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    spending obscene amounts of money on old xr200's
  1. The links with needle bearings are all a little shorter, but will work. I like the long link and had to machine new bushings. I think they are all worn out by this time.
  2. I think you may be having too much fun with your new toy
  3. Monty, how did you do that much welding right next to the seal without melting it?
  4. Thanks for the reply karlace. If a shock is set up with a vacuum port and you just want to change the oil do you just vacuum the old oil out and then suck/push new oil back in?
  5. I don't know ged, it seems like while you were having provacative dreams about what you would like to do to the Beta Roosty was out puting a few thousand off road miles on his china bike.
  6. utah

    There are no motorcycle trails on that mountain! Ya Ya thats the ticket. I actually love riding there, but there are so many people that use the area as their shooting range it can be quite sketchy.
  7. With a bladder type shock are there any special considerations to take into account with a vacuum bleed? I have always used the method that motox367 mentioned, but can see the vacuum method would be better.
  8. Don't get Roostre fired up! He is my ride home from work. Roostre your china bike is very pretty. It is super powerful and does cool wheelies.
  9. I am using the shaft from my current xr250r shock that is the correct length. The body of the shock was cut to the same dimensions as the xr250r. Overall length and stroke will be the same as my current shock. I will be using the seal head from the xr650L to mate the 46mm body to the 14mm xr250 shaft.
  10. Its looking like it would be a challenge to fit the shock to the 230.
  11. Hey man,....I was born in East LA
  12. That’s the 46mm cr spring
  13. I'm talking about the 230 which I think is around 15"?
  14. If you could take 1" out of the clevis and then use a 1" shaft spacer you would be down to 15". That should be pretty close?