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  1. webbersurf06

    2010 kx250f suspension help

    i am 150 without gear, i called a local suspension guy and he said my bike stock was setup for 175-180 lbs.
  2. webbersurf06

    2010 kx250f suspension help

    i need help trying to figure out the right spring rates for my weight at 150 lbs.
  3. i got my 2010 kx250f and would like to know what springs i should put in it for my weight at 150 lbs.
  4. webbersurf06

    2010 Kx250f or Rm-Z250?

    i just got the 2010 kx250f and the bike is awesome, i had an 06 kx and the motor on the 10 is so much stronger its really fast every where through the power band and it shifts way better than older models. hooks up really well and suspension felt good. i would go with the kawi but thats me.
  5. webbersurf06

    Atlanta pit passes

    alright thanks we fly in friday so try to get them quick.
  6. webbersurf06

    Atlanta pit passes

    does anyone know if subway is doing it this year because last year you could buy a large subway drink and it had the pit pass on the cup and you just give them the cup.
  7. webbersurf06

    going to get my 2010 kx250f this weekend

    the dealer is in talladega i couldnt beat the price, its well worth the trip.
  8. webbersurf06

    going to get my 2010 kx250f this weekend

    yea its well worth the drive if you can find a good deal somewhere.
  9. webbersurf06

    going to get my 2010 kx250f this weekend

    finally sold my 06 and am leaving friday night from nc to go to alabama to a dealer there. The price im getting it for is unreal 5,800 dollars out the door pretty pumped. will put pictures up as soon as i get it and hopefully a ride review this weekend.
  10. webbersurf06

    artrax tires?

    my friend has a set front and back on his bike and he loves them said they hook up great in anything cant really beat it for 80 dollars.
  11. webbersurf06

    anybody got the 2010 kx250f yet

    just wondering if anyone has got one yet thinking about getting rid of my 06 for one wanna know what you guys think about them.
  12. webbersurf06

    Show your graphics!!

  13. webbersurf06

    Show your graphics!!

  14. webbersurf06

    might be switching to 2010 crf250r

    im really interested in switching from my 06 kx250f to the 2010 crf250r and i wanna hear some input from people that own one or have ridden one on what they think about it.
  15. webbersurf06

    white platics

    you can get the polisport kit on ebay for 99 bucks thats what i did its a great deal comes with everything.