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  1. lacofdfireman

    Whelp, I’m done riding for a while.

    This really sucks. But if it makes you feel any better I can come pickup your bike from you so you don’t have to look at it and be depressed. I can send you videos of me riding it also if you wish. I’m just nice like that. Hell I’d even replace that rear fender for ya just to help a brother out. Let me know. Haha
  2. lacofdfireman

    Wife/mother getting mad about dirtbikes.

    Dirt Biking has been a big part of my children’s life and my wife is not a fan. My kids love it, I love it and my wife now puts up with it. What a great way to bond with your kids and teach them responsibility. Like I said my wife has never been a fan but the way I combat that is basically support her in the things that she like to do. She loves running. So I support her at her events, marathons etc. I’ve actually ran a few with her also even though I don’t love it. I also always invite her when we camp etc. She enjoys being with us so will come out and camp with us and hang out while we ride. My motto has always been “You never hear a kid that has grown up say, we had the nicest furniture, kitchen etc growing up. The things they remember are the activities, vacations and time spent together.” A Family that plays together stays together.
  3. lacofdfireman

    stripped nut in frame

    If your that OCD just buy a new bike. It’s never going to be the same now with a stripped out nut. Haha. Meant to be funny. Don’t get all offened on me like you did the other guy.
  4. That looks nice. Probably out of my budget though.
  5. You have a few options. Hitch rack on back of your Fifth Wheel or tow a trailer behind your Fifth wheel. We tow doubles all the time. Easy to do. I’m just trying to figure out how to take my 4 dirt bikes and the Ranger Crew all on the same trailer. Once i figure that out I’ll be set.
  6. Now just trying to figure out how I can haul my 4 bikes with my Ranger Crew all on the same trailer.
  7. I’m trying to decide how I can transport my 4 Dirt bikes and my Polaris Ranger Crew all on the same trailer. Can’t use my truck bed because I have a Fifth Wheel. So right now when I go camp I have to either decide if I want to take my Ranger Crew or my dirt bikes. I’d like to find a way to take them all. Also getting a longer trailer isn’t an option. Towing Double I’m already at the length limit. Hoping I don’t have to reinvent a wheel here and someone has already done this an can post up some photos but here are my thoughts. Trying to figure out how I could build some trays that could mount to the top of my trailer side rails that could hold the bikes. 2 per side. I can across this photo of a guy that built something for his truck bed rails so he could haul his quad also. Would something like this work? Here is my Ranger Crew on my trailer Here is my trailer hooked up to my truck and Fifth wheel I’d need to try and build some rails like these that would attach to the top of my trailer rails and that could come on and off. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll post pics if I ever get this built. Looking for suggestions first before I dive into this to make sure it’s done right and secure.
  8. Just wondering if the plastics on 2014 KX 100 will fit on a 2005 KX 100? I’m looking at a few older KX bikes but the newer plastics look a whole lot better. Can they work or be retrofitted to work? Just curious. Thanks.
  9. lacofdfireman

    KTM 105 Model year differences?

    Seems like a few of the posts here are suggesting the KX100may be a more friendly trail bike for my son. We don’t race but just primarily ride open desert and then a time or two per year up at elevation in the pine trees. Nothing crazy technical though but enough you are needed at time to lug around a little.
  10. lacofdfireman

    What’s the difference between a 2002 and 2010 KX100?

    Appreciate the response. Guess like you say we will just look for the cleanest bike we can for the money we have and not really care about the year. Thanks again.
  11. lacofdfireman

    KTM 105 Model year differences?

    Just curious what it would cost to have the crank done by a shop? I’ve done top ends in my 13’ 250XC and 14’ 300XC but never go into the bottom end stuff. That looks a little more intense.
  12. lacofdfireman

    KTM 105 Model year differences?

    My son is bored on his KLX140 and so we have been looking into getting him a KTM 105. Thought about the 85 but everything I hear about it people say it’s a hard bike to ride for a casual desert trail rider. Has to much snap and doesn’t like to be lugged around. People tell me the KX100 or KTM 105XC would be a better choice. I see a few 105’s for sell but not sure what model year to look for. We want to be under $2500 and preferably under $2K because that’s about what we can get out of his KLX140. So I think I’m definitely looking sub 2010. So is there any major differences between say a 2004 and a 2010? Also how would this bike compare to a kx100? Also I see a bunch of SX bikes. Any huge differences between an SX and an XC? Seems I’ve read that the only difference is a kickstand and hand guards? Thanks.
  13. My son is to the point where his KLX 140 is no fun for him anymore. We need to get him on something with more motor and better suspension. Curious the differences between say a model year 2002-2010? I want to stay as close to or under $2k. I see a few bikes even cheaper say 2004’s for around $1400. Is there any major differences that would make you want to buy a newer model year? Are the plastics the same from year to year? I know some models you need to be careful as some older models you have a hard time finding parts, plastics etc for older model years. He doesn’t race just rides desert trails for fun. Not interested in 4strokes. Any info about what changes were made between those years appreciated to see if spending the extra money is worth it.
  14. My son has really enjoyed his 08 KLX 140 but is ready to move to something with a little better suspension and power. He's not a racer type of rider more of a trail rider but I'd really like to get him on a 2T bike. He's about perfect right now for an 85 but I'm wondering is a 100 2T would be a better choice as he can grow into it more. Hoping to get some info on here as to which of the brands has the best bottom end power of all the brands. And also if any of the 85's have good bottom end or do they all need to be ridding in the power band. He's not racing just trail riding. The 140 is pretty luggable but it's also super heavy and the suspension isn't very good. Any suggestions appreciated.. Also locally the 85's are way easier to find than a 100. But if the 100 is that much better of a bike I'd travel a ways for the right deal. Hoping to find something sub $2500. Also are there any years that are better than others? Cant buy new..