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  1. tippsalot

    Airbox question

    Yes, still have the same '03 DRZ400S with all the mods. Don't get out hardly at all, so I flipped the Deathwings back on and cruise the neighborhood a couple times a year. Pretty boring but that's life. Nice thing though, bike is still like new! Except for all those scratches and broke off stuff. Low miles, I mean to say. Last I remember you were installing hot cams and I think a big cylinder kit.
  2. tippsalot

    Airbox question

    Hey Bronco, how about that? Must be a few years since I was last here and thought I'd drop in to see what's new. Good to see you still around, as moderator no less! Last time we chatted you were in Washington. Take care! tom
  3. tippsalot

    Airbox question

    I removed my airbox and replaced it with a Kientech box. As I recall, the rear tire came off, seat off, and two frame bolts so the rear frame would swing up out of the way. Same procedure as if you were getting into the carb to rejet it. Hope this helps! tom
  4. tippsalot


    According to Camster, it will fit. I am using a 13 front 48 rear Renthal with the result of most climbing in 3rd gear, dropping to 2nd on occasion. I really never use 1st except to putt around. I was warned not to go to a 12t on the front because the radius was too small and could cause chain problems. Never had issues with this setup. I think the 54t is the largest you can go to but wow, my top speed is about 60-65 mph. Can't imagine the 54 tooth. If you go to http://www.supersprox.com/usa/catalog.php?sel_drecno=23, you will find they offer up to a 52 tooth. Check out the gearing chart near the bottom of the page at http://www.supersprox.com/usa/static.php?files=maintenance. I notice that my setup of 13-48 give a final ratio of 3.69. What is cool is that you can come up with an alternative sproket setup that will get the ratio you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a 14t primary and 54t rear, they give a 3.86 drive ratio. You could achieve the same ratio with a 13t primary and 50t rear (3.85 ratio). Good luck, tom
  5. tippsalot

    just put knobbies on

    Depending on the knobbies, you will have a much different feel on the roadway. I went from death wings to 606's then to a Kenba front and Terraflex rear. The last feels like the bike is all over the place on nice, smooth pavement. Scares me actually. On the dirt, its extremely stable. I think what you experience is the difference between street and dirt tires. Just curious, but have you tried varying the tire air pressure? I run 10psi front and 6 in back. Can make a difference depending on the road surface.
  6. tippsalot

    What is this for??

    I have an '03 S and don't have this. Must have been welded on for an accessory of some kind, crash bars maybe?
  7. tippsalot

    Riding in sand

    Don't forget to drop your tire pressures. Makes a HUGE difference.
  8. tippsalot

    Is It Okay to sit In corners

    I am not a fast rider so I find myself setting far forward right up against the tank in sharp turns without a lot of speed, elbows up. If I am going left, my left shoulder is down and right is up with my right elbow way up. This plants the front tire and the rear will follow. If I am heading down on a switchback, this works very well with one additional remark: most switchbacks have a "high side" cut into the mountain so you can ride up a little into the top of the switchback and then severely cut back to the trail to make the sharp turn easier. Main thing is to keep the front tire on the trail!
  9. tippsalot

    letting out air in tires

    I agree. Let out some air. Here are the issues: wheel spin and pinching tubes between the rim and tire when you get into rocks. If you don't have the rim lock on the rear tire, be careful how low you go. You don't want to spin the tire on the rim. I ride with about 9.5 pounds in the front and that feels about right. Experiment.
  10. tippsalot

    Scott Stablizer and Clark tank?

    Hey gcvt. I am looking at the Scotts handlebar/triple clamp/stabilizer package and a Clark tank as my next step. I see you installed the bolt on stabilizer. How is it? Do you wish you installed the welded one instead? thanks, tom
  11. tippsalot

    Best bike?

    What can I say? I have my DRZ400S modified almost to an E model and it is really a pleasure to ride. Does not matter if I am riding at a slow pace or really cranking and jumping, it goes without difficulty. I have ridden up to 145 miles in a day riding extremely hard (including some rain) and still got up the next day to do it over and over again---It is a really comfortable bike. The more I ride, the better it gets too. But this is after about 800 miles that I am truly satisfied with my abilities and the weight of the bike (I think it is a wee bit heavy ). I am 5'8" at 183lbs so I find the bike on the ground a lot because my feet just don't reach. Otherwise, its a keeper!
  12. tippsalot

    Preschool question

    Okay, I went out. I did chicken out and ride around the first time. Came back downhill through them taking my sweet time and it was no big deal. Problem is uphill, momentum, picking the line and trying to keep it all is still challenging. I decided to take it a piece at a time. Next outing, I'll take another stab at it until I get there. By the way, I come off two 4 ft rock drops and was so impressed that the bike simply rolled right off and hit bottom as gentle as she pleases. I was expecting a crash. So each time it gets better. Thanks again for all your support.
  13. tippsalot

    Riding question

    Okay guys, I appreciate all the advice! I go out tommorrow to try it out and I will take it easy at first and try try again until I get the technique and confidence up. Let you know later how it goes.
  14. tippsalot

    Preschool question

    You folks are the best! I go out tomorrow to check it out. I decided to go slower at first. Attempt it a few times and then just ride on for the rest of the day. Next outing, try some more. Can't afford an injury because I owe, I owe. Thanks for all your advice!
  15. tippsalot

    Sproket changing--front vs. rear

    Like that "tippsalot"? Nickname from Steve Hatch. I guess I earned it. I am going to experiment with the 13 and 14 tooth since the rear is a 48. I think I'll like the 13 best. Thanks for the reply!