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    One of the cleanest pair of used boots you'll find out there. I found one of the last pairs of the LE Venom boots in Size 11 available in the US. I absolutely love this color combination. Roughly 10 hours on these boots. nothing wrong with them at all except for a few discolorations you'll see in the pictures. Hate to sell, but getting rid of the bike (see ad for 2015 KTM 450 SXF). My favorite (and most expensive) shoe I own! $400 delivered or picked up in Nashville, TN.


    Nashville, TN

  2. minman26

    2015 KTM 450 SX-F


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    2015 KTM 450 SXF Full FMF Exhaust w Carbon Tip Suspension set up for 200# rider 68 Hours Like New Dunlop MX3S/MX32 tires (1 hour at Dunn's Playground, 3 laps at Fast Farms) Oil changed and air filter cleaned after every other ride. Bike is absolutely amazing. Hate to sell, but I am not any good and family is getting bigger. I am 36 and second owner. D-Class rider (on a good day) so this barely spent any time at WOT in the past 2 years. Valves were looked at this winter at Columbia Powersports and I was told they are still within spec. Only things wrong with bike are I went down at Wildflower (too much front brake in corner) and was hit from behind which bent the exhaust slightly. No leaks. And there's a tear on the left grip (new grips included with extras just don't like them as much). See pics of both. Extras include: plastics, grips, taller seat, bar risers, air filters, Twin Air filter cleaning system, air filter cover, pipe plug, battery charger (never needed it). $4500. Thanks, Todd


    Nashville, TN


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    Selling my bike and so no need for my gear. I might have put 10 hours on the bike so clearly the gear isn't used much. More pics available upon request. I am in Nashville, TN, but can ship if buyer covers costs and sends money prior to shipment. Everything is in great condition. There is the slightest of scratches on the top of the helmet likely from falling out of the truck. Everything was bought brand new 3 years ago. I also have an awesome pair of Limited Edition Tech 10 that I'll put in another ad once I clean them, size 10.5 I think. Fox V4 Helmet Size Large $200 -- they phased out the V4 as there wasn't enough difference over the V3, but it's a great lid. Carbon shell, MIPS, good ventilation. Interior is fully washable and has been washed for new owner. Leatt 5.5 Body Protection ($150) and Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace Size Large ($200) -- $300 for both -- these fit together to keep the neck brace in place but can be worn individually. Mobius Knee Braces Size Small ($400) -- check Mobius sizing. I'm 6'2" 190# and small is what fits my skinny bird legs.


    Nashville, TN

  4. 2015 450sxf. Once warmed up if I stall I can't just pull clutch and it fire right up. Typically have to get into neutral and sometimes pull choke to start. Clutch doesnt appears to be dragging (it's not lunging when it cranks or anything). Does this sound like a clutch issue? Valves need adjusting? Any thoughts?
  5. minman26

    Alta test mxr

    I want to try one after watching that latest video. I bet my lap times would drop 2-3s a lap on that thing (I'm slow).
  6. Thanks guys. I'll have the shop look at idle and position sensor when i take it in.
  7. minman26

    Where 2 Ride

    Any update on when this feature will return to the new forum?
  8. minman26

    Where 2 Ride

    Any update on this? Seems this was never re-instated and was a great feature.
  9. minman26

    Triple crown format

    It is their first attempt at something new to increase the entertainment value. It was far from perfect, but there definitely was more excitement with each race (6) versus fast forwarding to watch the two mains. I don't like the emphasis on the starts, although that's true with most SX races. And I don't like that the shorter race held the same value as the longer race. But if they can modify to balance out the start and reward fitness with 3 same length mains that could be a winner.
  10. Just cleared to start riding after a distal radius fracture. Looking at the AllSport custom brace or the Mobius X8. Anyone with experience with both? After insurance the price will be about the same. I would have better resale with the Mobius I assume. I also like the open palm design of the Mobius.
  11. minman26

    Which Wrist Brace Should I Get?

    No one using wrist braces on here?
  12. minman26

    Roczen confirms A1

    And how do you know how aggressive he is now? Until he starts a race there is no way to know that.
  13. minman26

    What was your first bike

    late 90's Yamaha RT180
  14. Who does ZO call fake news @ 12:15?
  15. minman26

    Do i Clutch when downshift?

    You compared a motorcycle transmission with a truck transmission earlier so you lost any credibility in this conversation... clutchless shifting will absolutely not harm your bike if done correctly. But keep on thinking otherwise. "very frequent rebuild" lol.
  16. minman26

    Tennessee MX Coaching Near Nashville?

    Any idea of someone who gives personal MX coaching near Nashville?
  17. minman26

    Kenny Back On The Bike

    Looks like his standard Fox Red Bull lid.
  18. minman26

    How to ride a wheelie

    I tried for years. MTB, dirt bike, R1, etc. I figure I just don't have a great sense of balance. Could never find a balance point and/or stay there, and then you watch these guys jumping and sitting and bouncing around at 11 o'clock weaving in and out of traffic... You can certainly learn and get better through practice, but I truly believe some of us just don't have that sense of balance to ride a wheelie.
  19. minman26

    Cooper Webb/Factory Yamaha

    That YZ is gorgeous!
  20. Why don't they groom the tracks in between Moto 1 and 2?
  21. minman26

    Weekday MX Tracks near Nashville??

    Are there any tracks near nashville (say 2 hours or less) that are open during the week for practice? Only place I have found thus far is 800MX.
  22. minman26

    Weekday MX Tracks near Nashville??

    Here is the response I got from Bikes and Bros: Memberships are 60$ a month or 300$ a year and just be sure to contact us before you ride on the week days at 931-922-1412. And we will have track prepped and ready for ya! Definitely going to check it out!
  23. minman26

    Weekday MX Tracks near Nashville??

    Excellent. Appreciate the reply! If you think of the others please let me know.
  24. minman26

    Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle

    Thanks. I am going to stay stock a bit longer until I consider changing. I might just need to clutch and rev more out of the turns to get to the powerband quicker. I also think I can get better at twisting the throttle more aggressively. Thought the thread would yield more discussion frankly. Ha.
  25. Can't find much info on the forum. Are a lot of guys using an adjustable throttle like the Rev2? Been toying with the idea as I feel it will allow me to get to the power quicker coming off the corner. Even with overgrip I find my throttle has a long wind ('15 450SXF).