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  1. Hey guys, I have been searching for a while now, and i can't seem to find a retro 80s style graphics kit from my 03 250. I love the old light blue and bright yellow look, i just cant seem to find any kits. Any kit with this retro light blue would be awesome, all the kits the are available for my bike, are rubbish. monster logos everywhere, lame flames or skulls or a bunch of lines that look like a mess. Just to sum things up. I have a 2003 RM 250, I am looking for 80s style graphics OR a kit that includes alot of blue.
  2. xFALL3Nx

    This, made my day.

    I would have to agree. Lots of misconception about the two.
  3. xFALL3Nx

    McGrath on 2-strokes ...

    YUP gave me a happy
  4. xFALL3Nx

    This, made my day.

    Yeah, i posted on the websites facebook who made this poster. Demanding they remake it. *They Take HP and torque ratings from a 125t and compare them with a 450 4t. *Glow plug? &%$#@!.. didn't know bikes where diesel now... *EPA stuff bout 2 strokes is BULOX *2 stroke head is a modern 4t, and the 4 joke diagram is of an air cooled head, and shows nothing about the top end. *2 stroke design pictured above has OLD 80s style intake and exhaust ports *Repairs? roughly all bikes go through brakes, chains and tires the same.... *the weight of the 2 stroke listed is heavy, my 03 RM250 was put on a scrap yard scale, most accurate as you can get. 218lbs, no gas just clutch and rad fluid. *from the 70s till 2004, 2t dominated, the timeline showing 4 strokes win is bullox. This add was to promote the 4 $trokes. Japan spent millions in R&D on these time bombs, 2 strokes weren't bringing in enough revenue. Smokers last for ever, you see RM250s up for 1000-1500, no mater the year. My opinion seems biased too, BUT.... The picture above is comprised of completely wrong data, and biased views covered by "oh, 2 strokes are alright too" I love trail 4s, and the 4T in my trike. 4t are great, but they way they are being sold, and built makes me angry. Designed obsolescence, choke hold on the consumer, gone the days of the average 13 year old kid in the 125 class racing, too expensive now. AMA sucks nards now, bunch of lazzy punks racing just for the cash. No one even rails berms, its garb. 4 strokes just cant handle the constant RPMs. Its fact. and one last thing..... BRING BACK TO ROTAX ENGINES. Rotary power, some of the best bikes use rotax based engines! 2 strokes, power in simplicity and better design.
  5. xFALL3Nx

    This, made my day.

    Haven't made any posts in a while, springs coming and my 250 is almost ready to RIP. Im sure all of you have seen this, it is.... MIND blowingly biased and is just a bunch of trash. Enjoy. http://twostrokemoto...s-four-strokes/
  6. xFALL3Nx

    Carburetor issues

    Heh, maybe i was wrong. no posts? tisk tisk... Anyways, i fixed the issue.
  7. xFALL3Nx

    Carburetor issues

    Wrong forum section again, but i trust my suzuki guys! Since 3 wheeler world is down, i can not post there, so ill try here. I am having carburetor issues with my 85 yamaha tri-moto 225DX, when the throttle is held at 1/4th it will pick up RPMs like normal, but after 2-3 secs the engine will bog then rev back up, bog then rev back up. if you pin it, it'll bog then pick up then bog then pick up and stay up. it idles fine, and is fine when you keep her clamped, but as soon as you let off she boggs, BAD. its almost like the carb runs out of... gas? I checked my petcock and it POURS gas like niagra falls, flows brilliantly. I dont know what the issues could be? Its cold out, but i have the needle in the highest position, RAISED in the 5th clip slot. My plug is light tan, and black around the base where the threads are. I am clueless as what to do next, the jets are stock, the trike is stock.... just put new rings in her 3 hours of running time ago dont know what the issue could be. Jets are clear, carbs been cleaned 800 million times. The airbox is a metal fabricated one, the trike did not come with the stock plastic one. the Metal one is 90% to spec, almost exact copy of the stocker and it looks bloody awesome. It doesn't have any air leaks, i sprayed carb cleaner around all the hoses and the engines RPMs did not raise. I dont know what the issue is.
  8. xFALL3Nx

    Lets see The Rm's

    No, the TEK kit is $200. the Team Alba kit is no where to be found... That is not my bike but i found it on google, some one did steal it yes.
  9. fixed it! shift shaft broke at the wields done by factory. LAME
  10. thi guys got a KX 250 too! seen many pictures of this boss
  11. first thing i checked, and while riding i looked down and thought thats what it was. i went and stalled it by my house looked down and the entire shaft is spinning. i also cannot pull it out, i have a whole nother bottom end in my basement. no wields, entire shifting assembly was mint, nothing was warn last time i was in there. and that was 6months/100 hours of riding ago. im sure i have the part, just gottah figure out whats broke. never saw or heard of this...
  12. Got new rings on her after siting for 2 months. new paintjob, got her all together starts up. ridding her around and BOOM. i go to down shift from 3rd and the shifter is vertical... Shifter shaft just spins and dose nothing. any thoughts? no clicking or bad noises, but it looks like im going to have to split the case for the 4th time. Unit is a 1985 Tri-moto 225DX three wheeler with a 4 speed auto clutch. I KNOW this is not the appropriate thread, but i trust the logic of my suzuki mates more than anyone else.
  13. yup! i see the lever now too. broke but still alive. no no, track is right next to it. i did 50 laps on the track then hit the service road. see the lines? this is takken from the downhill jump, that service road is the the right.
  14. xFALL3Nx

    Thinking about buying this 2005 rm 250

    turbine core is a quite pipe. meant for people who want there bike to have a much lower tone thats less audible in the trails. either way, stock systems on RM's offer great low end, ever think about getting a custom made pipe?