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  1. SherpaHead

    2018 KLR650 - Blank Slate

    Thanks for the replies. Dealer has seen it. (That's where I bought it at...) Been a LONG time since bought anything brand new that actually had 0 miles on it, so I went a bit crazy and wasted the extra cash for full warranty plan etc etc. Yesterday I just did a quick check on it to make sure they had at least put oil and brake fluids in the thing and took a short 16 mile warmup ride. Zero issues. As time and the weather permit here, I will give it a very good examination. Check all fasteners/fluids etc. And do a lightly over-kill lube/grease job. Re: Tires. Intending on just running the stock rubber until they run into slicks. The plan for this KLR650 is to keep it at 90-95% + street use. Will try to keep it in near mint-condition with nothing but light riding around town and maybe a very short 'tour' ride if I get feeling more energetic this spring and decide to take a short trip somewhere.. (Got a nice pair of old KL250's ready to go if I decide to do any winter conditions or trails locally this winter....) I do have a brand new KLR650 Tail bag sitting here, and will be tossing that on the thing. That and a hand/wind-guard set I have sitting in a box here somewhere will be going on it soon. But no other mods/adjustment are planned for it yet. Is there any need to put a center-stand on one of these things? Or would it just add weight/bulk for no good reason? Stock unit seems pretty sturdy.....
  2. SherpaHead

    2018 KLR650 - Blank Slate

    Well I made an impulse buy yesterday and now have bone stock 2018 KLR650 with zero miles on it sitting my garage. Current plan is to run it 800-1000 miles at first without doing any sort of mods or adjustments to it. Give it time for a nice break-in period and make sure any mods I decide to try later are worth the trouble etc. Thought I would check with you experts, just to see if there are any basic free or almost free tweaks you would do to the thing right away before even using it. Thanks
  3. SherpaHead

    KLX 650C, need a jet needle!

    There is a very low chance might have something like that in my carb parts box. (One of my bikes is a 93 KLX650C1) In the unlikely event I actually have one and can find it, I will send a PM.
  4. SherpaHead


    And your neighbors wife.
  5. SherpaHead

    Central Illinois Riders

    It is sad in Central Illinois these days. Since my truck died and every trail near Peoria has been shut down, I just dodge traffic on my street-mostly DS bikes. My woods bike just sits.....
  6. SherpaHead


    Although I have only looked at the KLX250, I have had 2 2000 Sherpas for 12 years now. One setup for street riding, the other for woods. You can improve the Sherpa's suspension a bit for woods riding. I put Progressive fork springs in, and had the rear shock rebuilt. Which did improve handling in the woods quite a bit, although the travel is still limited. If you are planing on doing a lot of jumping, I would get something else. In addition to the height difference, I believe the Sherpa has a tighter turning radius.... Put knobbies on a Sherpa, and it will climb most anything. If I had an Aprilia for the street already, I would snag the Sherpa, and get it setup for woods-mostly. But I am biased. If you put some 90-95% street tires on the Sherpa, bump the CS sprocket up 1 tooth, it can be big fun on the street as long as you ain't hitting lots of interstates.
  7. It keeps running great. Had it out last fall a few times. Needs some new fuel line and perhaps a battery atm, but I expect to get it fired up in a month or 2 for riding this summer. Not in a big hurry as I ride my 250 more anyway. It gets twice the mpg. You can probably track down a schematic for that carb somewhere online or get yourself a service manual, which I highly recommend anyway. Some Hardley Ableson Sportster models use that same Keihn CVK40 carb. If you can't track down jets or other carb parts, you can probably find them at the local harley shop. Don't tell them what bike you have, just what carb.
  8. I snagged a 93 KLX650 back in 2003, that was having very similar issues. Check both the mixture screw and idle adjuster, and make sure they both have all the tiny o-rings and washers they are supposed to. In my case, a fifty cent o-ring fixed the bikes problems.
  9. SherpaHead

    spark issue 96 klx 650

    I also highly recommend joining that Yahoo KLX group. Been a few years since I was active on it, but there are people there that will answer your question quick if they are still on it. On second thought, your best option at this point is to sell me that wreck for $200. I get a parts bike, you make $50. Everybody wins.
  10. Not sure exactly what could cause those symptoms. Haven't experienced the same with either of mine. Almost sounds like it is still running a bit lean. Have you replaced or cleaned the air filter? Is there a fuel filter in the fuel lines ? Might replace that if so. If that's not it, I would probably try a new plug wire just to rule that out as a problem. Valves would probably be what I would check next if none of the above fixes the issue.
  11. Well, I put barkbusters on both of them. And of course replaced those low front fenders with high ones. One of them is also setup as a woods machine with MT21 DOT knobbies, and a heavier Devol skidguard and disc brake guards. It also has a tiny little barely legal rear view mirror on it. The other is setup for street mostly. Run MT90 tires on it, and added a small luggage rack that is just barely large enough to attach a KLR650 tailbag on. Also installed a set of black plastics and painted the seat black on that one. I also went to a 15 tooth front sprocket on that one, which is nice on the street. Ran a custom oil-cooler on that one for a while also. May put it back on in the summer if things get really hot. May have done a few other things also, but it has been so long they are not popping into my head now. Look in the photos section at that yahoo group for CaptainInsane357's bikes. Been a few years since I have even been on that site, but the pictures were still all there last time I checked. I sort of stopped posting there after I got all the mods done, which was a few years back. They may still have me listed as a moderator or group owner....
  12. Shrubitup is giving you the exact correct advice. Rejet and a few other simple mods were the 1st thing I did to my Sherpas when I got them. If you are on Yahoo, search the Groups section. There is a SuperSherpa group on there with a huge amount of info on these great bikes.
  13. You could try this. It worked for me a few years back when when I bought a 03 wr250f and wanted it plated here in Illinois. First I popped on a brake light switch, el cheapo DS mirror, little horn, some DOT rated knobbies. Bare min to be legal here. Went down to the DMV to get the registration switched, and told the gal at the counter: "I think this 'off-road only' part is a misprint. It has lights etc. I just rode it over here." She said "OK" and gives me tags and a new title without that pesky 'off-road only' crap on it. Maybe I got lucky that day, but I would still try it again if the situation came up. Never should have sold that bike....
  14. SherpaHead

    What dual sport to get ? Small rider

    If you can find a KL250 SuperSherpa, that would be perfect for somebody your size. Pretty sure it sits lower than most of the others mentioned above, and am 100% sure the seat is more comfy. I am tall and skinny, (Can flatfoot my klx650), but the little sherpa will pull me up any hill I have pointed it at if I ride it right. Toss some real knobbies and some barkbusters or brushguards on it, and it will go damn near anywhere. Stock suspension is a bit weak, but if you put some progressive fork springs in there, and perhaps get the shock rebuilt, it will do very well for woods/trails. It was a 49 state bike, so if you are in Cali you should check in nearby states, if you can find one. I have 2, and they are not for sale....