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  1. Bike had a bit of trouble starting at first, but finally fired up. several seconds later i heard two - three clicks near the gas tank /engine area and the bike died. Tried to start it back up and it had a bit of trouble, but started again. (electric start). When i'm on the throttle the bike will stay running, but seems like it isnt running 100%. If the rpms are low like at idle, the bike will shut off. its not the idle thats low. Everytime before the bike shuts off, there will be a few clicking sounds. I've checked the inline fuel filter, there isnt one in there. previous owner installed one of those nets that go into your fuel tank. does this sound like a fuel injector problem or a fuel pump problem?
  2. xyourlocaldjx

    2005 YZ 125 issues with foul out

    Main: 410 Pilot 37.5 Needle 6CHY5-80 Clip position: 3rd position Air Screw: 2.5 those are the specs i'm running. I posted this same problem a few years ago and I remember you responding several times. I still havent fixed it since then. Shoved the bike in the corner of the garage and bought a ktm 250sxf with a 280 kit and have been riding that this whole time.
  3. xyourlocaldjx

    2005 YZ 125 issues with foul out

    The bike did this awhile back so I thought maybe the coolant was leaking into the cylinder. Installed a new top end and changed the gaskets. Rode it a couple times, and once in awhile in 4th or 5th gear pinned it wouldnt want to hit the pipe. Would rev up and then just be flat up top. Did this in Gorman, at Milestone it was fine (never hit 5th gear let alone 4th pinned) Now the thing wont even get past warming up. New Gas and premix (what a waste). Bike starts up fine, real crisp throttle, no oil spewing out, but once the bike gets to operating temp the bike bogs down and dies even with throttle. Remove spark plug, its wet. New spark plug rinse lather repeat. Anyone with an 05 or 06 care to tell me what jetting specs you are running? I've never been able to get my 2 strokes to ever run properly. Always issues with jetting. Which is why i hardly touch the 2 stroke anymore. I dont remember the exact jetting I installed on it, but I leaned the stock settings out.
  4. xyourlocaldjx

    Need help identifying part on KTM shock. Anyone?

    Sure here you go. Pic with the cover over it. Picture of the springs.
  5. xyourlocaldjx

    What is this on my shock?

    Section A) The gap is usually that wide, but the nut on top is maxed down to compress the spring because i was trying to get my sag setup. when the suspension compresses it compresses the little springs first before the large main spring compresses. Not sure if that makes any sense?
  6. Between the black rubber piece touching the spring and the top spanner nut? there are a bunch of springs inbetween that seem to compress before the shock spring does. Not sure what it's for. Pics below
  7. xyourlocaldjx

    What is this on my shock?

    i dont think it's a spacer? the only reason why there's no space showing the springs is because i compressed the shock all the way trying to set my race sag which wouldnt let me even close to 4" 4.35 was the closest i could get it between the rubber bottom piece and the metal top piece there are a bunch of smaller springs inbetween. If it were a spacer what would the springs inside the spacer be needed for?
  8. There's a device on top of the shock spring. Rubber on the bottom, bunch of little springs sandwiched by a metal top plate that compresses the spring. here's a picture. Looks like it's missing a piece?
  9. xyourlocaldjx

    Rowher flat trail help

    Schmo, the rear suspension is some what dialed in for me. I've even got some trick factory part on it... it's a circular thing that goes on the top near the locking rings above the spring. has all these little mini springs that compress before the main spring does. The rear end still bucks up once in awhile. I'm guessing from the lack of a linkage? It's the front that gives me trouble. The spring rate is too stiff for my weight. Havent been able to find a stock spring rate to swap it out with. The front gets choppy and doesnt stick when cornering. Was on a fire road when the front end just washed out from under me.. knocked me out cold and tore off my front fender as well! hahaha. regained consciousness and when i realized what happened i jumped up to try and pick the bike up before anyone saw, but my buddy was already there laughing =P all in all i had a blast and even ruined my soft terrain MX tire on the bike
  10. xyourlocaldjx

    Rowher flat trail help

    thanks for the input, schmo! had a fun time out there until the horrible suspension setup on the KTM bit me in the butt!
  11. xyourlocaldjx

    California Rowher flat trail help

    Heading to Rowher this saturday with 2 other buddies. Can anyone give some tips on which trails to start off on? is it one way in and one way out? Seems like all trails are a straight shot from the map. Never been there so dont want to get lost.
  12. xyourlocaldjx

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    new guy here! If i show up i'll be in a bright blue tacoma with a ktm 250sxf. If my friend rolls along we'll be in a white titan with a ktm and a yamaha 250 pinger. 2 asian dudes lol
  13. xyourlocaldjx

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    so is everyone doing rowher flats tomorrow? I may be in +1. the other rider is a novice, but can hold is own. is this a fast paced run?
  14. xyourlocaldjx

    Rowher Flats this weekend 3/26/2011

    Ended up not riding. Came down with a really bad case of the flu and to make matters worse I ended up having to work 14-16 hour shifts friday - monday