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  1. You forgot the photos
  2. I’m only estimating but I would say I get between 30-40 hours on my 2007 CR250 clutch’s. It depends on the terrain meaning that sand & mud will increase wear. I’m definitely a clutch abuser. It’s odd that oil would cause slippage unless it’s automotive oil with friction modifiers in it. Do both your 07’s have less than 20 hours from new? Let’s see some photos!
  3. That’s too much to pay for a 20 yr old bike.
  4. Neither of those bikes are going to set the world on fire 20 years after they were built. I’m not sure what you intend to use them for but they were made for mx and neither would be that great now unless you could get help from FMF and Pabst...seriously though you should try to get something newer with better parts availability.
  5. Good info so far. I’m curious about why the dealer isn’t doing this as it’s clearly a manufactures defect? If you’re stuck with the job buy a Honda service manual as they have the wiring diagrams and routing info. Unfortunately the diagrams aren’t in color. You might even want to video the disassembly so you can capture the work you did.
  6. No.
  7. It looks like a RT100. The color would indicate 96-97.
  8. The cylinders are available for the 02-04’s. If you’re looking for crank cases try ordering some from a dealer and see what happens.
  9. I still ride a two stroke a few times a year and they vibrate. I spend most of my time on a 450F and I’ve ridden most brands including a KXF and none of them had any noticeable vibration. Like with any bike a problem can develop over time and you might not notice it until it gets bad. I suggest you follow funkinalive’s advice regarding the engine bolts and then the crank.
  10. Right part number but wrong cylinder if the photo is what’s for sale. Unless I’m missing something that’s a one piece cylinder that would fit a 02-04.
  11. There are plenty of 02-04 cylinders currently available. The last gen have been on “back order” for well over a year. I’m hoping Honda won’t discontinue them. If anyone knows about a new 05-07 cylinder for sale please pm me.
  12. Yeah! That’s the truth. I’m 50 and I have to race 30 year old punks in one of my classes. I’m almost old enough to be their parent. Last summer I raced a series in the B class against kids as young as 15. That was painful.
  13. Did that with two last Gen CR250’s...forced me to buy my 2007 and it’s still here in my garage...where it belongs!
  14. PM sent
  15. Funny you mentioned that. My bike was running like a slug in the heat and now that it’s cooler it runs much better. I wish they weren’t so finicky.