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  1. 68victor

    What Year RM250 is this?

    What is the 10th digit on the vin? That's the year. A "V" is a 97, "W" for 98 and so on until 2000 then it's a 0.
  2. 68victor

    Suzuki RM 250 - What year ?

    Modern Vin numbers are all 17 digits long. The tenth place is the year indicator. This vin has way too many digits to be correct, most likely stolen. Good move to walk away.
  3. 68victor

    2008 crf450r top end rebuild questions

    When I've done the valve shims I would work with just the cylinder head on a flat surface. I would snug the cam in place and check the valve clearance and make adjustments until they were in spec then I would remove the cam again. I would mark each shim and where it goes dur final assembly. A lot easier than dealing with the motor as a whole.
  4. 68victor

    Something’s not right.....

    In the early 2000's Suzuki and Kawasaki had a "merger" of their off road lineup. They did a joint 250f and also shared their small bikes. Suzuki got a 110 and Kawasaki got a 4t 125. The agreement only lasted a couple years.
  5. 68victor

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    Also the motor size is stamped at the base of the cylinder. XR200 is stamped with 193cc and the 250 I believe is 247cc.
  6. 68victor

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    I researched the difference between the 84-85 XR 200 and 250 and I remember the only real difference is the cylinder bore. They utilized the same suspension, frame, plastics and wheels. Of course carb jetting is also different. This suspension was the same on the XR200 all the way until Honda decided to lower them after 1992 or 1993. So if you wanting to use the front forks you will need the rear shock as well. The 84/85 rear shock has a remote reservoir that clamps to the frame while your 2002 does not.
  7. 68victor

    What is this bike? Pic

    I'm restoring a 1974 MX260A myself. Fixed up the '74 MX250 are worth $500 to $1000 with restored versions getting close to $1500. The motor is very differnt from the YZ250. The MX has a counterbalanced motor with oil injection. They do share the same piston. Parts luckily are more availble than the YZ. Hope this helps.