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    2008 CRF150R / RB engine. no idea on the hours but it ran fine for the 20-30 minutes I rode it. I put a new OEM clutch and heavy duty springs in it and the R&D bowl and fuel mixture screw are new. I rode it for 10 minutes after install but haven't fine tuned the jetting. the bowl took the bog out from landing off jumps but didn't completely clean up the bog off bottom but I didn't have time to adjust anything. includes electronics but no kill switch included. What you see in pics is what you get. I am selling bc the group I ride with has decided not to add an Adult 150R class after saying they were going to. buyer to pay shipping, any questions please ask. I don't get on here much so you may have to PM me or call text six one 8 two 9 two 8 two 3 one.


    Ste Marie, Illinois - US

  2. Team Ideal

    XR80 swingarm conversion

    no you don't need the 50 tooth rear. I think they are a different chain pitch and the 100 sprocket will not work with the 80 chain.
  3. Team Ideal

    New to me xr100

    I'd think you should be able to cross reference the plug to one with a 12MM thread and then tap the head out to that, then there is no heli coil needed. I did this for a friends bike a few months ago. remove the head, it's not that hard and you don't want to take the chance of any shavings getting in there.
  4. Team Ideal

    CRF100 big bore options

    got my answer NM
  5. Team Ideal

    Takegawa 5 disk clutch

    as in you machined the basket out deeper to accomodate the extra disk? or?
  6. Team Ideal

    Takegawa 5 disk clutch

    I'm building a CRF100 in a CR85 frame and getting some motor work done at the same time. we already have a BBR120 kit in it and have went thru the stock clutch once. anyone have the Tak 5 disk clutch? is it worth the money? I have also heard of a hyper clutch disk or something of the sort, anyone know what this is?
  7. Team Ideal

    Starting my xr100 cr85 conversion

    Thanks for the update. I am in the process of starting this same conversion, just stripped the 85 down over the weekend. thanks a lot for the bracket info, I had been looking around but could not find any numbers. if you don't mind how long did you make the new front frame support? or what does it measure from the bottom of the stearing stem to the center of your first motor mount bolt hole? where did you come up with that air boot? I'm thinking of running mine around the other side and flipping the shock reservoir, good luck and keep us upadted with pics. I'll post some too once I start fabing stuff together.
  8. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    yes, we will be at Millcreek Fri. and Sat. for sure, then possibly down to Monster for a day then back up to Sand Mountain for Monday. Sunday is the only day I'm not sure of, depends on how D rides Millcreek, want to get it dialed in for the spring national. look us up 808 in both schoolboys, we'll be in a white van.
  9. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    Trip went really well, only missed one day of riding due to rain so we stayed an extra day. Pure is in a lawsuit, some lawyer moved in down the road and wants to close it down, hope it doesn't happen as it was a pretty good track, nothing difficult, but roughed up really nice. spent 2 days at 3 Palms and all the tracks there were in great shape, 1 at Pure, and 2 at Underground but only rode a few laps one day but other day was good. had a trip to AL planned for this weekend, but mother natured had different plans. may go next weeknd but will only be 3 days instead of 4 now, D can't niss to much school. also going back Feb. 18-21, prolly gonig to do the Millcreek practice Friday, race Saturday and then decide weather to stay there or head to Monster and Sand Mountain for Sunday, Monday.
  10. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    that was quite the entertainment from what Mark was telling my boys. was supposed to be big group show up and ended up only a couple showed. apperantly they were fast though as they did the sx track and it's pro only $75 a day. was supposed to stay for awhile and would be able to ride 3 days a week, but when only two showed things fell thru. If you haven't been to Underground since the changes it's back to being really good, putting a lot of work into, plans to start having races there possibly as soon as next winter.
  11. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    we should be leaving Thur. night or Fri. mourning depending on the weather. looking at Buffalo Creek Sunday, Underground Monday, 3 Palms Tue. and maybe Wen. or Pure Wen. back to Underground or Buffalo Thur. then heading back home Fri.
  12. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    lol, we're between LTM and Crossroads. my boys (16 and 22) are the only ones that ride and really only one of them, we concentrate on MX mostly, but winter time pretty much anywhere to ride is fair game.
  13. Team Ideal

    WEll Now WHAT!!!

    We're going to Texas over Christmas break? anyone been to PureMX? we're looking at Underground, 3 Palms and Buffalo Creek, with possible stopping at Pure for another option. Dec 27-30 possibly 31 but would like to head back then to get a little rest in before going back to work lol.
  14. Team Ideal

    Illinois Riding / Racing 10/30-31

    change of plans for us, we're going to Paradise MX, DuQuion IL. racing Sat. and Sunday. trick or treating for kids and cold drinks for adults lol. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. be sure your propane tank is full, pretty sure your gonna need it.