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  1. Thanks for all the responses! I still haven't ruled out either brand (or maybe even a Beta), but there have definitely been some interesting points brought up. I have sent out a bunch of emails to the Yamaha and KTM dealers within 2 hrs of me that have last years bikes in stock to see what they can do for an out-the-door price. Right now there isn't a lot of used bikes for sale as there is still snow on the ground here but I'm hoping in the next month or so some used '17 and '18's might start popping up. Thanks again for the feedback
  2. Okay, before I cause someone to snap I should say that I keep going around in circles between the YZ250X and KTM 250XC/XC-W models. Everytime I seem to come to the conclusion that a YZ250X would be best, but so many people seem to go orange and I feel like I am missing something... Here’s how I break it down. The KTM’s have a lot of “better” features... electric start, larger tank, adjustable power valve, hydraulic clutch, better brakes... but is it really worth the price tag? I read so many posts about KTM starter problems and how you should only use it when you really need it or just delete it altogether unless you are happy buying parts for it all the time. What’s the point of having a starter if you can’t use it?! As for the larger tank, seems like a nice thing but personally I don’t ride too far from my trailer and can always plan fuel stops. Adjustable power valve is probably nice too but how often do people honestly swap the springs out or make adjustments? Hydraulic clutch is definitely sweet but the YZ clutch is pretty light and worst case scenario I could buy an aftermarket hydraulic one for a few hundred bucks. Brakes are nicer on the KTM, no argument against that. Now... for the YZ250X, it has great suspension, a huge amount of aftermarket support and inexpensive parts, it comes with a spare top end kit, people that own it seem to love it, and it’s a few thousand (Canadian$) less! From this you would think I have chosen the Yamaha, but I am still considering both brands and am interested in what people have to say. So if you have chosen a KTM over a YZX or vice-versa, why did you make that decision and how did it work out? Thanks if advance! Dave Edit: I should say a little about my experience level... I am a recreational intermediate rider that rides flowy singletrack trails in the woods with logs, the odd rock and other obstacles. I have owned a CR250R and YZ450F that I rode on the mx track, and a KLX250S that I commuted and rode trails on last summer but recently sold so I could get a dedicated trail bike. Price is important, but looking more at value as opposed to a firm budget.
  3. I own a 2001 CR250 and as I was putting the engine back together after replacing a bent shift fork I noticed a small crack in the left-hand crankcase. I didn't notice any problems before taking the engine apart (other than the shift for of course!), so I'm wondering if it has been there for a while and isn't a problem or if it was formed when I was splitting the case as I did have some trouble doing so. It's a small crack in a non-critical area (away from bearings, etc), all that part of the case seems to do is seperate the transmission oil from the crankshaft area. Not sure if the crack would provide enough leakage to cause any problems, or if vibration would cause the crack to propagate. So just wondering if I should: a) look into getting it welded JB weld it (not sure how well that would work since there is probably oil in the crack that can't be cleaned out) c) just leave it alone d) ? Thanks a lot for any help or insight you can provide! ***I'm not sure what some of the marks are on the inside of the engine. I know the bikes previous owner had it apart but not sure what for. Thanks again, Dave