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  1. Just thought of something, can you tell if the piston is cast or forged? If it's cast then I would toss it out, forged then use it. A forged piston will not shatter. A cast one will turn into confetti.
  2. http://www.niterider.com/ These helmet lights are awesome. Perfect compliment for a stock lighting system.
  3. Reuse the piston but get new rings.
  4. HodieRacer37

    76 rm125 wont idle or run with out choke.

    Glad you got it going, just had to take the chance to say "I told you so". Ride on! Whipped myself up one of these the other day. Thanks a million for posting yours, will come in handy a thousand times over.
  5. HodieRacer37

    76 rm125 wont idle or run with out choke.

    You have a clogged pilot jet, simple as that.
  6. HodieRacer37

    v6 vs v8 1/2 mpg real world

    I drove one of these for work for about 6 months and calculated every tank (I'm anal about that) best I ever saw with a 50/50 hwy city was 17 mpg but average 16mpg on most fillups. Glad I didn't own the thing.
  7. HodieRacer37

    v6 vs v8 1/2 mpg real world

    Used to have an 07 E150 and averaged about 14mpg, less then a year and I was over it and sold.
  8. HodieRacer37

    Freestone Wall

    Bagget has balls that clank!!
  9. HodieRacer37

    Ethanol treatments

    Star Tron. I use it in everything. I've tried all that crap and it is the only one that works. It makes my truck get better MPG also.
  10. HodieRacer37

    '75 MX 125 VS. '75 YZ 125

    Yeah 36 would be way to much. It would be fun to try those 85 carbs with stock porting just to see what happens, just make sure they are jetted rich enough so you don't melt down. I wouldn't go any bigger then 32.
  11. HodieRacer37

    '75 MX 125 VS. '75 YZ 125

    If you can find a used CDI unit from the YZ to lighten up the fly wheel, do some minor port work and add a bigger carb that little MX will scream.
  12. HodieRacer37

    '75 MX 125 VS. '75 YZ 125

    I also believe your 75 MX has the same porting as a 74 YZ but a smaller carb. The 76 is a completley different engine.
  13. HodieRacer37

    '75 MX 125 VS. '75 YZ 125

    Yamaha did not make a YZ125 in 75, they skipped from 74 to 76.
  14. HodieRacer37

    Piston rebuild sizing.

    Well of course the piston is going to be a few hundreths of a mm smaller then a cylinder with a 48mm bore. The piston you linked is the correct size for your stock bore.
  15. HodieRacer37

    Anyone ever have one of these Yamaha's

    Wow! You don't see those everyday. Beautiful work!