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  1. miken

    Helmet lock security torx size?

    I remember it messing up the torx head a some, but not bad enough that I couldn't remove it. Maybe they are making them harder now? I took mine off in 2007. I apologize if I caused you more problems.
  2. miken

    Helmet lock security torx size?

    You can take a small thin screw driver and pry out that little post in the center of the torx socket. Just keep bending it back and forth until it breaks off. Then the torx bit will fit into the socket. Sorry, I don't remember the torx size.
  3. miken

    Motorcross Platnum YT7B-BS

    Oh, thanks for doing that for me. I appreciate the info! Mike -
  4. miken

    Motorcross Platnum YT7B-BS

    Yes, she is pretty awesome. I got about 6+ years from my Yuasa, so no complaints. Mike -
  5. miken

    Motorcross Platnum YT7B-BS

    Thanks BlackDRZ, I found that as well but don't see CCA for Motorcross brand. Noble, good advice. Battery is in the bike, wife properly thanked. Glad to see your still on the forum, I've been away. Mike -
  6. My Yuasa battery died. My wife surprised me by getting me a replacement from our local battery store. It's a Motorcross Platnum, and it was $65. Before I install it I wanted to know if it has the same CCA rating as the Yuasa, but cannot find that particular rating on the Motorcross brand website. Does anyone have any experience with this replacement battery? In my opinion the Yuasa barely has the power required for the DRZ, I don't want a battery with less power. Any info is appreciated, Mike -
  7. Ditto, does'nt sound any louder than mine.
  8. miken

    blakestree's mods and fixes thread

    Maybe look into a caliper lock with alarm like this? http://www.xenasecurity.com/home/current/lock_us/
  9. miken

    my sm ( not shur what I have done )

    I like it a lot. Nice job.
  10. It's always the same old "dirt bikes aren't legal on the road". I always just say thanks and give a polite nod. They get so angry.
  11. We have'em in New England but they are typically called a "rotary" or traffic circle.
  12. miken

    Ripped clean

    Damn straight! Had a bike stolen back in 1991 I'm still pissed about. Theft should be hangin offense! Mike -
  13. miken

    Swamped Bike - Car Oil Flush?

    Yes, I think that's what I have, Valvolene MAX or something. I will just have to get more. Thanks all. Mike -
  14. miken

    Swamped Bike - Car Oil Flush?

    Yep, that's what I was thinking. What is this cheap cycle oil you speak of? Mike -
  15. Swamped the bike and the water was over the seat. Pulled the tank on the trail, pulled the spark plug and cranked out the water. I drained a little oil out on the trail to see how much water mixed but didn't see anything noticable. Started up, rode it home. Just drained the oil and still didn't see any sign of water. Can I use cheap car oil to flush before putting the MA rated stuff? Thanks, Mike -