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  1. Its weird.....but I like weird
  2. Picked up a 2017 300RR RE on Saturday, followed my son around on Sunday to break her in and so far I'm super happy. Also looks like it will be super easy to plate her in Colorado. Love that it comes with headlight high/low, horn, DOT tires, brake light.
  3. Supercross

    Speaking of thanking 'The Man Above' is it just me or does Cooper Webb keep saying "He can't thank the Man Above' ??
  4. Motocross

    Or KRoc is just fading like he did last year in the 250's.
  5. Motocross

    Instead of eliminating MX3 they should make MX3 a two stroke class regardless of size (250,300 whatever).
  6. Why is he 'pretty sure'? shouldn't it be definitive?
  7. True I gained about 10-15lbs between the two kids but working on getting rid of the baby weight/sympathy weight now.
  8. Motocross

    I would hope so.
  9. Motocross

    I'm basing that on the comment that there wasn't any interest from U.S. riders on going.
  10. Motocross

    At least Dungey has an excuse, he's done it a couple times now and is getting married, what excuse does Tomac, Canard, Baggett, Webb, Martin possibly have besides "I don't want to because its hard"....
  11. Coolest race I've personally been to was the 2010 MXoN at Thunder Valley, watching Canard make his way through the field after being dead last was awesome. Unfortunetly he wasn't able to get higher than like 10th or 11lth. This race also made me a fan of Dungey's and Canards (was already a Andrew Short fan).
  12. I agree with everything that's been said previously, I did take a break from riding until my son got older (around 3), but it didn't bother me much, your so busy and tired when they are little that riding or not riding doesn't really come to mind.he is now almost 7 and I am getting him a CRF50 for his birthday and I think I'm more excited than he will be. I started him on a little 50cc quad when he was 5 so he could ride with his cousins, but I think he's ready for his own moto now. As mentioned before the only downside is worring about him getting hurt. One thing I noticed is that I personally ride much slower and careful now that I'm a father, I think I unconsciously ride at a safer pace knowing I have a whole family that needs me, but I really don't mind at all. I brought my son to his first National this year and it was really fun to watch him in amazement of all of it, he's now officially hooked.
  13. I still have the stock muffler on mine, and I have contemplated getting a FMF Q4 but it runs well with the stock but does seem to run hot, how much would the FMF help? Also I have read many times from magazines like Dirt Bike them suggesting that other than weight savings there really is no reason to change out the stock muffler.
  14. Motocross

    He gave up women? Like turned gay? or just lots of women? Giving up Chipolte would suck that would cut out like 30% of what I eat.
  15. Motocross

    I'm really looking forward to see how KRoc does at Springcreek (Millville) against Dungey. If Dungey can't beat KRoc there then Dungey is totally off his game. Last year was the first year Dungey didn't dominate there and he still won the second moto. I just hope Canard, Tomac and Dungey can give Roczen some more competition for the remainder of the season.