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  1. Hondude450

    1988 kx 250 kick starter return problem

    Pictures would be cool. Iam a fan of the 88 KX 250.
  2. Hondude450

    06 crf450 sitting low in the rear

    Full gear would be best and that sounds good. plus jerry8807 is 170 lbs 6'1. not me. Iam 270 lbs and 6'4. so yeah, I resprung a few bikes before lol.
  3. Hondude450

    06 crf450 sitting low in the rear

    When your taking the race sag measurement, is it in full riding gear ? that can make a difference too.
  4. Hondude450

    06 crf450 sitting low in the rear

    Sorry. but your post is hard to follow. you say (its sitting low). which means the spring is most likely too soft for your weight. But at 170 lbs. the stock spring rate should be on the stiff side. which reflects your 3.5 inchs of race sag. plus there are measurements for spring overall length that you need to stay within. if you can't keep the springs overall length within these spec with a race sag set at 95-105 mm. that tells you that you need a different spring. you should always have some preload on the spring. If your lock ring is backed off all the way to the point where its not compressing the spring at all. your spring is too soft. like jerry8807 said get yourself a Honda owners manual for your CRF dude. this will have all the info you need to set up your CRF's suspension. By the way, the bump stop and nitrogen charge have nothing to do with what your talking about.
  5. If you like the 450X. but dont like the weight. you ever think about a CRF 250X. I would keep the 450X.
  6. Hondude450

    should I get a 2007 cr250 for $6000

    $ 6,000 ? no way. thats to much for a brand new, never ridden. let alone a used one.
  7. Hondude450

    05 cr250 jetting help

    The Honda owners manual, is a good start too. Its has a jetting chart.
  8. Iam in central PA and everthings ok. some wind damage and flooding. nothing like last years flooding. that was crazy. my friend in NE jersey said he had problems with looters in his area. whats wrong with people ?
  9. Hondude450

    Brakes Make A HUGE Difference...

    Yes I agree. but if you ride in alot of different condition stock pad, seem to work the best, for me. thats all i was saying.
  10. Hondude450

    Brakes Make A HUGE Difference...

    Oem pads are the best for all conditions. used ebc pads for a while. going back to oem pads.
  11. Hondude450

    What to do with 88 KX

    Well glad to say that the KX is gonna stick around for awhile. gonna try some new storage methods. thanks everyone for your thoughts.
  12. Hondude450

    New pipe...rejetting questions oil ratio.. etc

    I would get yourself some better premix. spectro, belray, honda, maxima, silkolene. no weed wacker oil dude lol. get one of these, mix it to the recommended ratio. no more spooge for you.
  13. Hondude450

    New pipe...rejetting questions oil ratio.. etc

    When it comes to picking a oil ratio. theres a few question you need to ask yourself. 1. What oil (premix) are you gonna use ? 2. What type of riding are you doing ? 3. Whats your skill level ? These all came in to play. I use Golden Spectro. and they recommend for normal conditions to mix 52:1. which is what I been running for 10 years. Iam spooge free.
  14. Hondude450

    What to do with 88 KX

    Yeah, Iam thinking of just keeping a hold of it. don't need the money for it that bad. I hate dealing with CL people too, got ran around some many times in the past. plus I have to keep it now. Jeekinz spotted me a head start in a race with his 94. I plan to take full advantage.
  15. Hondude450

    What to do with 88 KX

    Oh if Iam in jersey sometime, its on like donkey kong Jeekinz. and i will take you up on that head start too. sucker