. it makes me wonder if i deserve to continue to be on this earth and enjoy life with out her. i just wish some times that it would of been me to of hit that tree. so i wouldnt have to see the pain in my parents and wouldnt have to hide my own pain with drinking and what not. i just wish that no one else would ever have to go through what ive gone through and watch the single most person they love die in their own arms and know that there aint nothin in the world that you can do to save them now because its too late to save them. im sorry if i have offended any body tonite. i have had a few to many to drink. but i love her and want to be with her at all times
  2. yzinger250f

    DurhamTown Fox5 Video 4/27

    nope not yet but i am trying to get in touch with the owner, mike, right now and try to help him out
  3. yzinger250f

    DurhamTown Fox5 Video 4/27

    Wow. This story has a big hit on me personally. The 11 year old girl spoken of happens to be my little sister. Even after her death I still believe that Duraham is one if not the safest place I have gone to ride at and I would be very angry if it is shut down.
  4. I have just heard that a good friend of mine from school lost his older brother. Justin's older brother was 19 and was killed in a fourwheeler wreck last thursday. He left his house and rode 15 miles to his aunts house and called his momma and said he was on his way home. About a mile down his way he lost control and hit a fence post and a tree. He was then left in the ditch and was carried into the river. Allmost a week since his wreck they found his body this morning in the river. Justin Hopper is a good buddy of mine, as well as Jonathan. I personally know their parents and would like for all of us to help them with our prayers. In lovin memory of Tabby crash
  5. Thanks for all the support. I do plan to join GBM this year, it'll be my dad and me and I plan on bringing my buddy to ride also. Again thank you all. Crash
  6. Gunslinger: yes Tabby had her helmet, chestprotecter, gloves, everything but her boots and jersey. Even with the helmet she had major head truama and with the chestprotecter she puntured her lung. I appreciate everyone's prayers it helps to come back and read them on hard times. In Loving Memory of Tabby david
  7. So a couple of buddies and I decided to go mudding in my 1988 Ford Ranger. It is sitting on 33" M/Ts. So we are playing around and on our way out I decide to hit this mud hole that wasnt too bad. Except that my right sight tires sank about 2 to 3 feet in mud. The engine died and wouldnt crank back up, so my buddy had drove and he had to get home. Well we decided to come back with an air compresser to blow off the intake manifold because Ive had that problem before. We worked on it for about an hour or so (granted it was 1:30am by now). Then we got the bright idea to check the airfilter. The box intake is down low and sucked up a bunch of mud and water. The wet filter was almost sucked into the intake. Once we figured this out we got another bright idea. Use the intake tube and put a piece of towel over the end and ducktape like no tomorrow. It worked. Now I need a new filter and going to fix the airbox problem.
  8. 13 more days until the one year mark, this being the fourth straight sleepless night for me. The upcoming day is heavily affecting my family. I can see it in my dad's eyes, he doesnt want the day to come. I was the only person to see her crash. I held her as she died, until my dad got there. The instant replay of her hitting the tree, the tree she hit is the only one I see anymore. The tree now has a huge T carved on it, and I can see that on the tree every time she hits it. It just replays over and over. Nothing I do or think about can replace the thoughts. The last happy moments I remeber of her are when we turned around at the end of the drag strip, and she had the biggest grin ever. And when she passed me because I was slowing down and she wasnt she looked at me and was still smiling because she had beat me. I have figured out why she went left and hit that tree. It is because she looked at me over her right shoulder and the ground sloped down to the left. She never saw the tree, she turned around just in time to hit the tree dead on. I know she didnt feel any pain, and I thank G_d for that, I know she didnt feel it because when I ran over the front of my bike to her side she was allready unconcious. She never knew or felt anything. No physica pain can compare to what I feel sometimes. The feelings of "was it my fault" even though I have been told by many its not my fault, I still wonder that every night. Every night when I lay down every thought every emotion races through my head at full throttle. I wonder why her why not me or someone else I even wonder at the lowest times if G_d is real than why do such cruel things happen to people. These are times that I hate. I do belive, I just cant grasp the concept of why people die. Why such young children who are so inocent die. And every night if puzzles me. Makes me wonder "why did someone say WHY in the first place." In 13 days I will be riding back down at Duraham Plantation with my sister right there with me. Sprained ankle or not I will ride that drag strip again and she will beat me once more and be happy again. I hope my dad will ride with me there. My brother has not yet been there and seen where she wrecked. I know it will be hard on him because he was never involved with us in dirtbikes. But he had something way more special than I ever did with her and I can not imagine the grief he deals with. I think the morning of the 17th I am going to load up her bike and take it to her grave and show it to her. I have not even been out there in so long. I dont know why but I dont like to go out the the grave much. It is so beautiful there though, she has her own handwriting on the stone and a picture of her. There is also a bench just for her with " Tabby's bench" on it. 13 more days. 12 more sleepless nights. IN LOVING MEMORY OF TABBY PRESTON david preston
  9. yzinger250f

    Left ankle

    Yesterday I came up short on a 60ft triple and was told by the ER doctor a sprained left ankle. I am supposed to go see a orthopeadic surgen next week. I hope it is not broke because I felt bones moving when I landed. I was wondering if I could get some tips on a fast recovery. Thanks. IN LOVING MEMORY OF TABBY david
  10. Hello everyone, its been a while since i posted. Been busy with school and wrestling and now my truck i just got. Thanks for the support from everyone. I have an idea of what im going to do after high school. MMI motocycle mechanics institute. That should be fun. David
  11. yzinger250f

    Happy Birthday Motodad393

    Happy birthday Mike. Hope you have fun getting old. David
  12. yzinger250f

    what to do....

    The only problem with getting a job at the shop is that they close at 6 o'clock and i get out of school at 330 and it would take me half an hour to get there so I would work for maybe one hour a day.
  13. yzinger250f

    what to do....

    Well my dad aint really cut me off, he works at delta and so he is getting a pay cut in January and he said that I need to help. Also he does want me to learn some good responsibilty and all. So after wrestling season I will have to get a job, but its all good I aint got nothing better to do.
  14. yzinger250f

    what to do....

    Ok right now I have a 2001 Yz250f. My dad has this new rule that I have to start paying for the bike, like repairs and what not. After wrestling season I plan on getting a job. So I cant decide wether to get the new bike or keep what I got and put money into that. I am leaning more towards the new bike but I wont be able to do any mods for a while. What do you guys think I should do?
  15. yzinger250f

    YZ400F motor in YZ250F frame

    My dad's "old" 400f has plenty of power on tap. I can stand the wheel up and over in any gear any RMP range unlike I can on my 250f.