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  1. HumboldtMoto707

    What effort will Yamaha have 2012 ?

    And whoever wrote this is retarded. "Unless Mitch can write big checks, he won't attract the big name racers." If You don't think that Mitch or Pro Circuit or whoever is forking out the money for Hansen100, Tickle, Baggett, Rattray, and Dean Wilson, isn't good money or they arent top name/shelf riders you are very uneducated about what you think you know youre talking.
  2. HumboldtMoto707

    What effort will Yamaha have 2012 ?

    This is a bunch of BS, Mitch Payton would never have Stewart Ride for him, and I don't believe Stewart would ever ride for Mitch.
  3. HumboldtMoto707

    Josh Grant

    I think that Grant is ok, BUT KARMA'S A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. HumboldtMoto707

    Best Races

    That's too hard there has been soo many historically, as well as current. One that came to mind for whatever reason was 2yrs ago at Washougal when Reed got 1st, Lawrence 2nd, and I believe Grant took 3rd, THIS WAS ONLY THE SECOND MOTO, NOT THE OVER-ALL. I am not completely sure how the podium went, but I do know that Lawrence worked very hard and earned 3rd on the podium. Let the smack and trash talk start flyin...
  5. HumboldtMoto707

    new crazy rmz 450 !!!!

    Thats a beautiful ride, the only things I can think of are a clutch cover and matching blue anodized upper and lower clamps (even tho I can tell those are polished quite nicely) and maybe a couple trick parts like a hammer head rear brake kit and maybe a pro circuit water pump or some kinda hi flow H2o pump. Beautiful bike man!!!
  6. HumboldtMoto707

    Pourcel and Mackenzie back to World Championship

    He did get a spanking here lol:lol:
  7. HumboldtMoto707

    stewart update

    such a idiot
  8. HumboldtMoto707


    It is already apparent that he needs 2 step it up to a 450, I don't think it would be smart, although I'm sure it will go on at least that long.(It shouldn't though)
  9. HumboldtMoto707

    Alessis badly managed career

    Ouch!!!! I thought fosho this thread would/will banned and you get a warnining or something, at least I've said things somewhat along the lines with what you said and gotten in trouble, although I somewhat agree with you.
  10. HumboldtMoto707

    Stewart to Suzuki talk - Actual Source

  11. HumboldtMoto707

    Is it Just me

    CR22 has turned into quite a respectable man, but hes always been a great rider, but now he knows how to act, making a lot of people fans...
  12. HumboldtMoto707

    Alessi Down and.... out?

    hopefully he will try to make free stone regardless of what the doc says
  13. HumboldtMoto707

    What happen to Hansen #100??

    He only races sx, you should know that and I am pretty sure he has to race the 450's this coming sx season.
  14. HumboldtMoto707

    Info on Stewarts big changes, you heard it here first

    Well that wouldn't be any different from what he's been doing. The Yamaha 450 is a p.o.s. I don't think that there are any pro that likes it, I am sure there are a few circumstances and exceptions but not many. I believe a switch would benefit him, although it wouldn't be doing him much good to be wasting his time to test on outdated models when the 2012's are getting ready to be released, so in a sense he would be taking a step forward then 2 steps back. His glory days are over and there isn't much he can do about it, with new talent in the field and him not getting any younger, he's trying to get back on track, but I believe he's just spinning his wheels... Poor Stewie:cry: