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  1. chadzu

    Increasing Stator Power

    The TT stator is just a fully wound stock unit, so double the Factory one. 35w for the Honda stator is what I would go by. It is a little hard to get a good apples to apples comparison. RPM, number of poles, and total number of windings all play into the final rating. It is a balancing act to get the most power, but at a reasonable RPM. You can manipulate the total number of windings to produce more current at the cost of low voltage lower in the RPM range or visa versa. I think Honda did a pretty good job on the stock stator with 300 total windings on 3 poles. So if you rewind the stock stator using all 6 poles and keep the same 300 total wraps you can double the output and keep same voltage characteristics as stock. The "stators demystified" thread on ADV goes into great detail on the subject.
  2. chadzu

    Over heating?

    We really need to know what motor is in the bike. My guess would be CG, but we have no way of knowing. Pictures always help. Air cooled motors run hot, and exhaust pipes can be really hot. For instance my Honda crf230f motor has the air cooled Trail Tech temp sensor installed on the spark plug and it is pretty common for it to run around 400*F
  3. chadzu

    Lowering my wr250f 2016 dangerous?

    There is no such thing as "the only bike". Everybody has their own opinion on bikes. The WR may not be the best trail bike ever, but its not half bad either. Ride it and enjoy it.
  4. chadzu

    1990 xr200r carb

    Yes, for real. It is no secret that Keihin has stuff made in China. The carb is nice and built to Honda specs, just don't expect it to say made in Japan like the factory one did.
  5. chadzu

    1990 xr200r carb

    The funny thing is if you order that OEM pd97 from partzilla it will have a nice made in China sticker on it when it arrives.
  6. chadzu

    Fly FR5 boots

    These boots seem like they are going to be pretty nice. Its almost like they are swinging at the tech7
  7. chadzu

    What Dirt Bike brands can i Trust?

    The problem with a 30 year old xr200r is that they DON'T actually run forever. Parts are starting to dry up of the little 200, and guys like me are starting to hoard all the good stuff preparing for the end of days. I do have first hand experience with a crossfire branded motor. Its the Zong crf230 clone, and it has been fantastic. Given a choice between a 30 year old xr200 and a crossfire crf230 clone I would go with the crossfire. On the other hand if you find a 1990 xr200r still in the crate in the back of a shed somewhere for $1000 buy it.
  8. I have been using gaia recently. I do pay the $20 a year so I can download maps for offline use. On my phone I use the IOS app. From PC it is a little easier to create routes due to larger screen. I have built several routes now and have had good results. It is also very easy to import GPX files through IOS. I also have a TT voyager on my bike, but more and more I am using my phone for navigation. The GPS on newer phones is spot on. Having off line maps is a huge benefit when your out in the boonies. I usually have a few layers ready like caltopo, usfs2016, national map, gaia topo.
  9. chadzu

    Sand riding

    Dwight Rudder didn’t seem to have any trouble racing a crf230f at AA level.
  10. chadzu

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    My favorite is Stans race day. I run a cup of sealant in each tire. The race day sealant will plug some pretty impressive holes. Down side to Stans is that it hardens over time, and needs to be cleaned out and replaced fairly often. I tried Flat Attack sealant that my LBS recomended. They have it in a 5 gallon bucket with a pump. It is full of hair like strands that plug holes and is cheaper than the Stans race day.
  11. chadzu

    Apollo rfz 125 parts

    We pretty much need to see pictures to know what you have. In general the chinese motors are either crf50 based or klx110 based. Pitster Pro has a selection of really nice motors that would work for you if you need a replacement.
  12. chadzu

    Question about an 05 Kinlon

    These tiny little carbs are usually the problem. The idle circuits are easy to plug and hard to clean out. You can try a little starting fluid and see if it fires. If it does then look to the carb for the problem.
  13. chadzu

    how can I I.D. XR200r long travel forks?

    The overall length is a good way to tell. I will throw a tape measure to a set of long travel forks when I get home and let you know.