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  1. It's been awhile since I've been on here, traded my 525 xcw in for a 500 exc, I'm going to pick it up Saturday, on my last bike I got stiffer springs front & rear for it since I'm a big guy. Does anybody have recommendations where to go? I'm also looking for a skid plate, I can't believe it doesn't come with one. I like the plastic one on my old bike, any recommendations on where to get that? Thanks in advance, I'll be checking here more often, at least until I get my new bike dialed in.
  2. BoZerk

    Skid Plate?

    I've got the plastic quick release also on my 525xc. I ride mostly desert as well and haven't had any problems, and it's taken some pretty good knocks. After I ordered mine I asked around about them and some guys on here said they have broken thier's or seen them break but I haven't had any problems with mine. Plus, you want one thats easy to take on off for oil changes.
  3. BoZerk

    Oil Filters

    Never mind, I found them at cycle zone...it was easy! I got two sets for the price of one at the dealer. thanks
  4. BoZerk

    Oil Filters

    Where do you get these super duper hi-flo filters? I'll give them em go.
  5. BoZerk

    Oil Filters

    Does anybody use stainless steel oil filters? I'm thinking of getting some. How do you like them? How do you clean them? Do they work? Where do you get them? Just looking for some input. The filters are expensive so I thought I might check out the stainless steel filters.
  6. BoZerk

    The XR to EXC Conversion

    I'm just the opposite. I had one on my 650, mostly for sandwashes. I never liked my 650 in the sand too heavy and felt like the front tire wanted to wash out on every turn. I never did play with the suspension much though. My 525 handles ALOT better I don't think I'll get a stabalizer for it. I handles 100% better than the 650 in sand.
  7. BoZerk

    The XR to EXC Conversion

    I switched from a 650r to a 525xc and I've never looked back. Not sure about the exc but the xc has very comparable power, maybe not the intial hit and grunt of the xr but I haven't run into a situation where I felt I needed more power. You won't be dissapointed. It's sooooo much lighter and handles soooo much better.
  8. BoZerk

    Squeel'n Clutch

    It's good to hear it's normal. I'll try some different oils and see what happens. Thanks everyone.
  9. BoZerk

    Squeel'n Clutch

    I've only noticed it when it's warmed up and only when taking off from a stand still.
  10. BoZerk

    Squeel'n Clutch

    This was the second weekend trip for the oil, so my plan was to change it before the next trip.
  11. BoZerk

    Squeel'n Clutch

    A little help....Nobody else had this problem? It is time to change the oil, maybe it was just the oil getting too worked?
  12. Just got back from riding this weekend. I have a new 525 xc and it ran fine except for an intermitten squeewling from the cluch when I was taking off. It didn't happen all the time and never when I was riding, only when I was taking off from a stand still. Anybody else experienced this? Any ideas what it might be? It works fine, just making an awfull sqeeling noise sometimes.
  13. Get the 525, you won't be sorry, I'm a big guy also, I love mine! I haven't ridden a 450 but I'm not sure why they would handle different, I believe they weigh the same. I don't get the too much power thing, if it's too much just twist the throttle less.
  14. I owned a xr650r as well and just got a 07 525xc. It is so much nicer than the honda, lighter, better suspension, more power. You can't go wrong. I'm a big guy as well and I just put heavier springs in, no revalve.
  15. BoZerk

    Which Spring Brand for my 250 XCF-w

    I just got fork and shock springs from Enduro Engineering. I'm happy with the result. I just called them, told them my weight & bike and they sent me the springs...pretty painless. I would recommend them.