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  1. Jobistober

    crankcase breather box removal

    Your bike will puke oil if you do this. As ugly as it is, that box is there for a reason
  2. Jobistober

    I woke up to this....

    A real bike? So a DRZ doesn't have 2 wheels, and engine and handle bars? Guess I'll never understand the douche-baggery of some riders...
  3. Jobistober

    Nail collecting contest on the DRZ

    Funny thing is that I didn't even notice the nail until I swapped the SM wheels back on some time later...
  4. Jobistober

    Nail collecting contest on the DRZ

    I wanna play. Do I get extra points if I pick up a nail without puncturing the tire?
  5. Jobistober

    My experience with epic motorsports purchase

    Oh geez, you must be one of them Epic fanboys. Don't you know they're a terrible company because just a couple deliveries took too long? Sheesh! /sarcasm
  6. Jobistober

    Luggage Opinions

    I have the Wolfman E-12 bags and the Enduro Duffel and they are more than enough storage for a weekend trip. There are plenty of attachment points on the luggage as well to carry more gear, if needed. Highly recommend them and the price is very reasonable.
  7. Jobistober

    New girl on a DRZ-SM

    Welcome, welcome! Nice bike. Some tweaking and she'll be good to go. Don't forget about the DRZ FAQ at the top of the forum. Lots of good info and how-to's in there including oil changes and whatknot. Covers some of the more basic maintenance tasks without needing a manual.
  8. Jobistober

    My DRZ Build, Project "Money Eater"

    Loving the build, bro. Keep it coming!
  9. Jobistober

    new guy with a DR-Z 400 SM

    Welcome aboard, Mike. Clean looking SM. Keep the rubber side down
  10. Jobistober

    EpicMotoSports/SSW Radiator Set Review

    Dude, we get it. You don't like Epic. You're entitled to your opinion, but FYI your posts add nothing to these threads about Epic other than to name call and bash. Nut swinger? Really? People have different experiences with Epic. Get over it and stop turning these threads into pissing contests. This is the internet and people have the right to air their laundry. TT is a place where we help each other and so these threads are going to occur if someone feels they've been wronged (by Epic or otherwise). On the other hand, there are plenty of people that have opposite (positive) experiences, and they have the right to say so without someone insinuating they swing from Epic's nuts. Let's grow up and keep the environment helpful.
  11. Jobistober

    How do you listen to music while riding?

    Yes, I wear plugs, but only on long rides on my Harley. Sound attenuation is very different from distraction. It's important to protect your hearing, but let's face it: cagers are even more distracted every day. Do we really need to stack more odds against ourselves? I've ridden both my Z and Harley with music going and don't like how distracting it is. So whether I ride with ear plugs or not, no music. Not bashing those that do, I just don't like seeing or hearing about downed riders due to distracted cagers/riders, that's all.
  12. Jobistober

    How do you listen to music while riding?

    Why disadvantage yourself with yet another distraction when you're already the most vulnerable guy on the road?
  13. Jobistober

    Difference between SSW and Epic?

    SSW (Sisneros Speed Works) is Eddie's baby. Epic is Kevin's. Before Eddie was at Epic, his shop was across the street and part of OTD in Denver before it folded. I'm not sure of Eddie and Kevin's business relationship, but I'm certain they are separate entities.
  14. Jobistober

    Switching fuel to Reserve issue.

    Know the location of the petcock when you're riding and just flip it over to reserve when you feel the bike start to starve for fuel. Once it's on reserve it'll pep right back up, all without stopping. Flip back over to on when you fill up.
  15. Jobistober

    Water Crossing Anyone ?

    How did that bike not suck a ton of water?