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  1. chadzu

    Garrett Poucher and Skyler Howes Dakar 2019

    I remember Skyler blowing by me in a USRA desert race on his 125 making me feel like I was standing still. Good luck to you boys, give it hell
  2. chadzu

    Taotao DB20

    pretty cool looking little machine. Get the eye to eye measurement on the shock. Go to ebay and search pit bike shock and there will be lots and lots to choose from. If you can find something from one of the better companies like FastAce you can be fairly confident that it will be pretty good quality.
  3. chadzu

    China trying to step it up

    The failure with the sprocket bolts is all on me. My bike has been racking up the hours and miles 150ish hours and over 2000 miles. I can't remember ever even checking the torque on these bolts. Its natural for these bolts to loosen some over time. AL hub AL sprocket, they are going to wear in a bit. I could have competely avoided this situation if I would have retorqued these bolts somewhere along the line. They even tried to warn me, I was hearing a squeak earlier in the day. I stopped a couple of times and looked over the bike, but never discovered the real problem. Expensive weekend for me. Broken alternator cover, ruined rear hub and sprocket. Live and learn
  4. I ran one out to about a thousand miles 110 size. It was better in the really loose stuff than a 505, but I won't buy it again. The 505 is too good of a value for me not to run.
  5. chadzu

    XRs Only Exhaust for 1983 XR200R

    The header will work on the earlier 81-83. I have one installed on my '82 right now. I also modified the '86+ suppertrap muffler to work, but that required some cutting and welding.
  6. chadzu

    Where to get cheap 110cc dirt bike carburetor

    Ebay or Amazon. Cheap and easy. Just make sure that the one you are ordering is a match for what you have. Search for PZ19 carb
  7. chadzu

    China trying to step it up

    I was really happy with how the bike handled this type of riding. The rear suspension seemed to stay hooked up through the rough stuff and never got overwhelmed. The front isn't harsh on sharp edge stuff. They use check plates on the mid valve, I installed SKF seals and 2.5W oil. The fork is basically a 47mm dual chamber showa. The handling continues to impress me. Its the first bike I have owned that just seems to go where you are thinking about going. One major improvement for me was switching to the protaper evo woods high bar. It made a big difference in standing comfort for me.
  8. chadzu

    China trying to step it up

    Few more from the white wash sand dunes area north of Moab. If you ever get the chance to ride a dirt bike here take it!
  9. chadzu

    China trying to step it up

    My little China bike loving the sun in Moab
  10. chadzu

    China trying to step it up

    Switched out to the correct Husky fender/headlight combo. Things flow much nicer now.
  11. chadzu

    Honda XR200 Piston to head clearance?

    Its normal for the piston dome to be above the cyl. There is plenty of room in the combustion chamber of the head for it. Keep in mind that the head gasket basically adds cyl height. I am not sure how to measure "slightly", but don't panic yet.
  12. chadzu

    1983 XR200R rebuild

    piston at TDC, Cam lobes pointing down, cam gear with O mark on top.
  13. chadzu

    Arrowhead IHA6017 cdi box

    Since the xr200 has mechanical timing advance, I doubt a box like this will ever work properly.
  14. chadzu

    Dirt bike make and model???

    That is kind of a transitional motor that the Chinese bikes used for a little while. Kind of a miss mash of xr200 and crf230. The bottom end looks more xr200 and the top end looks more crf230. Shortly after this they adopted a full crf230 clone. Parts for this motor can be a little tricky, you almost need to take it apart and measure to see what parts are used. I would go with xr200 intake manifold and carb. Looks like crf230 type ignition. crf230 type cam tensioner. Unfortunately this is one of the bikes that hellped give the Chinese bikes such a bad reputation. Don't go too far down the rabbit hole with it.
  15. chadzu

    XR200R Cam options

    The 214 is more of an all out cam. High compression, big displacement, head work, big carb are going to be needed to take advantage of it. I settled on the 89a as a good, but less crazy option.