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  1. SnowMule

    06 525 blown gear?

    If the rest of the gears are engaging and holding fine, it's probably something in the case. While I can't imagine the dogs on the gear have worn out, that's kind of what it sounds like is happening. Shift drum moves the position of the shift forks, shift forks move the gears into position. Some are free-rotating against each other, others have dogs that mesh with each other to drive the two gears together. Whatever it is, 99.99% chance you'll have to split the cases to fix it. Get a gasket/seal kit, maybe even a new piston on order.
  2. 6 pages and nobody's mentioned a title and license plate? Because the title and license plate is easily the best mod i've done to my bike.
  3. SnowMule

    Tracking Device for Off Road

    PLB is emergency-use-only - no tracking, facebooking, texting, whatever. Only for life-and-limb emergencies. Based on OPs requirements, this will not meet the need. SPOT/InReach will. Those have live tracking and messaging capabilities, in addition to emergency mode. Of the two, I'd recommend InReach... customer service, and satellite network.
  4. SnowMule

    Noob bought a 2006 KTM 450 EXC

    I used 20 gauge. Ignition is typically a separate coil. In the KTM, it's the one with the black epoxy wrap on it. You need test equipment to really characterize the stator winding (Generators/loads/voltmeters/ammeters). The best thing you can do if you're worried about the load you're putting on the DC system is to put a voltmeter on and watch it - if your stator can't generate enough power to run the load (lights, heated grips, etc) then the battery will provide the additional capacity the stator can't... you'll see the voltage start to drop. As long as the voltage stays up, you're good. I put a little zener reference and bi-color LED on my bike, quick and easy power gauge. Green = good, red = low.
  5. SnowMule

    Stuck Caliper After being in Snow?

    Yup, good to pop the entire brake assy off the bike (front and rear), go through and service those every year or two. Rebuild kits aren't terribly expensive.
  6. SnowMule

    Where to buy plastic piece for turn signal switch?

    Know anyone with a 3D printer and CAD software?
  7. SnowMule

    Shop setups?

    I'm thinking about a cheap/small-ish TV (or big computer monitor) and a RasPi behind it, cheap wireless keyboard/mouse on the bench. Not a computing powerhouse, but enough for remote access to machines in the house, streaming music/youtube/pandora, going through PDF service manuals, or looking up parts online. Bare-bones raspi is about $35, or buy the whole kit with case, SD card, and power supply for about $100.
  8. Broke my ankle sno-x'ing a few years ago. I had driven out there on my own, but at the time the org I teach avy education with was sponsoring the race circuit, so my buddy was there to help me out which was nice. That drive home sucked.
  9. SnowMule

    USB Charger mount

    Get a phone with a battery that doesn't suck... that helps a lot. If your current phone is older, it might be worth it to you to replace the battery. They don't last forever, and do lose capacity over time. Start the day with a charged phone. Shut off things you're not using. Put the phone in airplane mode if you're out in the sticks, low/no signal will chew through a battery real fast. Old phone (XT1080) has a 3400mAh battery... it'd go 2-3 days. One I have now (XT1650) to replace the old one, I probably won't have for long. 2400mAh, and "below-average battery life" is a common complaint with it. The phone i'll replace this one with (LEX L11) has an optional high-capacity 5000mAh pack. I don't have anything on the sled/bike to charge my phone.
  10. Crank bearings, mostly. Replaced the roller bearings with heavy-duty ball bearings at about 6k miles... looks like MTBF on these is about 20k miles. I've replaced both sides in the last two years. Various other bearings here and there, but otherwise the motor itself is holding up quite well and shows no signs of giving up anytime soon.
  11. All the more reason to go with a full-size. 4.56 diffs, 5.7L, front/rear lockers, sway bar disconnect, 12k winch...
  12. Solo racer as well. Not many backcountry guys are into racing, there's two circles (racers and backcountry) with very little overlap between them.
  13. Tires, eventually. Found a crack in the frame near the front motor mount, so i'm going to have to get that fixed before I do anything too aggressive...