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  1. I could not. The fastest WMX qualifing lap (Patterson) at Freestone was 4 seconds slower than 40th in the mens 250 class. Fiolek was 8 seconds slower. The 54th qualifier's fastest lap was 1 second faster than Fiolek. The WMX ladies are certainly muxh faster than I'll ever be and I have alot of respect for what they do...but, unfortunately, they are simply not fast enough to compete with the fellas.
  2. pumasforpets

    The Real #338 i joining Gieco Honda!

    Hey dude, could you check my spokes for me?
  3. pumasforpets

    Would you take out a rider to get in the main?

    I would take out a rider for a Klondike bar....
  4. I have smoked 15-18 cigarettes a day for 7 years. As I'm sure you know, nicotine is terribly addicting and though we smokers are well aware that cigarettes are slowly killing us, we find it near impossible to quit. Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as Nicorette, Nicoderm, losenges and even inhalers have an unusually high relapse rate. Some have postulated that this is due to the psychological addicition to the act of smoking itself. A smoker feels at ease by the movements of bringing the cigarette to his mouth, taking a drag, feeling the warmth and seeing the smoke exhaled. I have tried numerous times to quit smoking but have not been successful. Last month I was introduced to electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) by my grandfather. He has smoked since his teens and at 2-3 packs a day for 30 years! He bought an e-cig kit from the local drug store 3 months ago and has not had a single cigarette since. I decided based on his success that I would give it a try. I was immediately able to go from 15-18 per day to 1 per day. I still felt the urge to have one when I got home from work as it was my ritual. I did that for about a week until I ran out of cigarettes and decided not to buy another pack. I'm pleased to say I have been smoke free for 1 week with none of the typical withdrawl symptoms associated with quitting cold turkey which, for me, can be quite intense. I have absolutely no intentions of ever going back. After the first 3 days of cutting back to 1 per day, I found the taste and smell of cigarettes to be disgusting. I have a new found sympathy for smokers who had to deal with that around me. Obviously, reducing the number of inhaled chemicals from the 4000 found in cigarettes including 43 known carcinogens to the 4 chemicals in e-cig vapor (USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, USP nicotine and food grade flavoring...they do come unflavored and nicotine free if desired reducing that numer to 2) is significantly better for your health. My question to you is: Do you have any specific health concerns with e-cigs? Do you believe they are a viable alternative as either a replacement for tobacco for those who don't feel they can or don't wish to quit smoking, or as a stepping stone toward quitting nicotine altogether that fulfills both the addition to nicotine, the ability to reduce the dose over time and placates the psychological addiction to the act of smoking itself? I appreciate what you do for this community and look forward to your response. Thank you.
  5. Working out how to disable undesireable portions of the new site format without disabling the stuff that's nice.

  6. pumasforpets

    CR22 Bike Porn

    Hmmm...last year's bike looks more trick than this, but I'm certain the internals are made of unobtanium on the new one. AKA, the works Showa suspension versus the PC A-Kit. http://motocross.transworld.net/1000105741/news/inside-chad-reeds-crf450r/ I liked the Light Speed carbon fiber, Braking batfly rotors, braided lines and red timing plugs on his privateer bike.
  7. pumasforpets

    People wonder why local shops go under...

    I drove 4 hours to buy my last new dirtbike...because the dealer was overstocked and cut the price to 2 GRAND under MSRP. Picked up a brand new 09 KX250f for $4600 in March of 09.
  8. I'll be selling my 09 KX250f soon (my 07 YZ250 2t is just that much more fun) and plan to get a new set of plastic to make it look nicer and might even polish the frame....but then I'll back it up with an hour meter that reads 32 and a detailed maintenance log I have kept for every last bit of work I've done on the bike since I rolled it off the showroom floor. Sure I like the little bits of bling I've added over the years, but mechanical and functional were always the most important things.
  9. pumasforpets

    Where to move? Please help!

    Just put in an application for a promotion in one of our divisions in Commerce City, CO this very evening. Colorado basically just has everything I want. Open spaces, fresh air, excellent climate, skiing and MX among other things. Really hope they give me a shot since it'll give me am excuse to fulfill the desire to move there eventually...but sooner rather than later
  10. pumasforpets

    Launch Control

    + This allows the rider to switch between 2 different ignition/fuel maps. The pros use 1 for the start and then switch to their normal map in the first turn. Kawasaki's launch control does the exact same thing except instead of having to flip the switch manually in the first turn, the computer does it for you when you shift to 3rd gear.
  11. pumasforpets

    Launch Control

    I'm sure you have and just didn't know it at the time. This stuff has been out for a number of years, Kawi is just the first to make it stock. http://www.vortexcdi.com/categories.php As far as I know, Ricky Dietrich uses this ignition setup on his YZ450F.
  12. pumasforpets

    Villopoto's starts

    Most pros have a switch (it's usually red) that changes from ignition map 1 to map 2. http://motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/WE-RIDE-RICKY-DIETRICHS-VALLI-MOTORSPORTS-YAMAHA-Y-8292.aspx
  13. pumasforpets

    Tire poll

    I'm a big fan of the Bridgestone 303/304 combo for mid-hard. They wear really well and get good bite on the type of soil I ride which is everything from Red Bud clay to dune sand.
  14. pumasforpets

    Gaerne SG-12 or SG-10 boots?

    He was talking about the GX1 model, not SG10 My SG12s are older than my bike...bought the boots in 08 and the bike in 09. So 3.5 seasons of riding and they are holding up just fine. The sole is great, the comfort is still there and I don't use insoles, the buckles are incredibly durable. Due to my height and the KX250F peg/kickstart design, I have worn a small hole in the side of the right boot, but I'm betting a bit of glue would fix that right up. They required zero break-in time, wash quite well and I honestly think they are the best moto boots money can buy.
  15. My 09 kx250f has only been ridden 2 or 3 times this year. Having more fun on my 07 yz250 smoker Actually, the 09 only has 30 original hours on it. No piston, crank or valve job needed yet. Looking to sell it in the near future.