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  1. just wanted to mention that drz400s are about the most useless bikes in all departments, don't make enough power to climb any real hills, weigh too much to be of any use on technical hills
  2. flat out high speed climbs; always lighter and more power
  3. Wild Alaskan

    Studding tires

    I am using #1610 studs in the side Knobs 1800r on the rest
  4. Wild Alaskan

    Studding tires

    Yeah you on on the right track big knobs make studding easier and more reliable. Kenda Trackmaster is a good option I am sure the m5b would work good as well. I don't remember what tire this is but it's what I am uaing
  5. Wild Alaskan

    Lies, liars , and more lying

    The real question is; who doesn't make it up ezberg clean?
  6. Wild Alaskan

    Studding tires

    I would get one pack and try them and let us know how they work, only other person I have seen report on those broke off the majority of them in 2 rides. Most fresh rear tires work good for studding, I am running a sand/mud tire with about 300 studs, can't remember what exact model model it is, but can do wheelies on glare ice all day. Also gets ridiculous traction on wet hardpack and clay
  7. Wild Alaskan

    How often to tighten chain?

    If your panties get that wadded over someone not knowing how to adjust their chain, you are going to have a real rough time on this site
  8. Just make sure you have you friend record it for youtube the first time you get on the bike and you should be good to go!
  9. Wild Alaskan

    Altitude on ya 250

    If your jetting is stock it will be fine at sea level
  10. Wild Alaskan

    Pivot Pegz all that? ... or not?

    I used a bike with them for a few rides, didn't even notice they were there until about half hour in. Can't say I cared one way or the other
  11. Wild Alaskan

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Cleared that spot no problem, it was more of a "lets make this harder than it needs to be" technique on a no name easy section haha
  12. Wild Alaskan

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Haven't crashed anything new but have certainly done a number on some old bikes, paddle tire endurocross got a little out of hand... No rider required for IT490 action bike made it anyways...
  13. Wild Alaskan

    Best tires for the snow

    Hard to say if they have studs or not, but they are also riding relatively loose snow not the packed glazed over snow you find on streets. I can say from personal experience that trials tires by themselves are total trash in the snow tif the edges are rounded at all, they have no bite and no ability to clear themselves. I would go with anything but a trials tire Shallow loose snow is very easy to ride, infact its almost like it isn't there, especially if the ground under it isn't ice. Regardless, you could put 100 spikes in to any tire and have 5 times the traction compared to the best possible tread pattern and best possible compound without studs when using them on road pack. That is the only point I was trying to make in my original post
  14. Wild Alaskan

    Best tires for the snow

    if you cant use studs, you are really for the most part out of luck