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  1. RichFZR-WR

    Faaaasst chick.

    Riding a Yamaha no less!
  2. RichFZR-WR

    Puddles, Bails and Trails Colorado

    Looks a great place to ride. Couple of loop outs caught on camera, nice!
  3. RichFZR-WR

    WR426F 2001 questions..

    The rule is if its fitted its got to work, so no indicators on bike, no problem. You do need a horn, stop and tail, working from both wheels, full size number plate and reflector. You don't need a working speedo to get an mot. (I haven't) Day time mot = number board up front, stop and tail, horn. If you've got a headlight but it doesn't work put tape over it, this is also acceptable, crazy but true. Full mot = headlight with high/low beam, stop and tail, horn. The electrics on these bikes are really as simple as they get, the wiring diagram in the manual will show you the way. Think if you look in the stickies at the top of the page there is one you can download. Buy the sounds of it you probably need to clean all your electric contacts. Spark plug CR8E. A cracking bike, enjoy, just don't dump it too often cause this is when they like to play silly buggers with you.
  4. RichFZR-WR

    AP shaft seal on WR426.

    Cheers Guys, thanks for the feed back.
  5. RichFZR-WR

    AP shaft seal on WR426.

    Hi guys, I'm having problems keeping water out of the AP chamber. Basically Its been such a wet winter here that the standing water is so much that I can't keep the water out of the carb. I started out on sunday fine but after 3 hours and alot of puddles, it started coughing and spluttering and back firing. Then it wouldn't idel or start. Stripped the carb, cleaned it. Went into my dealer, who told me about there being no seal ontop of the AP shaft, which on very wet rides allows water down into the chamber, screwing up carb. (This problem is adressed on the 450). He surgested taking the shaft out and applying some silicone sealeant to the shaft, just enough so it seals but slides on twisting the throttle. Has anybody else come across this or found a way to keep dirt and water out of the AP chamber? Cheers, Rich.
  6. RichFZR-WR

    wet muddy rockfest

    Keep the wheels spinning and always dirty. This proves to me that I've still got around 30 more years riding in me.
  7. Your looking at around £600-£800 easy to fix. If your lucky enough to source another engine its probably gonna need a rebuild anyway, unless its been rebuilt with receipts to prove. If you've got the money rebuild it at least you know its got a fresh engine, other wise you may have to cut your loses. Been there last year when mine dropped a piston ring, scored the bore and sent shards of metal all through the engine. Yamaha piston kit. £185 Conrod kit £80 Main bearings £75 Cylinder work £170 Seal kit £45 Cam chain £50 Crank? It adds up pretty quickly into £. Good luck with what you have ahead, I hope you can sort it out.
  8. Cheers for the invite, Keep that in mind for when i can sort the guys out and get over there.
  9. Devon lanes look very similar to Dorset lanes. I gotta get out more this year. looked like a very typical days greenlaning
  10. RichFZR-WR

    Football (soccer) VS Motocross

    Football's for &%$#@!, Motorcross is for men.
  11. RichFZR-WR

    FCR Carb fine tuning - starting help - WR400

    Same deal in the UK, parts cheaper from the states than at my local Yamaha dealer.
  12. RichFZR-WR

    99 wr400 Engine VIN location?

    The engine number is located around the kicker, its on the back side, on the top, you'll have to move kicker out to get a better view. I would post a pic but my engines in for a 446cc big bore kit and the frames being powder coated so all I got is aload of bits.
  13. RichFZR-WR

    Ouch.... Overshot it a little.

    If your gonna be stupid you better be tuff, springs to mind.
  14. RichFZR-WR

    WR426 graphics?

    GraphicMX have lots of choice for the 426.
  15. RichFZR-WR

    New WR400 owner, new to TT

    Welcome, looks a very tidy example of a 400. Makes my my 426 look like an old dog.....which it is at present. Great bike, enjoy.