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  1. Hi, I am thinking of buying a 1981 XR 200. 

    I ride a 1979 XR500  and a new KTM 250 Freeride, but I like the old bikes better. 

    Is the suspension and clutch action acceptable ? 

    On the 500 the clutch is pretty bad , and the dual shocks are way inferior to what is available today.


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    2. Chuck.


      You posted XR200, not XR200R. The R version has about 10" of travel at each end, has an open cradle frame that is subject to breaking if run without the skid plate. The shock may not be rebuildable.  Steering rake is greater than newer XRs so steering is a bit lazy, but better than other bikes of the era. Short swingarm and light front end make the bike difficult to ride on steep climbs, some added an aftermarket SA to lengthen the wheelbase 1". So a more aggressive and forward riding style is needed for hill climbing. The bikes came with lights to comply with Forest Service requirements. Clutch pull is dependent on lever, cable, and springs. Is usually 9-10lbs, I add an extension the clutch arm on the engine to reduce it to a more friendly 5lbs.   I Here is a pic of my 82.


    3. efi64


      Nice bike !

    4. Chuck.


      I had too many bike so I sold it and 3 others about 8 years ago.


  2. I have a pair of Progressive suspension shocks on the rear of my 1979 XL500 and I want to upgrade the suspension for off-road use. Are the WORKS performance shocks that much better then the Progressive suspension shocks ? Are the WORKS performance shocks reliable ? Are there any other options for twin shocks ?
  3. efi64

    Rear Shocks

    Hi, I ride a 1979 XL500 with a 1981 XR500 Fork with a 21 wheel and a set of Progressive Suspension shocks in the back. The rear shocks are not good enough for the type of off-road riding I do. Are the Works Performance shocks that much better then the Progressive Suspension shocks ? I want to upgrade the suspension and I am looking for the best rear shocks (without increasing rear wheel travel).
  4. efi64

    clutch engagement

    I have a 1979 XL 500 which runs great, except the clutch. The way it engages is terrible. In technical terrain where I want to slip the clutch in low RPM it chatters. I have to slip it in higher RPM, which makes the plates expand quickly. Other then that, the clutch works OK. No slippage and no dragging. The plates are new OEM Honda plates. I want the Clutch to work more like a modern clutch What do you think is different between the 1979 XL clutch and a modern dirt bike clutch ? Plate material ? Clutch design ? Oil type or viscosity ?