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  1. indy rider

    Bye Blue

    Did you try out the YZF? It's not as tall as the FX. The FX is taller due to addition of the battery.
  2. indy rider

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    Bummer. I hate to hear that. He's going to be talking about it tonight on pulpmx.
  3. indy rider

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    No doubt. How lame.
  4. indy rider

    Why Not Yamaha?

    I thought about calling BS on it but just figured they were talking about leftovers. Definitely sounds fishy.
  5. indy rider

    Bye Blue

    And you chose the Honda over the YZ250f.
  6. My local dealership stocks more street bikes than dirt bikes...and more dirt bikes than quads and SxS.
  7. indy rider

    motocross MX World

    Found this good series of videos on the GPs in the video forum and figured some here might have missed it. It's definitely worth watching. http://mxdose.com/mxdose/mx-world-season-1/
  8. indy rider

    Peick Injury

    I listened to it all. Poor guy. I can't believe he talked so long with all those jaw bone fractures...and with no painkillers since leaving the hospital.
  9. indy rider

    Peick Injury

    Here's a podcast with Weston Pike talking about the injury. https://motocross.transworld.net/news/swapmoto-live-podcast-ep-6-weston-peick-kelly-cleland/
  10. indy rider

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    James Stewarts career was over by then, he just didn't know it. He was making excuses for his inability to stay on the bike...and every other bike he rode after that.
  11. indy rider

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    but remove the probably part. I'm confident that the lack of a factory team was a huge part of the problem. How could anyone expect that to work out any differently.
  12. indy rider


    It's really going to be a hard pill to swallow when he realizes he's had twice the SX practice time as Eli and still got smoked by him.
  13. indy rider

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    It is kinda weird that he hasn't been releasing his usual preseason (look at me) riding vids.
  14. $3-$4000 a year just on parts, chemicals and gear.
  15. indy rider

    Stegz Pegs for YZ250FX

    The 250f fit the WR/FX