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  1. Bowski

    motocross tracks

    HWY 47 in Richwoods is the best around, Action is ok in a pinch. They are both on the same road, less than 3 miles apart. Action is a tighter track, Hwy 47 is a bigger track with a outdoors type feel.
  2. Bowski

    St. Joe Saturdays

    I go pretty much every single Sunday, but plan to go some saturdays here and there too.
  3. Bowski

    Supercross @ St. Louis

    YOU know IT I want to hit the after party scene too, although it will probably suck. Section 320 Row E
  4. I wish I would have seen this post replies sooner because I just plunked down my deposit for an 04. Oh Well
  5. I'm on the fence between getting a brand new 04 or 05. The big differnce I see between the two bikes is the fork. Is the 05 fork worth the extra few hundred bucks?
  6. Bowski

    Best mini

    Take a look at Icon Racing's 90X 2 months old and no mechanical problems other than it needed to be jetted.
  7. Bowski

    Icon 90X Jetting (If Interested)

    I live in st louis so we've got ok parts, not cali type of parts but ok. Every single type of kehin carb jet that the dealers had was way too big. I went to honda, yamaha, suzuki and finally found it in a old parts bin at a kawi dealer. Some of the parts guys were big fiddy guys and they haven't seen a main jet this small. I'm talking about thread size. I'd like to know a part number for one of your jets so I can take it to dealer and see whats up. But i did put in my used jet and MAN does this thing haul, now
  8. Bowski

    Icon 90X Jetting (If Interested)

    Dude I don't know what carb came on your bike but all the jets at all of the dealers I've been to all are way too big. One of the local shops here went into a old jetting parts bin to find me a larger jet. Hooked me up at no cost but these carbs are HARD to find jets for, good luck.
  9. Bowski

    Question for Icon owners

    I have yet to look inside the clutch cover yet but I was thinking if there is a screen it would be there. Thanks for the answer
  10. Bowski

    Question for Icon owners

    If there is an oil filter in that sucker I haven't found it yet and if its where I haven't looked than it ain't getting cleaned, changed, or even looked at but once in a great while. I say just dump the oil more often and you should be right on.
  11. Bowski

    Here it is: My initial review of the Icon 90X

    Yeah that oil was a mystery to me, I thought it came from the bike but the engine was full, and that crap was everywhere. I honestly thought maybe it was from something else leaking onto my bike but its good to hear others feel my oil cleaning pain. You know I should be pissed about the missing grip but after pulling off the grip on the throttle tube and it wasn't glued, safety wired or anything so 8 bucks for some new grips isn't a big deal. I still think the bike is an amazing deal and just needs a few little things to really hook it up. I recommend this bike, its a blast.
  12. Bowski

    Here it is: My initial review of the Icon 90X

    I've had my 90X for about 2 weeks now and I'm loving it. Here are some of my observations. 1 Handlebars are not made that well and my had a crooked crossbar 2 Throttle tube sticks, replacing with a billet tube 3 Stock shifter is easily bent, but goes back into position easy enough 4 Front end is undersprung, but sounds like an easy enough fix. 5 Not jetted for weather below 40degrees F. I'm impressed with the bike but it needs some aftermarket parts to make it a truly awesome machine. NOt big stuff and thats a good thing. This thing rips and you can seriously haul on it. Bike is put together well. The only gripe I have is mine came covered with oil, missing a grip, and my bars were jacked up. I Love riding this thing, and it looks truly awesome.
  13. Bowski

    Who lives in St Louis

    Fenton, man we are neighbors!!! udhawg, I'm sitting in Kirkwood right now waiting for my mom's operation on her knees to finish. Its cool to see some local boys so close. My wife rode for about a week, then broke her wrist and now she doesn't even touch the quad. Maybe I'll get her to ride the Mini when it comes in this week.
  14. Bowski

    Who lives in St Louis

    Hey, Just moved back to the St Louis area was wondering how many TT'ers are from STL. I live in House Springs, down hwy 30 past Fenton. Paul
  15. Bowski

    cheap pit bike

    I just bought a Icon 90x from a guy in Tennesse and he will have the bike drop shipped to you for $1825 to your door shipping included. He was telling me that he has had no issues with the Icon's so far and has had problems with the SDG bike, more than a few problems. The only thing better on the SDG is the rear swingarm, thats about it. Plus the engine of the 90x and 50x are both cut to accept a 110cc hop up kit. In addition ICON is coming out with thier own parts to support the bike and build these puppies up. As you can tell I'm pretty stoked about getting my new toy. This thing is compatable with xr50 parts so its all good. If you want me to put you in contact with this guy drop me a pm or email me at paul_ahlemeyer@yahoo.com . He's a cool guy and is the only dealer in like a 7 state area here in the midwest. Well anyway I'll post some pics when I get it and give you my impressions. Later