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  1. CRFrider-northIdaho

    2002 XR100r carb issue

    It is the fuel needle. They have a rubber gasket around them which makes it hang up. Thank our new fuel standards. The blame can be directly pointed at the Ethanol in our fuel. Buy a new needle and install before you start adjusting the floats. Best of luck to you. It happened to me and the fix cost $5.
  2. CRFrider-northIdaho

    St Joe -Big Creek -Avery

    You have a long time to wait. There is a lot of snow out there still. At 3,800' you will find drifts that are several feet deep. If you ever want someone to ride with shoot me a PM.
  3. CRFrider-northIdaho

    big willow closed

    Ride it anyway. It is our public land not sole ownership of some biologist idiot at the BLM. I have had enugh of the closures 1,000's of miles and now I will ride where I please. The fine is just the cost of riding if they can even come close to catching me. F the BLM and Forest service for their lack of comon sense. They sure don't have a problem when it comes time to sell our timber to the highest bidder. Lets compare logging to single track dirtbike trails and see what the results are.
  4. CRFrider-northIdaho

    XR200 will not start?

    I agree it is your carb. Pull the pilot jet out and see if you can see through it. If not clear it or just buy a new one for $5. And the small amount of fuel in the spark plug hole is a great trick fo diognosis. Good lusk to you.
  5. CRFrider-northIdaho

    Bent throttle spring into carb

    You did not bend it. The slide that goes into the cab has a slot that allows it to slide down and if you do not line it up the carb slide will stay up making the hold full throttle. Take it out and look at it. I have done the exact same thing. Let us know what you find. Good luck.
  6. CRFrider-northIdaho

    New xr200

    If it wont idle you need to clean-replace the pilot jet.
  7. CRFrider-northIdaho

    81 XR 200R sticky throttle

    It is the Pilot jet. She is clogged. Do a search and you will find people that had the same problem. Either take the jet out and blow her clean with compressed air or just start fresh with a new one for $5. I had the exact same issue. My bike 02 xr 200 would start up fine but when I would give her any gas at all it would hold a high idle until I adjusted the idle screw then it would die. Good luck to you and good riding.
  8. CRFrider-northIdaho

    Gearing up for the 450X Fan Install

    Is the fan waterproof? Nice job it looks good.
  9. CRFrider-northIdaho

    XR 100 idle

    The wire is a great thing to use. Copper wire will not scratch brass. Glad she is running good for you now. Does it have decel pop when you are riding. Get up to high rpms in a gear and let off the throttle and coast IE pop or not. If it does go a little bigger on the main if not she is good. Don't change the pilot size.
  10. CRFrider-northIdaho

    XR 100 idle

    Replace your pilot jet first. I can't tell you how many times I have seen this same exact symptom here and on my bikes. Your pilot jetis cloged and is the cause of your idle being erratic. Tell us what the fix was when you get it fixed. I'll bet money i'm right.
  11. CRFrider-northIdaho

    1985 XR200R Carb Question

    One thing could be your valves. Have you ever checked them? A hard starting bike especially when its cold is an indication the valves out of spec.
  12. CRFrider-northIdaho

    Raise Funds For NOVA FUND Lawsuit

    It will be oral, but not the way you invision. They are going to stick it to the ORV comunity. It is because Washington State residents keeps voting these people in. Hopefully someday the people will become wise to what is happening.
  13. CRFrider-northIdaho

    What happened with Galbraith?

    Washington has gone the way of California. What a shame. I am reminded every day why I do not live there. Go GREGWHORE!!!!
  14. CRFrider-northIdaho

    Crf450x Horsepower ???

    If you ever end up in the area shoot me a PM. I also have a 06 450x. If you are going to be riding 2500-5500ft you could mirror what I did to my bike for around $5. I have the top of the airbox cut open, pulled the baffle out of the exaust. You will need a allen wrench and some persistance trying to pull it out if it has not been removed previously. I took a 1/2" steel rod and cut a notch in the end then slid it into the baffle to where the notch hooked up, hooked vise grips to the end and started tapping them with a hammer to remove it. As for the valves, removing the baffle will not affect them at all as long as you keep your bike jetted properly. With the airbox open and baffle gone you can spend the cash and get the JD jet kit, or you can just go buy a new main jet for around $5. I had a 148 main in the bike and repaced it with a 165 after the two mods. My air screw is out 2 turns. The needle clip position I believe is in the middle notch area. If you do these almost free changes you will have woken the beast up inside your bike. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It took me many to get where I am and I don't mind helping someone out.
  15. CRFrider-northIdaho

    Crf450x Horsepower ???

    What made the biggest difference was un-corking the exaust, opening the airbox and re-jetting. Total cost was $6.00 This makes a very noticable difference.