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  1. Very nice find. Keep the radiator braces. They're the first thing I buy for a new bike along with a WC guide plate and hour meter.
  2. If you're used to a 450 it could just be the difference from the two. I know this from experience. It could also be the power valve not hooked up properly. I learned that the hard way on my kids 06.
  3. They did a really nice job with the retro look on that bike. I remember the Yamaha riders in 84 on production based equipment that had to line up against extremely high dollar works bikes from Honda. The fact that RJ was able to beat those bikes was testament to his increadible abilty. The red highlights on the yellow really stand out.
  4. Yes. I've found that they stay clean 2-3 times longer than my 2t.
  5. Since you can replace the crank seals while the engine is still in the frame the answer is yes.
  6. If that was my bike I'd pull off the cylinder and replace the ring, replace the coolant, spark plug, clutch plates, trans oil and a new air filter. Clean the carb and tank fill it with fresh fuel and you're golden: I know this takes time and money but I believe it's worthwhile. I know it's a Honda and it might even start with the ancient fuel but that won't be good long term.
  7. If you update the lower engine mounts you need the 15+ motor mount bolt that goes through the front of the motor. Update the shift stopper & spring from a 16 and while you're in there a 16+ impeller.
  8. I raced a 2009 for six seasons. Changed oil every 4-5 hours and was very regular with air filter maintenance. The valves never moved but at 132 hours I had the head reconditioned but it could have likely lasted much longer. I replaced the piston every 60 hours and had the bottom end replaced at 120. Never had a mechanical issue with the engine or transmission BUT I couldn't keep a clutch in it for more than about 25 hours. I was running a complete Hinson set up and burned through clutches regardless of what brand. That got old fast.
  9. The engine oil drain is at the bottom of the engine. The transmission oil drain is behind the shifter on the 09-12's.
  10. I would say the 2012/13 until the new one gets released. It has the single exhaust & spring forks. By that time the valve seat material was strong and the bike has EFI. If you want dual exhaust then the 2014 because it has spring forks too.
  11. It would help if Yamaha fielded a team of more than just one rider outdoors. JGR had opportunities but couldn't make it happen. I don't believe it's the bike either.
  12. PM sent
  13. If you're reaching out on a public forum for advice then you already know the answer. You have the forks/disc for your Yamaha so sell or even give that RM away before you spend a fortune on a bike that isn't worth fixing up.
  14. Since the part is on back order it makes me wonder if it's more common than you say.
  15. "Fighting a snake in a phone booth" you nailed it! Lining up the plastic retainer notch while holding the spring against the top with your left hand while feeding the cable in the slide with the other. Make sure you family isn't in the garage to hear what comes out of your mouth! Just getting the carb out is no picnic either. I got to the point where I remove the subframe every time I have to work on the carb so I have more room.