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  1. Well, finally after trying this for a while, I took it to a dealer. They say the bottom end of the engine I got is bad. Figures. I give up. My limited income can't afford to do all this again, so I have no choice but to part out what I can off the bike. I really put myself out there, and trusted people buying used parts. Guess I got screwed. Just make sure you stay far away from jws_cycles on eBay if you need anything for your Huskys. All I've wanted for a couple of years now was to ride my Husky again. This is such a shitty day.
  2. Went at it today with the plug. Cranked it a few times where it was turning over. Then nothing again. The starter will not turn it anymore. I thought rocking it some in gear might get it going again, but no. It's like it turns freely for a while and then binds again.
  3. OK, took the clutch pack out. Still nothing. Took the lower assembly out, still nothing. Took the basket out, still nothing. Finally, I took a wrench, and turned the, hell, I don't know, I guess it is the crank. Has the same size nut that the clutch uses. Everything spin, piston moved. Put it back together, and now it turns over. Somehow, the way it was together was binding. Not sure what's up with that, but something to look at if I have to do it again. Got it all back together, but... I have no idea how, but I managed to lose the spark plug. I looked everywhere. At least I'll know if it fires up tomorrow.
  4. The sound is not coming from the starter, more up near the battery. Not knowing if my battery was still good, I tried it from two other sources with the same results. So, at least I'm happy about not buying another battery. Yes, in order to see if the starter spins, I grounded the front of the starter case to the engine, and it spins up fine. I did originally try the decomp, but ultimately just pulled the sparkplug. I just need a way to rotate the crank and see if the engine turns over at all. I guess I'm going to have to pull the clutch cover and take the clutch apart. That sucks.
  5. I just finished putting together a 450SMR from parts. The engine was all one piece, but I had to get a few things from other sources. I don't have a kicker on this bike, not that it would matter with the rekluse that's in it. I have tried the starter, and all I get is a whine from the relay (or whatever that is). I pulled the plug. Still nothing. I pulled the starter. When I ground the starter to the frame, it spins fine when I hit the button. I put it back, just the whine. I can reach in the starter hole and spin the teeth clockwise with my finger. I don't know if that's the right direction. Is there any way to turn over the engine manually? Rotating the rear wheel in gear won't work in this case because of the rekluse. I'm really hoping I didn't buy a seized motor.
  6. jimi

    2005 TC 250 blown Motor

    Depends what happened in the motor. Mine would have needed bearings, crank, etc... Husky parts aren't cheap either. Early estimate was $2K, with no promise that would cover it. I think the best way to get money out of it if you can/want to deal with it, is part it out over time. People get good money for pieces on Ebay. I mean, a Husky clutch basket goes for $600 from the factory. People are more than willing to pay half that if you need one. Since you moved on, I won't suggest a rebuild. I know that a while back, someone was selling a complete rolling chassis minus engine for about $800. I don't know if he got that.
  7. jimi

    How do you sell a Husqvarna?

    Trick question. You can't sell a Husky, you have to give them away. Or what it feels like anyway. I'm in the same boat. After paying for a new TE250 (>$7000), putting (>$1000) into it, blowing it up, putting another $2000 into it, it's still not worth $2500. Yeah, price per hour/mile I have in it and on it makes me sick, but what can you do. I'll never buy another new dirtbike, that's for sure. If you do go through bikes, pay for a gently used KTM and you'll get a good chunk of it back. I sold my 450EXC in a matter of hours for 80% of what I paid.
  8. jimi

    Repairing oil check hole?

    I've had several previous bolts on the bike, including one of the engine cases that stripped before even torqued to the proper value. I consider the metal on the Huskies to be somewhat softer than anything else I've owned. Just my experience. I'll see if I can get a Time-Sert locally. I don't have the benefit of the well stocked hardware stores like I had back in California. Definitely not a benefit of living in the sticks.
  9. Yeah, I did it. After never opening it, and just measuring to ad oil, I made the mistake of thinking that just this one time, I'd open it. Of course, trying to put it back cross threaded the cheap ass cheese metal, and now it weeps. I was thinking some kind of insert, but it's so thin right there, does that work? Drill and just tap the metal and put in another bolt? Just JB Weld the bolt in place so that it's sealed and nobody will ever make the same mistake twice?
  10. jimi

    LHRB Comparison Video Clake Vs Rekluse Vs Thumb GP Tech

    I've used the Rekluse LHRB for a while now, but have missed having manual clutch support. That gives me a new idea for mounting to maintain both. Thanks. I know that GPTech has different levels of thumb brakes. Based on the lever on yours, it looks like the old original one. While they are talking about street bikes, they mention that it doesn't have the power to lock the rear brake. The higher end models do. Brembo still makes a high dollar thumb brake as well as far as I know. I looked into these a while back for street use, as I have a fused right ankle.
  11. After the engine swap of the blown 250 motor to a 450, I find myself wondering about exhausts. I see that the part numbers for the 250 and 450 are different for the silencer and mid pipe, but I don't know the exact differences. I'm assuming pipe diameter, since the splitter is also different. I've tried looking all over the place, and I can't find a stock 450 mid pipe and silencer, and a full system is $900+ which is obviously out of my budget by $600+. Any ideas what I can do here? I'm guessing that with the right jetting, I'm guessing the bike will run, but just be choked up. I haven't tried it yet to be honest. I'm just getting to where everything is swapped over. Just preparing for the next step.
  12. jimi

    car A/C repair in Santa Clarita - help

    I got mine done on a trip down to Mexico. The system had quit working in my Blazer. I had taken it to a local place that wanted to replace this and that. Took it somewhere else when in Mississippi. Same thing. If something was broken, replace the whole part. I was doing some riding down in Mexico, and had hauled down to the border. I crossed one night for fun, and got to talking to a guy. He convinced me to bring it over, and I sat there and watched the most low tech but thorough troubleshooting on the whole AC system. In the end, he was able to get it working by replacing no major part, just some minor valve/seal sort of thing. Recharged/oiled the whole thing, and it works great now. Cost me $80. Place near my house won't touch an AC system unless they're getting $400 out of you. I've few other things for these guys to work on next time I'm in the area.
  13. jimi

    Moving to CA with my KTM...

    It's a 4-stroke. I know how they are if you are buying a vehicle from out of state, but if you're moving there from out of state, with a vehicle registered in that state, thing they would be a PITA about it? Probably...it is DMV. I guess my other option is to just leave everything, my DL, car, KTM, all registered in TN. I know you're supposed to switch after 30 days or whatever, but there are so many out of state people there all the time, doesn't seem like there is any way to really know.
  14. jimi

    07 or 09 450 exc???

    Same boat. I've been looking for a 525 EXC for a while. Every one I find is owned by someone who never registered it, so I'd end up getting screwed on their taxes. Some don't even have a MSO with their name on it. Nothing. DMV here won't touch that. I know there are some dealers with 2007s in their showrooms, as I've found one. I know there must be more, but they are hard to ferret out. Can't call everyone. The one I found, they are willing to discount a little bit. It's a 4-yo bike and they still have a $8195 sticker on it.... It is hard to even know what a good price would be though. Certainly not more than I can get a 2010 530 for though (which is less than that).
  15. It's a 2003 EXC model, and has a TN plate, blinkers, head/tail lights, clean title. Mileage/hours unknown. I'm the third owner. Are they going to let it keep it's plate?