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  1. frdbtr

    My new 1997 cr125!

    I don't know, I think I would run the OEM crank that is already in it before I would swap it out for the wiseco. I put a wiseco crank in an 2001 cr80 when my budget was super tight. I ended up selling that bike to my next door neighbor for his kid to ride. This kid absolutely putted the bike everywhere, he never even got it on the pipe. We pulled the cylinder with less than 40 hours on that crank and the side to side clearance was about a quarter inch on each side. I ended up helping him buy a 06 bottom end and we put the cylinder on that and it is still running after countless hours, (I bought it back from him a little over a year ago and am restoring it for my wife) I'm loving this build though. Very nice platform. I love that gen of 125. I had a 94 with an Eric Gorr 144cc big bore kit and I still wish I hadn't had to sell it.
  2. frdbtr

    07 cr250 tech advice

    I think your piston came apart because you had the wrong size piston in your bore. That video showed the piston to wall clearance was way off. If you put an A piston back in your A cylinder, you will be fine and your piston won't come apart. The "bumps" on your head gasket always go up but you already got that figured out. Enjoy the rebuilt motor!
  3. frdbtr

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    Nice bike. Good work on the refresh. Looking really nice.
  4. frdbtr

    Just Bought 2004 Honda CR125R

    Pacific crest pipe repair. You pipe will come back looking new. Nice pickup for $1200.
  5. frdbtr

    PWK Jetting cr250 06

    RTV knows what he is talking about. I have used a bunch of his jetting recommendations. I have used the N3CW needle but I ride at 4500 feet above sea level and higher so I settled on the N3EJ needle for a while because it works better at my altitude. That needle needs the #7 slide though so it wouldn't help you much. I finally settled on the Suzuki/Kawasaki N3WJ needle and I love it. I don't know if you can use that needle with the #8 slide at your altitude but my 06 loves it at my altitude. The bike is crisp and clean from idle and revs to the moon.
  6. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Won't Start

    Well, I hope it gets your jetting sorted. Glad you got the bike running again. I never even tried to jet the Mikuni, I had a PWK airstriker carb laying around when I bought my 06 and put it right on. Eventually bought a YZ250 carb with the tps for it and the other PWK is currently on my 03. I am a lot more comfortable jetting a Keihin is most of the reason why I did that. JD's needles have been good to me with both my PWK's and also with the 05crf450 that I used them on. You will have to give us a ride report once you get some seat time with this jetting setup.
  7. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Won't Start

    Now that you got it started, what jetting are you going with? Did you put the JD kit back in?
  8. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Won't Start

    All 05-07 cr250's have a single ring piston.
  9. frdbtr

    2004 CR250 Jetting and Needle

    Just an FYI. I wouldn't use a 125 needle in a 250 because the 125 needles will be much richer than a 250 needle. Second, the Keihin PWK needles are not compatible with the Mikuni carbs. IMO, take Keith's advice and get the stock needle back in that carb, or go with the one step leaner needle for your model year 250 (I don't know what that would be but a honda dealer should be able to let you know, or the service manual probably could tell you).
  10. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Won't Start

    My 06 with a modified head cut for pump premium fuel will blow 210 psi. I would assume a non modified 06 cr250, it should blow at least 180 if not more, which means that your motor is blowing 100psi low. IMO that is your starting issue. How does your piston look? Excessive blowby?
  11. frdbtr

    Water And Dirt In Carb - ‘06 CR250

    The 3m is supposed to be resistant to petroleum products and not break down when it comes in contact with them. Your silicon will do fine until you can get a permanent fix done and is better than nothing.
  12. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    Is the red needle the richer or leaner needle? If it is the leaner needle, put the other needle in and re-test.
  13. frdbtr

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    I like JD's kits. I have used them on all my bikes since I got back into biking back in about 07 and have been happy with the results. On my 2 250's I actually did the PWK carb conversion and used JD's needles on both of them for a while until RTV pointed me in the direction of some OEM needles from Yamaha and Kawasaki that I liked better. I never used the Mikuni carbs on both of my 250's so I am not familiar with their jetting but IMO, you should get good results just by using his instructions to get your initial jetting. If your experience is anything like mine with his kits, you should be pretty happy with just his baseline jetting settings and then you can fine tune from there.
  14. frdbtr

    Water And Dirt In Carb - ‘06 CR250

    The MXBonz kit gets rid of the plastic nubs that honda somehow felt were not a problem on the sealing surface where the filter mates to the airbox. I still recommend getting the 3m sealer and using it to seal the airbox to airboot junction as well. That is what I did when I installed the mxbonz kit on both my 03 and 06 and I haven't had any dirt past my filter since.
  15. frdbtr

    Water And Dirt In Carb - ‘06 CR250

    It's not going through the filter, it is getting past the filter due to leaks in the filter seal and the airbox to airboot seal. I use the stock filter on my 03 and a twin air filter on my 06 and both are filtering perfect after the airbox mods that I have done.