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  1. The HFT torque wrenches aren't the problem. They're surprisingly good for the money (I have three of them; 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2"). How you use them is where people get in trouble. If it feels like you're putting too much torque on a fastener, stop and make sure you're doing things right first. Did you get the right units? Are you using the right wrench for the job? My biggest complaint with the HFT torque wrenches is the goofy-ass units they label them with. Figure out the conversion factor to the units you need, print a label and stick it on the wrench. I have a "cheat-sheet" sticky-note on my garage wall with the common conversions I need for fasteners on bike/sled. Store any torque wrench "unloaded" - back off the adjustment to relieve pressure on the internal spring. Store them horizontally or head-down so the grease stays where its needed. This one just put my engine back together this weekend after a failed crank bearing about a month ago. No snapped bolts, bike runs great. Same for sleds.
  2. Carb spray's what I use on the sled. But big +1 for getting it jetted/tuned right.
  3. Tekvest Crossover is cut pretty tall, mostly for coverage while standing up and riding (like most woods/mountain riders do). "standard" race vest coverage (freestyle fits similar, most other chest protectors are about the same height): vs. Crossover. (Shoulder pads are optional (not pictured), but I do wear them.) Tekrider can custom-build gear for you, if you're really out of proportion. It's not the cheapest gear out there, but it's solid, well-built, and comfortable. Good team to work with... https://tekrider.com/
  4. I know I know! Just went through that myself. Except mine got digested and got shat out as glitter in the oil.
  5. Mountains. That's where the snow is.
  6. Personally i'd just split the case. It's not that big of a deal, and it gives you the opportunity to check over (and clean up) everything else inside. Just put the cases of my ktm back together yesterday, cylinder should arrive tomorrow, and with some luck/motivation I should be riding mid-week.
  7. I've got the Forma Terrain TX Enduro boots... had 'em for a few years. Been very happy with them for the price.
  8. Might as well replace the rim while you've got everything apart. The Moose rims I put on my bike were inexpensive and they're holding up real well. Spokes/nipples are a given.
  9. tighten the set-screw holding the throttle block to the bar if it rotates. engine won't load up with oil if the oil map is set right
  10. No experience with the SX1's. Have a pair of Dual Axis. Not a big fan tbh. On the upside, they're very lightweight, stay cool (lots of ventilation), and flex nicely on the knee. Great fit. Downside, they're not very durable (broke a peg off the buckle on the first or second time I wore them), and they don't offer a lot of coverage. Ended up wearing hockey knee pads most of the snow season instead of these, because of the poor coverage and quality issues. Bought a pair of Thor Force guards, the newer model. Had a couple pairs of the older-style ones and liked them - good balance of fit/comfort and protection. Biggest complaint about the Thor is the velcro on the back of the legs. I ran some stitches about 1/2" inside the neoprene then trimmed the velcro back so the velcro didn't chafe my leg. Much more comfortable to wear now. Original, with stitch line where I secured it, before I cut back the velcro: Trimmed back and zig-zag stitch'd the edges down.
  11. '07 525.
  12. thats like 12k miles... which is 47,800km 968 hours. Feeding it it's 6th piston now.
  13. Want to make it last forever? Don't ride it. But where's the fun in that.
  14. Check over everything thoroughly before you reassemble, so you don't have to split things again. Do it once, do it right. Spray-on copper RTV is what I use on my case gasket. If you've recently had the cases apart, you may be able to coerce the gaskets to pop free in one piece and not have to replace them.
  15. >bolt comes loose >tighten bolt >bolt comes loose again >add lock washer, tighten bolt >seems okay now >want to grease ...?? Grease goes on parts that need to move. What you're looking for is loctite, or similar threadlocker. I use a few drops of red on my kicker, it doesn't come off when i'm riding. A little bit of heat and some torque will break it loose for service, the few times I need to remove it.