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  1. The recluse is NOT a slipper clutch. A recluse will act like the clutch is fully pulled in at rpm's around idle (adjustable). This behaviour could be dangerous if you are backing the bike in in a gear to high. Casual riding it should be fine, but agressive riding I would say go back to the stock clutch pack.
  2. PowerFiend

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    From what I understand of the Vortex ECU it is always on Map 1, unless you have a multi-map switch. The control on the back only sets the Map 2. Which maps are used for the TC and Launch control when using the factory KTM map switch? Looking at the maps, the #3 Traction map would seem to be the one associated with TC, and map #0 (10) with the Launch control. Anyone know for sure?
  3. Diameter, thanks. Length doesn't factor in. The leverage ratio is basically the bore of the master to the bore of the slave. Think of it like counter shaft sprocket to rear sprocket. By moving the lever a set distance and thus the column of oil behind the master cylinder piston a larger slave piston would move less and thus be easier at the lever, but would require the lever to be moved further to disengage the clutch the same. And opposite a smaller slave piston would be harder at the lever, but would require less lever movement for the same clutch disengagement.
  4. With the ultra small hole in the factory removable fuel filter, I find it hard to believe that any other area is more restrictive.
  5. Can you please measure the slave cylinder piston sizes if you are ordering the Brembo part, so that we can compare if there will be a difference in the hydraulic ratio between the two. Please post the response in the following thread to keep the details together and searchable for the future: Thanks.
  6. Brake fluid was probably used to save cost, since our motors and bikes are being built alongside the KTMs. It will be interesting what problems creep up on the 2018s, since they are going to Magura brakes...
  7. I figured from the get go that stock gearing would be to tall even for desert, so I ordered a 49 as a good compromise in the Supersprox Husky Blue. The stock chain length of 114 links wasn't long enough for me to go to 14/49. With the longer 116 link chain I bought I should have enough length to run 48, 49, 50, and maaaaybe 51. I tried the new chain at 118 length (120 uncut) with the 14/49, but it was not usable due to being to long for the swingarm adjustment range.
  8. Anyone email All Balls, since they look to be listing the Brembo parts as replacement for the Magura slave? Maybe they can come up with a replacement seal?
  9. I would expect the brake fluid to either harden or soften the rubber if it is not compatible. Tearing like that I would suspect hardened or mis-assembled.
  10. PowerFiend

    2017 FX 450 melting side panel

    Does the stock FX head pipe have a welded on bracket with a round rubber piece under the side panel like the FE's? If yes, very carefully bend it out to give your side panel a little extra clearance. And did they re-map your bike for the FMF? It may be a bit lean causing it to run hot.
  11. I don't understand your English???
  12. I believe we can use any of the FC/SXF 450 exhausts, but there may be clearance issues with the head pipe and the cases at the FE kickstart area. If just the muffler then as long as it fits with a stock head pipe it should work also. The FMF SXF, FC, and FE mufflers show the same part number on RM. But with any, you are on your own for tuning them with a locked down stock ECU, since they will most likely run lean. Most probably aren't touching it due to liability.
  13. Cheapest/simplest($240): JD jetting has an add on box with 3 ranges(hi,mid,low throttle) of fuel trim. No map switch option. Good for the guy's that can adjust carbs, and want cheap and simple. JD seems to have some base settings for both slipon/opened stock muffler and airboot mods. Middle cost(street price $299, add-on autotune $220): PC-V is an add on and has fully user adjustable fuel maps with the ability to add a dual map switch and an autotune add on part. Autotune can self tune the bike based on an O2 sensor to the air fuel ratio you map out. This autotune map can then become your base map. Once tuned you can remove the Autotune box and sensor. Kind of a self dyno tune. Currently I don't see that it has any ignition timing option, so not for those wanting to use the factory map switch. Could be overwhelming to a novice FI tuner unless you use a canned map or have it dyno tuned. Negative is the current canned maps don't seem to be available with the airboot mods, so requires some tuning. Still a good option and would probably be a great add on for those with the euro tuned ECU. Most expensive($699): Vortex is a ECU replacement that has fully adjustable everything (By a Vortex tuning shop or software). It does have basic tuning options on the back of the ECU for (hi,mid,low throttle) fuel trim and secondary map selection. The software to tune the ECU is as much as the ECU, so out of most peoples budget as is the understanding of properly tuning it. It does have multiple maps available within the box(10 map slots) which can be attached to a toggle switch or better yet the factory map/tc switch. You still have to wire in the factory switch from what I can tell. The canned maps have some good options, but based on their descriptions I need to clarify how some of the maps would be used and if they tie into the factory switches use. If you were not able to get the euro tune, and want the factory map switch setup with tunability this is your option. GET should also have 2 ECU options available($599 & $899 BTO price). One with a basic fuel and timing advance map tuning via a free phone app, and one fully adjustable like the vortex without all the pre canned maps of the vortex. The second option would be a total tuner option, where you build all the maps and they just supply a single stock base map. On the plus it looks like their tuning software is free. KTM factory I believe is running the GET and Husky the Vortex.
  14. It looks just like my stock one, so no exernal differences. Did you happen to get a new part number for reference. KTM has used magura off and on for years without issue, but were they always mineral oil? Maybe they didn't source the correct rubber for the brake fluid?
  15. This is a brembo replacement, we have the magura parts.