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  1. Wild Alaskan

    Rocky Mountain ATVMC steps up

    Overall they are great, had a few minor issues with them getting a little disorganized when they do mess something up, but in general very good.
  2. Wild Alaskan

    Manual vs Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner

    and this is why most should probably just leave the automatic ones in
  3. Just be gentle putting in the reamer, twist it back and forth as you put it in. the red liner is very hard to puncture so as long as you aren't going crazy with it you should be fine Put a bunch of slime in the tire and you probably won't even notice it next time a thorn punctures it.
  4. Wild Alaskan

    Clutch Mods

    also, in case it wasn't obvious, take out two opposite to each other not next to each other
  5. Wild Alaskan

    Clutch Mods

    As you can see from where this thread has ended up, the mods of thumpertalk have zero interest in discussing potentially useful universal modifications in the general dirt bike forum, that forum is now reserved for talking about tubliss, rekluses, and how much ATVs suck
  6. Wild Alaskan

    Clutch Mods

    Springs are linear in the force they apply not constant, reducing the preload with washer will make the clutch pull softer. To the OP, I use the 4 spring mod with HD springs and and a competition fiber clutch. It's on a KTM 380 (2 stroke) at sea level and has zero signs of slipping under load I use this bike for wide open hill climbing in sand so it would be pretty obvious if there was any issue. Its a 1 finger clutch all day. If you are running a cheap cork clutch or worn out baskets and hub I would ditch that before even trying any clutch mods
  7. Wild Alaskan

    Is MMI and good?

    I am primarily in powersports, I also work on outboards, and used to do a bit of big boat work as well. If you ask real nice Ill even build you a quadcopter or draw you something in CAD I have nobody working under me at the moment
  8. Wild Alaskan

    Is MMI and good?

    People saying you can't make money as a mechanic are full of it, you absolutely can. I started my own business and don't even work 40 hours a week and can afford to eat, rent, own 8 bikes, a couple jetskis, a boat, a timbersled, a couple atvs, and still get to ride multiple times a week. Its all in managing money properly, start small, grow as needed. Loans will keep you poor, so be real confident you need one and will make the most of it if you get one (for school or otherwise). I didn't go to college directly relevant to being a mechanic so I can't tell you anything about MMI, It might get you in the door some places other places maybe not, a lot of those programs seem to kinda push everyone through when a portion of the graduates should not even be certified to work on a briggs and stratton. I would reccomend working for someone else, try and get in a position where you are making some money and also learning, if you actually like it, and have some business sense, start working for yourself
  9. Wild Alaskan

    NW Short Attention Span Theater: Videos 45 seconds or less

    The flat bill brain protection proved to be ineffective, but luckily the safety beard saved him
  10. Wild Alaskan

    Tubliss back to Tubes

    Simplest way to avoid pressure loss is to not check the high pressure bladder. you loose like a months worth of air just by putting the checker on it. as others have said if you have a air compressor just bump the bladder up to 100-110 every couple months and don't worry about it. After I used a tubliss and realized I could run hard enduro pressures and not blow my tubes on high speed connecting trails, I put tubliss in two more of my bikes and haven't spent a dime on tubes since.
  11. Wild Alaskan

    Lectron or Smart carb? And will it fit?

    Had a lectron on my 2001 380, wasn't as good as the jetted stock carb, went back after a couple months. but if you bike is way off to begin with the lectron should be a good improvement.
  12. Wild Alaskan

    To patch or not to patch?

    3x the cost that lasts 20x as long. Some people really cant seem to figure out how to install tubliss despite the very simple instructions, Ill give you that. on a side note a flat on tubliss is more of a minor inconvenience than a serious problem, I don't even bring plugs with me anymore, just fix any (rare) holes that did not self seal at the end of the ride
  13. Wild Alaskan

    To patch or not to patch?

    tubliss and plugs, far more reliable than patches
  14. Montana madman was committed to climbing the museum