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  1. cbsmithvc

    I tried it 2ST but going back to 4st

    Been thinking about a new RR-S but doubt it could be anywhere near as good as my 17’ 300RR (minus front forks). Don’t know about you, but I was amazed with the power delivery of this 2T. Been years since I’ve owned one (last being 01 cr250) and man have they come a long way. Motor pulls unlike any 2T I’ve ever ridden (last one I got to borrow was an 08 yz250). Almost no hit, even with power valve turned out.....but it fricken screams! Best decision I’ve made was hopping back on a smoker even though very hesitant for slippery PNW single track. I’ll keep trucking the bike up to the hills and use the TW200 for around town.....for now. Would really like to find a new leftover 2018 300rr and enjoy the brand newness!!! Got the 17’ for $7800 this last March and she’s due for top end, fork/shock maintenance and a few other niggles (needs new subframe, sprockets, chain etc). Nothing major but nearing 150hrs so maybe better to let her go for $6500 or so and pony up another $1500 for a leftover 18. Don’t trust FI 2T’s yet and for me personally, totally unnecessary with the Beta motor. Mine was jetted damn near perfect from the factory, just a tad rich which I don’t mind and oil injection has been spot on so far as I’m not going full Erzberg on the thing and an intermediate trail rider on a good day. Oh, and I’m a fan of the kickstart on my bike which I understand is now an “option” on 18’ + WTF? I used to consider electric start “optional” not the other way around lol.
  2. cbsmithvc

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Dealer info?
  3. cbsmithvc

    10w-30 in Beta 300rr

    Thanks for the info guys!
  4. cbsmithvc

    Is this hole normal?

    Yep, if a guy can’t be bothered to wash a bike off before selling he’s either too lazy to take care of his stuff of he’s hiding something.....like a hole in the bottom of the cases.
  5. cbsmithvc

    10w-30 in Beta 300rr

    Used a quart of Motorex Gear Oil 10w-30 in a pinch during last oil change (thought I had 10w-40). I know the manual calls for 10w-40. I change my oil every 10hrs. You guys think it will be bad to run 10w-30 till the next oil change? Temps are getting much cooler here in the PNW so thought I might give it a go.
  6. cbsmithvc

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    I run 50/50 110 race gas to 93 non ethanol. Bike seems to like it. Just a tad rich. Riding 1000-2500ft elevations most of the time.
  7. cbsmithvc

    2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Wont Run!

    Check your spark plug cap. I tore it on my 250 exc-f and I experienced similar problems to what your facing. Took forever to figure out what was wrong with it.
  8. cbsmithvc

    Replacement Gas cap for 2015 480 rr

    Man, I’ve been looking everywhere!! Just need the rubber grommet that goes in the cap. Any feedback would also be appreciated as well.
  9. cbsmithvc

    Tire sizes - changing from oem

    2017 300rr: 90/100 Shinko 216 fatty front and 120/100 Shinko 505 rear. Works great here in the PNW (when dry). Would suggest the 525 if wet/sloppy
  10. cbsmithvc

    Jd jetting tuner on 18 500excf anybody?

    Ran one (1) point higher across the range from the “off-road” map that comes pre-programmed with the tuner. Runs much much better but still some fine tuning to do.
  11. cbsmithvc

    Jd jetting tuner on 18 500excf anybody?

    They put reeds from a 2t inside the air intake boot for some odd reason. Believe it is supposed to quite “intake noise”......if that’s a real thing! They put reeds from a 2t inside the air intake boot for some odd reason. Believe it is supposed to quite “intake noise”......if that’s a real thing!
  12. cbsmithvc

    Jd jetting tuner on 18 500excf anybody?

    Run one on my 17 250 exc-f. You will not be disappointed. Remember, your bike is also choked up. These things really shine if you remove all the smog stuff, remove air box reeds and unplug your exhaust.
  13. cbsmithvc

    Nice Jersey,, dumbass

    Was thinking the same thing (regarding cost). Think I got my JT jersey on sale for under $15 on Amazon. You’d be hard pressed to find a long sleeve “vented” shirt for under that amount. And it’s got some soft padding on the elbows. Not gonna protect you from injury but hey...every little bit helps