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  1. Do you cut the 45* by hand with a die grinder or do you use a cutter similar to vavle seat grinder?
  2. Yes, drilled with 8mm hole if I remember right. So its like removing a 11" long 8mm bolt from your ride. The L axle has a low profile hex head to the axle. The R versions have a quick change handle on them which adds some weight. Also, the swing arm bolt is hollow on many of the XR's. Picture shows the L axle on my bike.
  3. I have been looking into action cameras lately as well. I keep seeing the sjcam sj6 legend showing up as a best buy. It seems like 1080p 60fps is what the motovlog set uses the most anyways.
  4. If your cool with adding some threads then pick up an axle from an early 90's xr250l.
  5. The lightest is the one from the xr250l, but it’s probably a little long. I had to add some threads to the one I use. There are a few different lengths of xrr axles. If you let me know what the 230 needs I can check my stock.
  6. All kidding aside GUY, there are hollow xr axles you could use.
  7. Oh my gosh! Is that a solid axle? Is the swing arm bolt solid too?
  8. That’s how I arrived at a 20cc chamber.
  9. Another FJ subscriber?
  10. So I guess that this means that the Athena kit with a single layer of head gasket is 12.7/1 CR
  11. Can we talk a little about how to calculate CR? If I google CR calculators they do have you calculate it the way Slow Jeff has it written out. I just went with 233/20 which gives almost a full point lower on the calculated CR. I used the same calculator for a stock 230, using -.03 deck and .04 head gasket with 22.5cc chamber and it spits out something like 10.4/1 which is much higher than what I would expect. I know this is engines 1.0 stuff, but I could use the help.
  12. I totally agree. The 88 was in the tank from before the Athena kit. The stock motor runs fine on 88, but not with the added compression of the Athena kit.
  13. I have been running 88 octane ethanol free gas. For the most part it has been fine. A couple of times I heard it start to ping when it was hot and I loaded the engine up. I think a switch to straight pump premium will help.
  14. In my case the Athena kit made the bike noticably more powerful everywhere. Still with stock cam, and a little old xr200 carb.
  15. I filled the chamber with measured oil and its about 20cc with a single layer of head gasket.