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  1. Dklassen

    2 stroke cr 125 last year

    How many times has it been posted “If Honda would make another 2-stroke I’d buy It”. Well here’s a new 2007. Honda won’t make one another so here’s your chance.
  2. Dklassen

    1986 CR250 RESTO

    When it comes to 30 year old bikes it could be a number of things. By this time coatings could be worn off, bushings loose, seals bad, worn shims, you name it. It depends on if the oil was changed regularly and how much use or periods of sitting it has. You might get lucky and it would only need seals. 86 was the first year of cartridge forks and they have more parts. It’s really hard when you get deep into a project and the bills start piling up. You could drop a grand on suspension and just bolt it up and not worry about it or you could try and service them yourself. I do my own forks and have a local guy do my shocks. It’s not worth my time when he has the nitrogen tank and any seals required at the ready. The biggest hurdle is the age of the bike.
  3. Dklassen

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    This isn’t much of a play bike in my opinion
  4. Dklassen

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    This Suzuki rumor went around in the fall of 2016. At the time Suzuki retooled to produce an air cooled 125 2-stroke “farm” bike for some markets. If they wanted to start production of the RM’s it shouldn’t be that hard. They kept the line going in Europe well after they were dropped in North America. From my observations at local MX tracks the “current” old design YZ’s and new KTM/Husky 2ts are quite competitive with some riders. I’m sure a re-popped last gen RM would be the same. I’m not sure how much appetite Suzuki has for 2t production and of all the brands out there they have the most to lose because their old bikes might start outselling the new ones...
  5. Dklassen

    Rm 125 conversion kits

    Sorry to burst your RM 2-stroke bubble but that bike was built by Cernic’s in 2016 as a one off for Loretta’s.
  6. Dklassen

    oil full of gas

    Some Honda’s have been known to do this since EFI was introduced in 2009. It does have something to do with the injector. There are numerous threads on here so use the search feature. I haven’t heard of it on the current 17+ bike yet.
  7. Dklassen

    1995 CR250

    Unless that bike is super cheap it could cost a lot getting it back to running condition. Fork and shock rebuilds aren’t too expensive but that oil leak would be a concern. It could need the cases split and after 25 seasons since it left Japan it would be a good idea. At that point you should replace or rebuild the crank as well as replace the crank bearings and seals, etc. The total could add up quickly. What you should do is find a bike like Trashrider has and buy it.
  8. Dklassen

    The Ralph and Ricky carnival act...

    Quote of the year!
  9. Dklassen

    The Ralph and Ricky carnival act...

    Really?! What’s next? Do you want all the critics on here to line up on a real dirt bike and ride on a motocross track? That’s just nonsense! Besides where are they going to find a bike?
  10. Dklassen

    KTM a better fit for smaller riders?

    I doubt the Japanese 450’s are close to the KTM’s in 2019. They are 15+ pounds heavier stock and there is only so much weight you can shed especially with e-start and aluminum frames. Honda already has a titanium tank. Ti axles and bolts might drop a few pounds but not 15.
  11. Dklassen

    The Ralph and Ricky carnival act...

    Did anyone else catch Ralph and Ricky getting into it before the 250 main? I’m not sure what happened but they were talking about go carting against each other and Ricky said something about giving Ralph an ego smack down. Ralph fired back that Ricky might not be able to fit inside one any more. It was almost like they thought they were off air or something and then pulled it together before the gate dropped.
  12. Dklassen

    KTM a better fit for smaller riders?

    I suggest anyone could benefit from a lighter bike which the KTM’s are by a long shot. Just watching Webb on TV this season he sure looks smooth on it except when Musquin pretty much stopped in front of him. From what I’ve observed when Webb is on he doesn’t look like he’s going fast and that’s not good for the competition!
  13. Dklassen

    The problem with Motorcycles

    If it were only the bikes...once you establish a quiver it’s that many more brake pads, chains, sprockets, tires, oil etc. Then it’s gear. We have blue and red bikes in the garage and that means different colored gear sets for different bikes. I like having extra helmets and boots in case the weather gets bad. 12 pairs of goggles are the house minimum and they all require tearoffs. With one 2t left it requires it’s own fuel container and pre-mix oil...It’s not just the bikes!
  14. Dklassen

    Nissin Copy Brake Calipers

    I have yet to hear any positive feedback on chinese knock off parts so please report back once you get things set up.