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  1. Big_G_Hall

    Older Cr's

    I have a 89 and 91 CR250 and I beat the crap out of them and they always run like champs. Just keep up on the maintenance is all I do, which really isn't that bad since I don't race it. Really it depends on what you want it for. If you're gonna race I'd get a newer bike, if you are just gonna ride trails then i think an older one is perfect.
  2. Big_G_Hall

    how much smoke is too much

    My philosophy exactly I run Maxima Super M at 32:1 and I get a decent amount of smoke during warmup and almost none while actually riding. Like someone said above, jet it first and also keep an eye on your coolant and trans fluid levels just in case. Welcome to the 2 stroke world!
  3. Big_G_Hall

    Air bubbles in my radiator 2001 cr80

    Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how it turns out. I for one am intrigued...
  4. Big_G_Hall

    Air bubbles in my radiator 2001 cr80

    Well, I'd look into it a bit longer before buying another head gasket. Those bad boys are too pricey to guess with. Like Balckwoodz said the oddest thing about all this is that you aren't losing any coolant... Perhaps someone with a little more knowledge than me could tell you if it is possible to have an opening that creates an air leak one way but not a coolant leak the other??
  5. Big_G_Hall

    Air bubbles in my radiator 2001 cr80

    The obvious first: Think about what all your radiator is connected to... Those are the only areas air can get in. Kinda narrows it down huh? I'd pull the plug, put in a compression tester, kick it up to max psi and let it sit for a few minutes. I'll bet the compression drops farily quickly and steadily. Your head gasket is leaking or your cylinder has a crack.
  6. Big_G_Hall

    Mixing oil. Samuri raceing ipone.

    Dude... You really want to ride around smelling like a fruit? I like my exhaust to smell like...exhaust...
  7. Big_G_Hall

    CR125 Head/No Start PROBLEMS!!! HELP

    So you replaced the head/base gaskets with OEM ones, had the head/cylinder checked to make sure they weren't warped, installed new piston/rings (I assume you installed the correct bore size) and after all that you lost 29 psi? Did you try connecting your compression tester, getting to max compression, and then letting it sit for a bit and see if/how fast it drops?
  8. Big_G_Hall

    after market pistons brands

    I'm with you on this one! I know that genericalness (yes that is a word) is good for production purposes, but is it really that big a deal to have an automated machine drill 3 little holes? And my last Wiseco piston had the exact same instructions as the one Chris copied in his post.
  9. Big_G_Hall

    New to 2 wheels

    Welcome! I've only heard good things about the 01's.
  10. Big_G_Hall

    1995 cr125 no spark!!!

    First thing I'd do is probably try and figure out why the stator might be going bad. Burning through 3 stators in an hour is very suspect...
  11. Big_G_Hall

    Top End Question

    Geez man, it was just a joke... Some people get so seroius about silly stuff...
  12. Big_G_Hall

    Top End Question

    Well, in advising you not to use Namura pistons and to use Wiseco instead, I believe we also technically answered the sizing question, no?
  13. Big_G_Hall

    Cometic head gasket leaking

    I'd add c) You're using a crappy head gasket. Get one from Honda. I've used Cometic gaskets once. That was enough. The other gaskets worked well enough, but the head gasket was ok at best. I replaced it with a honda one.
  14. Big_G_Hall

    after market pistons brands

    Well, if you want to replace your entire top/bottom end after a few hours of riding then that is what I'd buy. Otherwise, I'd go with Wiseco. All I've ever used or will used. Some things made in China I might consider for my bike, like plastics or something. But something performance-related or that could potentially destroy your engine (and your face) when it malfunctions? I'll spend a few extra bucks and get the quality part instead.
  15. Big_G_Hall

    Top End Question

    Well sure, Namura pistons aren't gonna blow up right away! They aren't that bad...they will last at least a couple hours first...