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  1. RocaFellaRanger

    Margarita Peak - SoCal.-Update

    Wow! 2 years later, and I still want to do this ride. I think its time to put the street bike away for a month and hit the dirt again:applause: Ryan, are you still around? -Keith
  2. If all goes well with getting my bike back together, I'm planning to ride up Palomar via Nate Harrison Grade either Sat. or Sun. I'm not to sure if I want to do my usual route down towards Lake Henshaw and back up the moutain through Warner Springs though, so I'll probably just ride up and down a couple times, and swing by South Grade to get my picture taken and say hi to Brian @ CaliPhotography.com. A nice and easy dirt ride since I haven't ridden dirt since last March, and am still recovering from a street bike lowside. Anybody want to join? Nothing like riding Palomar by dirt one day, and the next day ride again up the mountain through the twisties
  3. RocaFellaRanger

    600 Kick Starter Problems

    Well thanks cleonard, preloading the spring was the trick. The starter engages and comes right back up. Now I need to figure out why it won't idle and fix that...then I should be good to go
  4. RocaFellaRanger

    600 Kick Starter Problems

    I tried preloading the spring, and went like 3-4 teeth. Do I need to go more?
  5. RocaFellaRanger

    600 Kick Starter Problems

    The kick starter return spring on my 600 broke. I have the new one installed, and the spring hooked to the engine, but the kick starter doesn't return back. There is resistance when you try to kick it and the engine turns over, but when you take your foot off, the starter just stays there. Any ideas? Everything got reassembled like the Honda manual shows, so I'm not sure what to do (besides sell it for a 650! )
  6. RocaFellaRanger

    Stripped Oil Filter Bolts

    I haven't ridden or worked on the bike for a year. Anyway, they are actually hex screws and the hex part is stripped so I can't get them off. I have new screws, I just need to get the old ones out. I'll try the hacksaw but I'm not sure if there is enough room. The hex size is 5mm, I suppose I could "force" the 6mm in there and unscrew them that way. There has to be an easier way
  7. RocaFellaRanger

    Stripped Oil Filter Bolts

    2 of the oil filter cover hex bolts (edit: screws) on my 600 are stripped out and I can't remove the oil filter cover to change the filter. Any ideas on how to get them out? I actually have the right case cover off because I'm changing the kick starter return spring so I can take it to a machine shop if I have to, but would perfer not to.
  8. RocaFellaRanger

    Busted off I-15 deer springs road am-pm

    Oh man, I remember that. You and LTF got to kick back and rest while Josh, Rob, and myself tried to pull my bike 40 feet up a hill Good times. First time I've heard of these "dudes." Do they cross the ravine or stay towards AM/PM? I was thinking about doing some mountain biking out there until the bike is fixed, but will pass if I have any chance of encountering that activity. Good god, I'd probably start to cry if I saw that while riding by in the middle of nowhere Rob, anything new out there? Is the downhill MTB track still there? Did they ever finish those houses south of AM/PM? It doesn't look like it from the freeway. I really need to fix my bike. --Keith
  9. RocaFellaRanger

    CHP Inspection

    Rob, I hoping to have my bike back to riding condition next week How is Deer Springs?
  10. RocaFellaRanger

    Hey, Deer Springs Keith!

    Nope, not me. I can't even remember the last time I rode Hopefully I have the XR fixed up here soon within the next couple of weeks. Been itching to ride, but lucky me, I get to work all day. Whats the latest with Deer Springs? They build out there yet? What about that gate I read about a while ago on here?
  11. RocaFellaRanger

    LC4e rider at Deer Springs this afternoon??

    SMDavid maybe? I need to get out there again soon...
  12. RocaFellaRanger

    Gotta git back in the saddle

    Ryan, how are you? Got your e-mail, but have been too busy to ride or respond I was able to ride Palomar yesterday though Anyway, don't know why I didn't see this thread sooner...can't make it on the 18th as weekends are super hard. Maybe a weekday ride some time in the next month.
  13. RocaFellaRanger

    Deer Springs Road

    If I get out of work at a decent time on Sun. night, I'm going to try and make it there. I'll be on the KLR since the 600 still hasn't been maintained since the Desert Dash in March. I'd say the easiest route is down the ravine, do the usual exploring, then take the freeway trail down to the 15 and back to Arco.
  14. RocaFellaRanger

    Off roaders in San Diego

    Good tires and some momentum and the ravine shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Since SMDave worked on it to make it passable, its super loose. As fas as trails go, easiest way is to hook up with someone who knows the area (myself, Weeeeee, SMDave) There are trials that bring you out on Lawrence Welk court, a couple that will take you across Deer Springs to the antaneas on top of the hill, which you then can drop into the backside of Vista, and then there is the trail down to I-15. The freeway trail is a riverbed that you follow though a big clearing and then climb up to I-15. Much more funner when its got 2 feet of water running through it
  15. RocaFellaRanger

    dual sporting Temecula and beyond...

    Here's a link to part of the De Luz ride. From what little research I've done, if you continue on with this route, it should take you all the way to Corona. RM975 on here has done, the ride all the way to Corona...maybe he'll chime in here. Oh man, the KLR in 80% street tires will love this hill :