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  1. I haven't tried the alpine stars but I have had the thor force's for about 3 seasons and I love them. Great coverage but they don't don't feel bulky.
  2. CRF230Fmelike

    Need some valve job advice.....

    I'm a "DIY'er" too but after reading through a few posts on how to rebuild the head, it seemed like more of a headache then it was worth. I dropped my 05 off at the shop today and im glad I don't have to worry about it.
  3. CRF230Fmelike

    Please take 2 minutes!

    Not to sound REALLY lazy, but I like how easy they made sending the message!
  4. CRF230Fmelike

    radiator repair

    I just got my smashed up radiator back from them last week and couldnt belive how brand new it looked when i opened the box. One day turn around and low prices, its a no brainer!
  5. I bought the Thor Force knee graurds for christmas and couldnt be happier! Go try them on at your local moto store and see how comfy they are!
  6. CRF230Fmelike

    Carnegie Hills, CA

    Our ride was great! I originally wanted to leave before 4 because I wanted to watch the sharks play at 530, but the conditions were so good we ended up riding till it got dark! How was the rest of your guy's ride?
  7. CRF230Fmelike

    Carnegie Hills, CA

    How funny that we ended up meeting unintentionally! Good to met ya Nick!
  8. CRF230Fmelike

    Carnegie Hills, CA

    I headed out today for a few hours. Conditions are perfect! Ill be heading out there tomorrow to take advantage again!
  9. CRF230Fmelike

    Hollister Hills 12/26

    How do you guys think the crowd will be christmas eve? My grandparents live in Aromas so I was planning on riding on Thursday unless it will be packed.
  10. CRF230Fmelike

    Poker Run - Hollister Hills - 1/1/09

    Do you have to have an AMA membership to ride this or is it just the 20 dollar fee?
  11. CRF230Fmelike

    shiny frame again?

    I second that, it makes a kind of factory finish to the frame. I dont really like the look of a mirror frame.
  12. CRF230Fmelike

    Riding Carnegie tomorrow morning (Nov21)

    I think I will send it to Mylers after visiting their site. The kicker is that I DID have Devol radiator gaurds on when I dropped the bike. The were the only ones I could get when the 05 450 came out. Ill be going with the Enduro Engineering gaurds next. They look much thicker.
  13. CRF230Fmelike

    Carnegie Hours--is gate always locked now until 8am?

    The gate closest to the MX track (SRI road) is never open as an entrance to riders unless there is an even on the track. We open the main gate at 8 AM to enter the park. There are two gates in the camping area, the one on the road is open when the park is not open so campers can come and leave as they please but the gate that lets you into the riding area is opened at 8 AM and closed again at 8 PM...if you flag one of us down we will open it before 8 for you.
  14. CRF230Fmelike

    Riding Carnegie tomorrow morning (Nov21)

    Those hills you have circled are the reason why I cant ride this weekend! lol Had a small get off and put a crack in my left radiator last week! Anyone know of a place I can get it fixed in Tracy?
  15. CRF230Fmelike

    What to burn in camp fires....

    I work at Carnegie OHV here in Livermore, Ca. I think its fine to use the fire pits to burn paper products such as paper plates, napkins, paper towels...but USE the trash cans for trash! For every fire pit, there is atleast one trash can within an arms reach. People throw alot of food in the fire and it attracts the animals to the camp sites. The animals end up knocking over all the thrash cans and the wind blows the trash ALL OVER the park. Another thing people seem to like to do is throw rocks into the fire pit. Boy is it a pain in the rear to pick them out of the ash one by one and haul them out of the campsite area. Rocks dont do anything exciting in the fire so why put them there?! Ive also found partly burnt tires in the pits. Your technically not supposed to use the park to dispose of your old tires but just leave them by the tables, or agaisnt a tree or trash can when you leave and they will be disposed of properly...there is no need to take them out on the trails to stash them!