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  1. So when I look at the bikes side by side the brake assemblies look the same. After looking online at OEM parts diagrams they have different numbers. I wouldn’t start switching things up so you’re better off buying a new brake pedal from Honda or find a used one on eBay.
  2. Living in the PNW I don’t have that problem with heat but I don’t recommend you clean carbs indoors. Of course your wife will notice and then you’ll be in trouble!
  3. If the stock braking system is working properly you don’t need to upgrade. I suggest you rebuild the master cylinder, bleed the system and replace the pads. Try that first before you spend a bunch of money. I have a 07 250 and race a newer CRF 450. The rear brakes are equal in performance. One thing to note - I only use Honda brake pads. They have great feel.
  4. With that much material gone from the piston it’s time to split the cases too. Replace or rebuild the crank while you’re in there. Bottom end bearings & seals. I wouldn’t hesitate to have that cylinder re-chromed. You probably need a new cylinder head. Don’t cheap out on parts buy OEM if they’re available.
  5. These should spruce things up a bit:|Make%3AHonda&epid=171160346&hash=item36329feaee%3Ag%3AUo8AAOSwNhpbA6L2&_pgn=2&_sacat=0&_nkw=honda+crf+backgrounds+2006&_from=R40&rt=nc
  6. A 15 year old bike that’s been out of production since 2007 wouldn’t be my first choice.
  7. I use a cable running through my truck receiver with a big pad lock. Sometimes 2 cables just to slow things down. I strap an ugly big blue tarp over the bikes so it looks like I’m covering furniture. I back up to a wall close to the hotel entrance. The system has worked for years.
  8. PM sent
  9. ^this. I don’t believe you’re ever going to get those completely free of the shadowing. I’d pop for a set of new plates or at least a set of backgrounds.
  10. Yes he did finish the moto. I’m convinced he was knocked out for a few seconds. He wasn’t the same that season after the crash.
  11. In this case not so fresh blood, after the chadapult second time blood?
  12. Well that’s odd. I just checked mine and the number is 33D-859C1-00. It works fine on both the 450 & 250 we own. 2014 450, 2016 250
  13. Justin Brayton’s 2018 bike ran a kick starter. The team had to run the 2017 wiring loom along with the side case and internals to make it work. I’m not sure it’s worth it.
  14. A picture might help narrowing it down.
  15. While you don't find those around often. It looks to have the OEM sprocket and virtually no wear on the frame or exhaust. The wild card is that it doesn’t start. If you’re really into that year or a Honda fan it’s not going to get better than that. I suggest you act quickly or someone else will.