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  1. spinner38

    Cyclops Penetrator 610 LED light

    RIding at night is awesome as long as the light is good. I rode 2 summers at night with a small helmet light. My quad buddies said they didnt know how I did it with such little light . Well that did get old and was risky not seeing well on a bike....With the 610 riding at night is awesome! It is the best when the time changes and it is dark at 6 PM and you can ride and it is like daylight in front of you . I am shocked every time I go out at how bright the light it. I did find it is important to have it aimed right to get the most out of it. it seems like it is aimed to high but it is so bright it works well like that.....
  2. spinner38

    Cyclops Penetrator 610 LED light

    I have been using the 610 since June every week end. I bought the battery pack and use it on my yz450 most of the time but also wired It to the battery on the quad. I will say this light is worth every penny! It is way brighter then any light I've used including all 3 lights on at once on a new quad. I can run 5th gear on my 450 down an old track line and have PLENTY of light. Like riding in the daytime even lights the trees 20 feet up. Can't say enough good things about cyclops customer service the best bar none! I don't think there is a light that can even be compared to this one for the price and ease of use and the insane amount of light it puts out.
  3. spinner38

    rode a yz450f oh noo!

    ha, if i could afford 2 bikes heheheh. so i added 4 clicks to the rear rebound and 3 to the forks and what a difference, it settled the bike right down, almost like the 450 i added 1 cick compression too to front and back , and was able to ride faster today AND feel more in control, very happy with the bike now!!! thanks for the tips!
  4. spinner38

    Anyone out there running 15 52 gearing?

    i ran that for a bit. i think it was fine, i also ran 14 52 that was better for tight stuff. 13 52 was really too low made 1st gear un usable....wide open stuff i run 15 48..... 15 52 is close to stock i think, 14 50... right now i am stuck on 15 48, timing retarded, it makes 4 stroke power with a kick
  5. spinner38

    rode a yz450f oh noo!

    i think the reabound is too loose i remember it seemed to make long straight fast hard rocky trail sections feel better i will go after suspension befoer i go 4 T
  6. spinner38

    rode a yz450f oh noo!

    i agree on suspension, but, both bikes are stock yz springs and valving, 07 and 08.... soo, that means i should be able to tune mine to work like the 450 right? i weigh 180 so i am about right for the springs, maybe a tad fat but my buddy is over 200 with stock springs and the clickers firmed up and with me on the bike it was still better.... i will play with rebound, i know i have very minimal rebound for the trail, maybe that is the trick more rebound for the track....i have never rode a 450 in the woods, so that is what makes me nervous about switching since i am mostly a trail rider but really enjoy the track 2 times a month or so. i also liked how the 450 had no vibrations in the bars but i know that can be resolved on the 2T
  7. spinner38

    rode a yz450f oh noo!

    sorry for the late replies, but to answer some questions, race sag is set. forks and shock are out of an 07 and stock. the 450 was an 08 and stock. the suspension was set up much stiffer cause buddy has big belly, but it was still more planted. i firmed mine up 3 clicks and it was worse. i do run it 2 clicks firmer then on the trail.sooo, i went 3 clicks more but it was worse... i was thinking i could fix this with suspension set up too, but where to start, more rebound maybe? and yes, the 450 felt like a tank in the air, and im sure it will not be as fun in the woods, but, i am 38 and the twitchy nervouos 2 stroke on the track is slowing my progress, i really felt safer faster and more stable on the 450......i will double check sag settings....... any more insight would be great. the 450 is only 7 pounds heavier, does that make it that much more planted?!
  8. spinner38

    Another YZ Transmission Bites the Dust

    so i am reading this thread and see people questioning the integrety of yz gears while saying oil doesnt matter. a better oil will keep heat down, heat changes the integerty of metal, food for though while putting walmart oil in your tranny.........just sayin
  9. spinner38

    05 yz250

    i hav e a 2005 with 2007 suspension. 2006 forks are much better STOCK if you are gonna have suspension done you can make the 05 stuff work great, leave it stock and you may want an 06......
  10. spinner38

    09 yz250 jetting

    i run a 45 pilot, n3ej clip 4( from top) and 178 main in 90 degrees at sea level with pump gas mixed 30 to 1 and the timing retarded 2 degrees. bike is pretty lean with this jetting stock pipe and pro circuit shorty. check jets compare to stock.(50 pilot n3ej clip 3 178 main is stock) lean will bog, rich will burble, no start is probly fouled plug too rich........
  11. spinner38

    rode a yz450f oh noo!

    so i have been riding a really nice moto x track this year, usually only ride woods. i have an 07 yz250 and have loved it for 3 years. it tires me out so fast on the track! sooo, i ride a buddies 08 yz450f..... it is sooo stable and planted and smooth that i am hooked. then i jump and it feels like a tank!!! my question is WHY is it so planted in rough sweeping corners when my 250 is skittish and jumpy and feels like im gonna crash? mine is an 07 his is an 08 both yamahas. if i could settle my bike down suspension wise i would not get so tired, the bike is just skittish, like comparing a race car to a caddy, yz250 to yz 450f.... i gotta say i like the caddy, except it feels like a FREAKING TANK IN THE AIR! i was thinking maybe adding rebound to the suspension? i stiffened it up 3 clicks front and rear and it made it worse...... forks are fresh rear shock was just rebuilt... i dont wanna sell my 2 stroke but, the 450 was sooo smooth!!! woods is 2 stroke hands down, but i am getting into this moto stuff and have a great track avaliable for me to ride anytime, so, can i dial in my yz250 or sell for a 450f and then not be happy in the woods.......HELP!!!!
  12. spinner38

    cyclops penetrator 610

    the light is super bright! not sure its a little much though on a bike you want all the light you can get.....plus it is good light, nice color and fans out nicely no hot spots
  13. spinner38

    cyclops penetrator 610

    so i went out again yesterday this time on the trails out in the country instead of behind my house. i will just quote my buddy behind me. " it looks like daylight in the woods even the tree tops are lit then when we come to a field the light blows up and lights the whole field!" it will clearly light a tree line 100 yards out in the field. crazy. fun. if you dont night ride i say ya gotta try it!
  14. spinner38

    05 with 06+ sss forks - fyi

    yes you need the spacers from an 06 and up front axle......
  15. spinner38

    190 Main jet? What's up with this bike?

    that is super rich i would say something is not right. i use a 182 at that elavation when it is 35 degrees out with pump gas in my 06 yz250.....race gas will let you run it leaner yet, when i ran c12 i was as low as a 170 main when it was 80 out.i would do a leak down test to make sure the crank seals are good. also check carb boot for air leaks...... also check the pilot and needle, make sure pilot isnt cloged too.....