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  1. This has been discussed previously and wired or not the meters show higher than the tuner.
  2. Rick Johnson making a comeback on a CR250 would appease me!
  3. Is it possible he’d suit up if Marv is out for a while?
  4. There are so many choices in just wheel sizes including: 27.5 vs 29, plus size (wide), fatty (wider), suspension: hard tail, xc, trail, all mountain, etc so there is nothing equivalent to a do it all bike for everyone. I suggest you check out a few local shops and find out what they sell the most of and prepare to spend some money. As was mentioned earlier anything decent is going to $3000 +.
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    Just picked this up. Has less than 10 hours ride time.
    Just picked this up. Has less than 10 hours ride time.
  6. What you get with the JD jet kit is their needles one for higher and one for lower altitudes. You get one pilot jet and 4 or 5 main jets. You also get some basic settings on an info sheet. They did the testing so you don’t have to. I put one in my 2007 before Christmas but I haven’t even fired it because the weather has been bad. I don’t believe the kit is over priced for what you get. I also believe the bike will run better than stock (it’s way too rich). Another thing to think about is the wear on the current needle as the bike is pushing 16 years old. I agree that you can jet it yourself if you have the time but from the 2003/2006/2007 I’ve owned they are a real PITA to get running crisply. That’s probably why I ride my EFI 450 most of the time.
  7. The idle is controlled by rotating the cold start knob. Counter clockwise to increase rpm, clockwise to reduce it.
  8. Did you replace the shift stopper & impeller?
  9. Those look trippy. I would need to see them on the bike to pass judgment however I’m not seeing a lot that I like now.
  10. When you are meticulous at upkeep it’s baffling to see how others are neglecting routine things out there. I have found a few gems though that were purchased and barely ridden. If the bike has the original tires with plenty of tread you probably have a winner. I have seen bikes with 20 hours that haven’t had an air filter or oil service that will be nothing but problems for the next owner. I have sold bikes with over 150 hours that have been maintained and should go 150 more. I find ads that are quite entertaining especially when the photos don’t reflect what’s printed. Some of my favourites are front brake hoses routed on the outside of forks, chains that are falling off worn sprockets, tires that are worn off, etc but the bike is “mint”. Sure. The other thing is spelling and punctuation in ads. If the seller comes across as an uneducated moron how on earth is the bike going to be any good?
  11. The 2014’s (450 & 250) had a shift stopper with a bearing that was known to let go. The part was updated. The bearings would get sucked through the top end with bad results. If you have a 2014 it’s imperative to replace it. The problem was worse on the 250. The shift stopper was updated twice so the 2016 part is the one to get. There was also a water pump problem with the impeller updated for 15. We have a 2016 with 45 hours on no problems so far.
  12. That’s in better shape than my 2012 Honda mower. Nicely done!
  13. You don’t see that every day, or any day really. I wondered where you got your user name from. Nice collection!
  14. If you're using an aftermarket bearing kit I believe the collars will only go on the outside of the seals. If it fits together with the wider side of the collar against the cushion/bearings then place it in first followed by the seal. Like I said earlier I have installed the seal first then the collar large side out and it works.