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  1. babilon

    15 yz450 gold valves

    All KYB components are good for valving. There is no need to install gold valves.
  2. babilon

    2000 cr250 shock comp adjuster

    You can buy OEM adjuster about $75 There is no need to buy another one. A well-tuned shock absorber will work fine with stock adjuster, Which can also be reconfigured.
  3. babilon

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/aftermarket/XP-4764283.html "Moose Racing has teamed up with CP-Carrillo ... Model Fitment Kawasaki KX250F 2004-2009 Suzuki RMZ250 2004-2010 Yamaha YZ250F 2014" Just wondering, does this mean that you can use a OEM rod from KXF?
  4. They all the same. I just got from US
  5. 2016 euro version com. adjuster made like old PDS . Same spring and the spring seat which contact with 22 shim.
  6. 2016 KTM 350 SXF. stock 45 spring. OD 14 mm. shim from cadj. Fast test rider. Weight 70 kg.
  7. I have tested both. Bented shims on the Euro version after one hour ride.
  8. babilon

    Recommended oil 15' yz250f

    Chevron Delo 400 15W40
  9. babilon

    WP AER service video

    I use a stool ladder from IKEA. Just drilled a hole. The lower end of the cartridge rests on a stool, right hand pushing the base valve to the end and wrap the cartridge with the left hand.
  10. babilon

    WP AER service video

    Marcus. I think we have same weight, I will send you picture by email.
  11. babilon

    WP AER service video

    I do 110-115 mm. 115 is a minimum for bleeding. I did this procedure more then 10 times last week. I use my "high tech" commpression tool, that I make for a minute.
  12. babilon

    WP AER service video

    130 is too low level. Just push rod on up side down position, you will hear air.
  13. babilon

    WP AER service video

    Honestly, I do not understand what it is.