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  1. Chris_Slade

    This site used to be better

    I too remember how this site used to be. This is my original name, I re-registered under DethWshBkr in Dec. of 01. (I just posted using this one to find out how many posts I have on this name, and when I actually did register.) Since I have joined, the site has gotten both better, and worse. It is the natural way of growth. I mean, jeez, how many members do we have now?! We've gotten alot of very informative people, we've also collected a bunch of clowns. We turned into a site that needs censorship (yes, NEEDS) because of some people, and we have become a site that "wants" censorship because some people can't let something go, and turn it into something personal and create an issue out of things that shouldn't be issues. Again, it is all the part of growth, and something we must accept. Still though, we have a plethora of knowledge and skill. I still consider this the best site for motorcycle information. We do all need to be more tolerant and more understanding, again, simply due to growth. We're not such a tiny community that "knows everybody" anymore. We have thousands apon thousands of members, and just need to tolerate and accept it.
  2. Chris_Slade

    Honda's weak engines

    Granted, it's not stock, but come on, Ricky's bike went perfect. For those who say Kawasaki's stink....look at stewart and Carmichael last year. The bikes ALL are capable of blistering speeds, although some may be better, none are "sleepers". Thats just journalism. Although, the KTM 125 motors punch out close to what was it, last years 250??
  3. Chris_Slade

    Peg Install

    I got my IMS Pro-Series pegs today!! I cannot seem to get them to want to install. HOW do the springs go on these buggers?! ANy help or tips to installing them? C'mon it should not be rocket science, but I am baffled!!
  4. Chris_Slade

    Need info from the mx guys

    Holy moly!! I'm on THIS NAME!!!!!!! WOW!
  5. Chris_Slade

    Need info from the mx guys

    4-strokes grip hard but lack "punch". Adding weight will reduce the punch more. I have put some serious money into mods and have my 4-stroke real torquey and strong (strongest 250F I know, not kidding either),but I still race my 2-stroke to be competitive. You should have bought a 520SX with the "serious mod money". Light, punchy, stump pulling power, and unreally fast.
  6. Chris_Slade

    Member Numbers.... Original cast of ThumperTalkers

    Well, here's my original name and number -
  7. Chris_Slade

    Anybody Have AOL or AIM?

    NOt YZ250F, but AOL, (and AIM too, if you have AOL), and hopefully soon new name for TTalk....DethWshBkr
  8. Chris_Slade

    Found these on the KTM e-mail list....

    Take a look at Wal-Mart too. My uncle got me a 520SX 1:18 model by Maisto. Sucker looks JUST LIKE the 2001 520SX in every way!! $1.98 at walmart. Rare to find, but they are cool!
  9. Chris_Slade

    Well, it finally happened!

    Bully, eric, whoever you want to be called - I found a simmilar peice in my oil screen a few months back. Mabey a little smaller, but curved and the like. It was non magnetic, so I kind of attributed it to the clutch, as I had just done alot of stop and go. Must have been pretty tough though to have taken out the stator....
  10. Chris_Slade

    Best way to remove oil filter

    I prefer needlenose pliers to circlip pliers. Circlip pliers have a much much smaller area of contact to the filter. Considering I use the Scotts stainless filters, I don't want to risk denting up or puncturing the casing of the filter with a sharp point from circlip pliers. If you use paper filters, don't worry about it, but I just would be concerned about circlip pliers after extented use of removing filters. (I know it sounds stupid...the filters are NOT that thin and flimsy!)
  11. Chris_Slade

    Hawaii guys!!! READ!!

    Hi! My fiance and I are looking at finding a place to stay in Hawaii for our honeymoon. Gonna be probably 2004 when we get married, but it's time to get this taken care of at least. Want to know which islands are the best to be in, and what the best time of year is to come out. I doubt I will be able to bring my KTM with, so no riding but it's still Hawaii, eh? Just let me know where and when is the best for being in Hawaii!! Thanks!
  12. Chris_Slade

    Mountain bike inner tubes

    Anyone with Bonds number I don't doubt wants to do things different! I just would have major safety concerns, thats all. I wouldn't want to be changing out tubed either every month!!! Crap...that would get old to me!! Anyway though, good luck!! Mabey use a heavy dusy mountain bike tube?
  13. Chris_Slade

    Knee Injury - Help me out with some info.

    I snapped my knee on Dec.26th 1999. Ripped the bone apart where my tendons join to the calf bone. I was borderline ACL and MCL replacement, but they hoped it would heal OK without anything. I was out until the season started in March, with a TON of physical therapy. Came back scared and dainty on the knee, and I swore I would never have full motion back. Two races into the season, I forgot all about the injury. It still bothers me occasionally, especially if I go down hard on the left side. I thought I re-injured it once in California...but a few hours later, I could walk pretty well. It should heal up fine, BUT, I would stay off for at least 8 weeks JUST to be sure. Better to miss a few races and be able to ride for years, than to try to ride once, and have that be the actual end becuase you couldn't wait. Thats what I am telling my dad nowm, with this 3 ribs and punctured lung. Just wait, it will be worth it.
  14. Chris_Slade

    Mountain bike inner tubes

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust a mountain bike tube in my motocross bike. Those things are NOT meant to put up with that kind of pounding at such low pressures. I'd be highly concerned about blowouts. About tubeless tires....are they simmilar to tubeless bicycle tires? 'Sew-ups' and not clinchers? Bicycle racers have used tubeless technology for many many years. The tire is simply a solid, sealed tube in itself. The tire is then glued to the rim. No doubt motorcycle tubeless tires are different...I have seen something of them. But come on....are you Pastrana...needing to shave a few ounces of weight by using mountain bike tubes??? I doubt it would make anyone faster or have a better handling bike. I guarantee the pros don't use them! They use good old motorcycle tubes.
  15. Chris_Slade

    Dr.D for KTM?

    Gina, I left this post here, not sure if you would check the KTM page, as I'm sure you don't make anything for a KTM! BUT, would the Hot Start work on a KTM, not as a Hot Start (as there is none), but as a choke? I know the circuits are different sizes, that is why I am wondering if it would work! Since the KTM choke is buried under the gas tank, it would be nice and easy to be able to push the hot start button and get my choke to come on! Thanks!