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  1. nick_stroke

    Inline carb filter replacement?

    I’ve been scouring the web and calling garages everywhere, but can’t find replacement inline filters for the BST40. Does anyone know where I can buy these? Or, does anyone know how to make one? My original is torn and I didn’t want to goop it up with glue, just to clog the needles.
  2. nick_stroke

    DR650 - HELP! - What's this plastic piece?!

    I think it may be the piece that is on the end of the spring, which holds pressure on the needle. Does that sound right?
  3. nick_stroke

    DR650 - HELP! - What's this plastic piece?!

    I was taking my carb apart and my plastic slide was stuck a bit. When I pulled up on it to get it out, this piece shot out. Any idea where it goes? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. nick_stroke

    Diagnosing Non-starting DR650

    The spark plugs looked a little fouled, probably from running it high in RPMs with choke on. I replaced them with new plugs, correct gaps. Cleaned out the carb. and reinstalled everything. Went to try and start it up, but got nothing. Lights turned on, horn works, blinkers function, but no clicks or anything when pushing the starter button. Battery seemed low, so I recharged it. Put it back in the bike and got the same silence. Is there something I could have knocked loose while messing with the carb? I've previously removed the sidestand kill switch and will see if I can bypass the clutch kill switch. Have a multimeter to test volts running into starter. Any other ideas, while I'm working on it?
  5. nick_stroke

    Diagnosing Non-starting DR650

    I swapped them and it's still doing the same thing. Checked the gaps twice and it's all in spec.
  6. nick_stroke

    Diagnosing Non-starting DR650

    I bought a Hayabusa exhaust for my DR650 and decided to save some cash and weld up my own pipe to connect to the header. It ran well, although a little high in the rpms, for a couple weeks. I accidentally rode home with the choke on, one warm day and it wouldn't start that afternoon. Cranks cranks cranks, but no start. I was told to try starting it to see if the exhaust pulls (sections my hand to the exhaust) and it does. Buddy says that means there's something wrong with the valves and it'll need a valve job. Not too sure what that would entail. Any ideas for fixes/remedies? Thanks for the help.
  7. nick_stroke

    Overfilled the oil and ran it 500 miles.

    It's a 2005 dr650. I put in two quarts without replacing the oil filter.
  8. nick_stroke

    Overfilled the oil and ran it 500 miles.

    I was getting my bike setup for a trip to the mountains (9,000 ft elevation) and unknowingly overfilled my oil when changing it. Ran fine all the way to the mountains. Went to start it the next day, and it wouldn't crank, just the click sound. Charged the battery and it took a couple attempts to finally run. Went down the highway for maybe 8-10 minutes at 60-65mph and it started surging, lost power in the throttle, and died on the road. Drained a bit of oil, soaked up oil from the air filter, it started but died again. I ran it today for about twenty minutes and noticed it starts to surge when giving it a lot of throttle. It will also stall and not start for 5-10 mins if it has been running for too long. Any ideas on what I could do to fix this?