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  1. Bubbagums

    Falling on your side

    Football hip pads work for me. Semi hard exterior and nice dense foam stuck in the pictured shorts above.
  2. Bubbagums

    50+ riders

    I think I'm 57. Guess it doesn't matter. Slowing down some so I can ride tomorrow, and the day after that. Started riding at age 14 and still get a thrill every time I let the clutch out.
  3. Yup. Before the ACL. Abuse and injuries have taken a toll since then. You just get used to the pain and people asking you about your limp. (Don't hear that from my wife). Knee was good enough to do the first 320 miles in the last Baja 1000. Legs were sore afterwards, but knee was fine.
  4. My first knee surgery was in 1975. Had my ACL replaced in 1990. Couple of other clean ups. Some days better than others. Still pain. No full motion. The biggest problem I have is that most exercise irritates the knee which makes cardio conditioning tough. Still ride and my knee feels better after riding.
  5. I thought you could add oil to 4 strokes by putting it in the gas, just like 2 strokes. That was over 40 years ago. I change my oil a little differently now.
  6. Bubbagums

    Baja 1000 2011 8x

    Can you say cactus? I helped 8x at rm 95 with some JB Weld and pulled a few cactus thorns out of the rider. He must have had thousands of thorns in him and is probably still pulling them out. Arm, legs, neck, back, body, hands...he looked like a porcupine. Probably not fun racing with all that shit in him. Bob
  7. Bubbagums

    Baja Single track Garmin GPS track

    Hit up Mike's a couple of weeks ago. No tracks for where you are heading, we went up the hill the short way to El Coyote. A little hot up that way so we spent some time hydrating the night before.
  8. Bubbagums

    man boobs nipple chaffing

    Nipple scabs ain't no fun. Tape sweats off. I switched from cotton to under armor. Much better.
  9. Bubbagums

    1996-2004 XR400 R Footpeg Mounts - Mods / Issues?

    I had a trophy truck clip my right foot peg off in Calamajue Wash. The immediate fix was a screwdriver zip tied to the frame and bash plate. Not a good long term fix. Replaced with a new stock mount and no problems since.
  10. Bubbagums

    Oil From Timing Hole Cover

    Too much oil. I think it is like 1.8L. Not sure equivalent in quarts but you should look up the correct amount. The bike needs to be hot to check the oil. Like ride it around for 5 or 10 minutes. As you stop and let it idle, start unscrewing the dip stick (bike sitting upright). Shut it down, wipe and dip the stick...take a note where the oil hits the dip stick when hot and when the proper amount of oil is in the bike. Use this mark in the future for topping off. Use the correct amount when changing the oil.
  11. Bubbagums

    The Baja Forum

    Funny. I had a similar pic on my camera. Not sure why.
  12. Bubbagums

    Backfiring after rebuild.

    Yes duh, biguns. Totally. Maybe. Couldn't hurt. Yeah but why if you put big enough holes in the 'eader? Sounds like wiener!
  13. Bubbagums

    My lifelong SoCal dirt bike riding trip adventure.

    Need trip report and pics?
  14. Bubbagums

    What Is Next In Dirtbikes??

    Same here. Probably the biggest improvement you could make to a bike.
  15. Bubbagums

    Why we RIDE...