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  1. Mosher

    Any pro's here?

    Midsize Open - Broome 1 Eric Gabany 2 Willie Browning I don't think Eric rides a stock bike. LOL
  2. Mosher

    KLX110 New Cable clutch kit.

    I recently had the opportunity to view another "newer" TrailBikes manual clutch kit. It came with a lever and the proper machining on the actuator arm that I (and originally, klxcr) described was lacking in the previous posts.
  3. Mosher

    KLX110 New Cable clutch kit.

    Thanks for the insight before I installed mine...it helped manage my expectations/disappointment a little better as I began to slighty modify and clean-up the parts. I would hope that Mike @ TB would/has take these necessary steps into consideration before selling his next batch. I would have also added a two piece perch with a lever. As far as ride, I put the TB clutch removal spacer in and this bike (134 kitted with carb) absolutely astonishes me. I feel as if my bike can actually stay with the bikes I've been testing for MMM. Clutch feel is good, no Popeye arm here.
  4. Mosher

    Where to ride mini's in NE OHIO?

    If you haven't already, check out this site: http://www.pitracer.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php I know that you can practice indoors at Splitrail (Cambridge) on Wednesday's (mini and pitbikes only) during the winter. You actually are living in an area that has a lot of public options near.
  5. Mosher

    KLX110 New Cable clutch kit.

  6. Mosher

    Klx 110 No Spark??? Item 13151...located behind the countershaft sprocket.
  7. Mosher

    Klx 110 No Spark???

    Also check your neutral switch.
  8. Mosher

    pipes for 110

    Yes, and that is why I would not recommend it for a modified motor....we ran it on a 134 with a carb and we took it back off pretty quickly.
  9. Mosher

    pipes for 110

    I really thought that the Dr. D pipe made a huge difference on a completely stock motor....and I think it might be a little more stealth (quieter) than the Yosh. I dig the Yosh too, but the bike it was on was not stock and so I can't really compare.
  10. Mosher

    110 Kick starter locked up

    We just got done putting one back together based on the same failure, although the owner doesn't think it was an over tightened chain on his. He fell and then his bike started acting/shifting/dragging poorly...and then kicker was locked. The countershaft has a small holed drilled near the bearings (oil journal?) and it is the weakest part of the shaft....snapped off and jammed everything up. Parts were in the $100-$125 range (shaft, bearings, 36t gear).
  11. Mosher

    Legal Dispute!

    I was told by my dealer that a "legal dispute" with Honda is not why the release has been held up. I'm getting reports of anywhere from November to February for release...and the issue is in production. My sources are no better than anyone else's...anyone have an inside line to check? The Suzuki bunch is very tight lipped about it all....and it kinda messes with my confidence in the 450...and whether or not I should go red instead. Kurt
  12. Mosher

    Great KTM photo..............

    Right here: Erin Bates