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  1. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    Tested well yesterday. Learning to appreciate what this bike is good at. I need to learn, increase skills to utilize those bike strengths. Really like the bike and did good on the build to get it to this point. Tons of info came from hours with the TT search function. Thanks to all those that contribute to this forum...
  2. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    I'll get a good long test session in tommorrow. Want to work with the jetting and suspension some more. Feels like I need to drop the forks a couple mm to try and get it to turn a little better as the front likes to wash a bit (although at the last gp many were complaining of the same). Still a little rich off idle through mid. Trial and error.....but getting better
  3. I've always had great luck and quick shipping with rocky mountain mc/atv. Just place the 07 125 in the filter and it will list all the bike specific parts. I've honestly had real good luck with thier house brand (tusk/primary drive). Just get a primary drive chain steel sprocket kit at first. Like all things there is a little adjustment period to get it dialed for your son, so these are a real reasonable choice. Clutch/throttle cables are there also
  4. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    Thought I'd give my current set-up for reference....still working but liking where I'm going: 134 cc with Wossner yz piston drilled holes for exhaust bridge cooling/porting/welded-capped piston pin to increase crankcase pressure along with crankcase work (Thanks Rich from Rich's Taylor'd Porting as it gets better every time I ride) 38 mm PWK air stryker with RB Designs divider plates FMF Fatty/TCII combo 9 Oz FWW 13/51 gearing on 95' 6 speed swap
  5. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    So did a gp today with the addition of the flywheel weight. I like it. Good improvement on my bike the way it's set up. Course was flat and pretty tight. Really focused on maintaining momentum. Always knew it but looking way ahead is really important on the 125. The 125 I fear will always struggle with elevation but it's not going anywhere. Need more time and testing. Not going to quit fiddling until is as good as possible.
  6. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    Yep this is it. If you're on it, a properly set-up 125 can be a light fun weapon unless it isn't. It will climb if you're committed or should be committed cause you may be a little off...Tommorrow my next adjustments will be evaluated. It's a process for me and the bike.
  7. mcdrz

    2007 cr125 trail bike

    Okay I'll give my $0.02: I'm a NW guy. I purpose built my 02 CR125 (now well prepped/built134) vet woods bike. Honestly it's probably the best bike I've ever owned. It started as a $500.00 craigslist find and complete it cost me less than any leftover new 125 I could find. It has all the bells and whistles and has all the power needed for damn near anything. * It is light and I'm old...good combo. * It's really fun * Open or relatively flat hare scrambles/gp is where it shines * Tight/vertical is not particularly fun. Best I've figured out is hold your bowling ball sized twins between your thighs and the tank and twist real hard with the right wrist and accept that trees are like trail guides for the kamikaze The bike is still new to me and I am learning and adjusting and it's getting better. Next up is some flywheel weight as I did my research and figured out the euro cre's and husky cr to wr had about 16 ounce difference in the flywheels. Having said the above this bike is never leaving my ownership because it's so much fun.
  8. mcdrz

    Kdx 200 Weight reduction

    Frankly there is plenty of ways to drop some weight off of a kdx. You have some good suggestions above, but riders never look to leave thinds as they are so when you purchase parts (such as brake rotors, foot pegs, etc.) just factor weight reduction into the equation. There are limits of course but you'll be suprised actually how much weight can come off. The major ones are listed: exhaust, bars, kick stand, mx style plastics, and sprockets are big ones
  9. mcdrz

    Quick 02' 125 carb conversion question

    Thanks for the quick answer...I'll stuff it in there. Can't wait to get it jetted and singing
  10. For those of you that have swapped to a 38mm air striker with 05+ air boot...There seems like a distinct lack of room. Have you stuffed it in compressing the intake boot or remove the reed spacer to help it fit? By searching never got a good answer but lots of good reading.
  11. mcdrz

    2000 CR250 Worth dumping money into?

    It's all relative actually. The way I look at it is like this: What would it cost me for a new similar bike (YZ, XC, etc)? Now what would it cost me for a new fully set-up (suspension, protection, etc.) similar bike? Now look at your project and ask yourself what $$$ I have to spend to make it how I want it? If it's not even what it would cost for a new off the showroom bike without extras it's really just a $ decision if it's not going to be sold in the next couple years (not talking short term fix and flip)...Do I want a perfectly set-up older bike or a new bike that isn't set-up right? Since I'm not the typical user or perfect weight I can figure new + $1800 +/- (suspension, protection, spark arrestor, gas tank, etc.)
  12. mcdrz

    2003 cr125 woods conversion HELP?!

    What I figured out is not to discount 'properly set-up' small bore bikes as the weight and especially handling is an advantage for old guys like me. My 02 CR125 is almost done, but I had a reasonable plan going in. Yes the CR lacks low end and the common thing is to send the top for porting, etc. I agree and disagree at the same time. If you really want specific characteristics it is a cases up proposition. I took that route and mine performs far more like a 250F without the 4T engine braking. When I'm done I'll post the build that started as a $500 craigslist buy and will end as less than a new leftover 125 2T fully customized vet xc/gp bike.
  13. mcdrz

    Honda East Toledo

    Good communication, good prices but have not found delivery speedy to the west coast. Delivery in 7-9 days after order. Just understand it and know that is the time frame. Maybe the issue is that we all ordered CRF foot pegs at the same damn time !!!
  14. mcdrz

    Roll Offs vs Tear Offs

    Glad somebody brought this up. Tear-offs are prohibited or should be in most offroad series. Personally don't want to give the anti- motorcycle crowd any more ammo
  15. mcdrz

    CR125 Woods Bike

    Ride the 125 if you have it. It no doubt has limitations that can be made better. There is no one size/one bike fits all for riders/terrain. All you have to do is look at hare scrambles videos in different parts of the country to realize the vast difference when a person says "hare scrambles". I puposefully chose a 125 and developed a plan. Mine is nearing completion and is significantly different than when it started. I chose the 125 partially because of light weight. My 02' is now a 6 speed and was built from the ground up (bore/cases/porting and suspension) specific to my needs. There are good 125 woods machines out like a Husky WR125 and with some honest evaluation a CR125 may work for you.