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  1. I have been using the voyager on the last couple of my bikes. Roostre just upgraded to the pro and that darn thing is too big for my liking. Its hard to find a mounting location that doesn't have it sitting up high in the crash zone.
  2. You will still need a cap or a battery to keep everything happy.
  3. Thats too bad. That is always a fun race. With how dry things are all ready I can see why the fire danger can outweigh having a race. Sucks for the people who run Bull Hollow, I'm sure the race weekend brings in some much needed money.
  4. It’s a crf50 based design. Updated a bit here and there. Most of your generic eBay pit bike parts are going to work.
  5. I had one like that. 12”/10” wheels?
  6. I always got my parts eventually from Terry. 10 months seems a bit long though.
  7. The FI used on the LXR250 was less than a pound heavier than the carb. Carb is 33mm PWK or clone there of. I bought jets from the Honda dealer, no issues with pilot, but you need the round Honda style mains. I actually went richer on the jetting, even at 5000 ft mine was a little lean.
  8. I used a 505 cheater on the Tour Of Idaho last year. Malad to the UT border, then all the way to Sundance mountain over looking Canada. 1884 miles all said and done. Idaho is a very beautiful and rocky place. The 505 earned my respect. On the rocks and the more hard packed single track trails in ID the 505 is hard to beat.
  9. We would like to help, but you really need to give us more information. Pictures are always nice. Shifter shaft and counter shaft seals will get hard and start to leak with age. Leaks on a new bike are not that common any more.
  10. I think the stock 84-85 xr200r front springs are a decent option.
  11. They don't work with the 200 or 230.
  12. Some of my favorite people don’t have dangly bits. Makes no difference to me
  13. My bike is the water cooled 4 valve motor. The air cooled motor I think is pretty exciting. Honda has stuck with the head stud spacing since it was a 125. The cyl is maxed out at 67mm. This new motor fixed that with a redesign and has a 71mm piston. It really opens up the tinker possibilities. Quality is not an issue. I’ll put one of these motors up against a 200/230 motor any day
  14. Yea I like that look much better. The one on the left looks like it has a WR light with a new style CRF front fender, lol. thats because that is exactly what they are! The factory designed these bikes with direct husky copy fender and light. I think GPX was a little gun shy about bringing them in looking exactly like a husky. The triple clamps are designed and drilled for the husky fender, so its an easy switch.
  15. Roostre put a husky front fender and a ktm style light. I have been considering switching over to the husky fe parts, but the stock headlight actually works pretty good. Even if it looks like a Honda crashed into a Yamaha