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  1. As a taller rider, Bar risers are always the first thing for me, then suspension work to suit me. Not much else needed really, riding a new KTM for MX
  2. db330

    What is this footpeg?

    It's a fastway peg, the extra piece is meant to be a stopper for your foot to prevent over extension of the ankle on hard landings. Never tried them, but I do run the standard fastway pegs.
  3. Hi Dano, I may be able to assist in the MX scene. I've just moved to Sydney and trying to get setup racing/riding here myself. I dont have a bike yet, but kinda fresh of the boat and not starting my grown up job til next week so will have one soon hopefully. Also there is a company here that rents out MX bikes + Gear at a motocross track near Sydney, The company is called MX Experience Motocross Hire. Hopefully closer to your trip I can be of more help to you.
  4. db330

    Best bar bend for tall riders???

    I'm in between 6'2 & 6'3 so pretty similar. I fitted 30mm risers and lower/further back pegs. I moved the bars as far forward as I could on the clamps and was the best mod I've made. Still use stock bars.
  5. db330

    Cheap eBay wheel set?

    I actually have 2 sets of the ebay wheels, 1 set only has 25hrs the other is 60hrs plus. I compared the tusk and other brands before buying these. The tusk hub looked identical to the Chinese ones so I took it that these came off the same assembly line. So far quality has been perfect, few loose spokes but nothing out of the ordinary. I'll post comparison pic shortly of my hub with a Tusk one. But the main question, is would I buy them again, and Yeah I would, used to run Talon and Excel before but really happy with these.
  6. Just going back to the Boots or Knee Braces discussion. I would highly recommend going for Knee Braces over boots. Nobody thinks they need braces until something happens, and then they wish they had since the start. I won't ride my bike without my braces at all now. You already have boots that work, you currently don't have braces. Why not get the braces first and then if you wish/need to upgrade the boots later. I've broken my ankle riding and also had 3 knee injuries, surgery on all accidents excluding one. I wish I got braces instead of the Tech 10s (which I still broke my ankle in and needed pins)
  7. db330

    radiator sleeves

    You can us womens tights, you have to change ever day out pretty much, but cheap af ­čśü
  8. db330

    goggle type

    I've never used or seen anyone us the snap to the side one. I wouldn't mind trying it, but I'm happy with the regular strap type and don't see a need to change
  9. db330

    Show Your SX-F!

    Here's one of mine, have another 250f just not pictured
  10. db330

    best tire for sand/soft dirt?

    The MX11 is really only suitable for proper sand tracks. I run MX11 on the front and rear and its great on sand and they look great, but not something that is good at all on any sort of hard surface (Plus it wears way to quick on a slightly hard track) I run the MX52 on other surfaces, but they still do okay in the sand when sharp.
  11. db330

    vinyl wraping wheels?

    Seeing as it can be somewhat easily removed, it could be worth a try.
  12. db330

    White Mx Gear?

    It all depends on the mother or wife washing skills, If I still lived at home i'd be happy enough to have white gear, but being kinda a grown up now and having to do my own washing, I'll definitely avoid light colours until someone else washes nmine.
  13. db330

    Knee Braces & Shredded Pants

    You need something like those in the link. I only had one of them on my braces, and the side that has it is fine while there is a huge hole on the other side where it wasn't fitted. Also make sure you don't dry the leather out when washing. https://www.ctikneebraces.co.uk/spares-accessories/cti-custom-spares-previous-version/cti-custom-gear-guard-kit-previous-version.html
  14. ah nice one, I from Dublin so not overly far. But like most Irish I'm living abroad at the minute, I live in the Netherlands now and plan on doing a stint in Australia the end of the year.
  15. I'm an mechanical engineer install contractor. left college at 22 now 26, the pay is good but it's hard work. If I was doing it again I think I would go down the medicine line or skilled trade.