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  1. If you’re comparing new to new and used in the same condition the YZ is a better bike. Yamaha’s have better build quality than most other brands. I’ve owned and raced all Japanese brands and a KTM over 30+ years so that’s based on experience not opinion.
  2. I’m not sure what a jubilee clip is but you could probably get a bracket fabricated to attach the silencer mount to the subframe. I’d want a solid mount between the two.
  3. I was joking about filling in the gap with cardboard.
  4. The 11+12 models had a longer silencer. The header, silencer and subframe are different part numbers. There would be a gap if you mounted the silencer in the existing bolt hole.
  5. My theory is that was made for the 09/10 model that has a shorter silencer. If you take a cardboard toilet paper roll and wrap it with heat resistant tape you might be able to fill in the gap...
  6. I suggest you run the 390 up to 90 degrees F then run the 380.
  7. At 110 degrees you should probably stay inside...seriously at that temp I’d use the 380. That’s hot!
  8. When my 20 year old son was in kindergarten I used to take him to school on the back of my ZX6 Ninja. He was the only kid with a backpack and a helmet. Anyway it caused most of the other moms in their minivans and SUV’s to have a fit when I dropped him off and picked him up. The other kids thought he was the coolest. After that he raced MX competitively until 2 years ago and still goes pretty fast when he rides. He’s had a few bumps and bruises along the way but nothing serious. I wouldn’t have raised him any other way. And if you’re wondering I’m still married to his mother...
  9. That’s a nice looking bike and with the Canadian dollar in the toilet I would think a US buyer could get a good deal. I still ride my CR and that generation of CRF so I’d like to try that one out. Monk you should buy it!
  10. Kran - PM sent.
  11. At the age of the bike, I'm just going to replace the needle valve and seat. Unfortunately it sits more than it's ridden and the needle valve has lost it's strength over time.
  12. Thanks. I’ll report back when I get it back together.
  13. I have a low hour 2007 CR250R that was leaking fuel from the overflow when the gas was turned on. I removed the carb and observed that the float needle was not holding the float up any longer. I also observed that there is a small divot in the tab of the float which isn’t helping matters. I ordered a new float valve, valve seat and float. Unfortunately the float is back ordered for a couple of weeks. I’m wondering if the divot is going to affect the float greatly provided the valve is working? Is there anything I can do in the interim to make this one work?
  14. This guy can make anything you want. The quality is exceptional.
  15. supercross

    Last night had the most collective, spectacular, crashes I can ever recall. The increase of guys flailing through the air like Reed outdoors in 2012 is concerning. Osborne’s could have been way worse for him and Forkner. Tomac saved himself from a huge one last night! I don’t want this to continue and be “part of the package” to sell tickets. At the rate things are going the herd is going to be quite thin by the last few rounds. It seems as long as Anderson stays on two wheels and let’s the carnage happen around him he’s got a lock on the title. He rode ultra smart in the last moto and collected the win and the money. I thought it was pretty telling by what Smith said post race about finding himself on the podium with a pair of sixth place finishes. It’s turned into quite the gong show.