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  1. spizz5

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    Well Im in the midwest so Glen Helen isnt much of an option, however this is: http://www.sunsetridgemx.com Its a national caliber track that typically fast guys are well over 2 minutes, they hold an ATV national and of course Lorettas qualifiers every year. My kid is an A rider and was there Monday for a private rental, he told me he did 7 laps on the Alta and came in with just under 1/2 battery life remaining. Conservatively thats 16 minutes, theres not many amateurs that'll ride more than that time at speed, and certainly not many over 50 years of riding guys that are neither. Remember that was just over half battery used, it still had plenty more. So get back to the truck throw charger on, cool off for a while, and go back out without worry of not having enough for 2 or 3 more motos. Is that close enough to real world?
  2. spizz5

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    Im not sure what to believe here. A few posts up it was 15 years of EV involvement, now its 12. As the owner of the company said, its not for everyone. And it wont replace my ICE bikes neither, but it certsinly is getting more use than any them currently. Somebody thought enough of them to give Alta pretty big financial backing. Its safe to say that was done with much research and not just the word of a couple internet guys.
  3. spizz5

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    At first I had the impression you were a crusty old vintage guy, but now Ive realized your a quad guy, whos obviously had more than one six pack strapped to the rear rack. I dont know or care where or what you ride, but I can tell you for me living in the suburbs, its reopened my local play areas that I can ride easily after work. In 20 years of racing offroad, Ive never had the need to go more than 65mph, not MX, enduros, hare scrambles, or GPs. The Alta is ISO certified, so water intrusion is not an issue, in fact last weekend I crossed a creek multiple times during our race, and Im still here to talk about it. Want more data? The +40 A & B line had upwards of 20 bikes on it, some 2 strokes, some 4. 250s, 300s, 450s. In a roughly 200 foot long start, I pulled 2 bike lengths by the end of the straght. Guess what? There was even a Service Honda CR500 on that line. But its not for everybody, including those that buy roached out used bikes for $1,000 and then cant make their mortgage payment. Where do you fit into?
  4. spizz5

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    Mr Sparks, youre right its not for you. If youre still obsessing over TY175 and CR500s in 2017, the world has left you behind.
  5. spizz5

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    Im a 3 week old Redshift MX owner and its been absolutely amazing so far. It has opened up my local riding areas again, due to its quietness. I raced it this past sunday in 2 20 minute GP motos (2nd 40B) without issue, and my kid will be stadium MX racing it this coming weekend. Comparing it to a stock 250F isnt giving the bike the credit it deserves, it is atleast more powerful, if not faster. For a crusty old woods racer like myself, not having to subconsciously think about clutching or shifting in corners has freed up my mind to think about, and practice basic riding fundamentals. In time this will improve my speed and abilities on my Traditional bike. The fact that the charger knows whether its charging on 110V or 220V on its own is pure brilliance. Quick charge with 220 when away from home, and just plug into garage when in no hurry. And of course its quite the conversation piece too.
  6. spizz5

    Starting my xr100 cr85 conversion

    I would use the KLX airboot as its easiest to make work if youre not going to run anything more than the BBR kitted engine. When you get into the higher hp builds its too restrictive.
  7. spizz5

    Crf150f or 150r for trails!

    As an owner and seller of one, I respectfully disagree. There is a 7 pound difference between the 150 and 250 motors. Hardly enough to cause handling issues. Further, both motors use the swingarm pivot as the main locator. Again both motors are very similar dimensionally, meaning its very close to where it was as a 150. I have read of issues of others saying its too powerful, but I never felt that way. If currently riding as a 150, and then going to the additional power of the 250, I can see how one could feel that way. But I asure you that feeling goes away in about 3 minutes.
  8. spizz5

    What bike to get...

    Thats my bike, and it could easily be crated and shipped direct from Service Honda.
  9. The 7-9 year crowd didnt imply anything. Maybe Naveen or teh Japanese guy did though? I hope you find the holy grail, really I do, but again up to this point there hasnt been anything new presented. Head, base gaskets and teams using X heads isnt any earth shattering news.
  10. Im no money chasing "specialist" in anything motorcycle related. I am however knoledgable enough to understand what Im reading isnt anything none of us didnt already know. Up to this point there hasnt been any new information presented, and attaching someones name to it doesnt change that.
  11. Is that your first post ever not dropping any names?
  12. So let me get this straight: you buy several "used" 7-9 year old bikes and a borrowed one, then seek out the most expensive guys in the industry to rebuild the head/valvetrains? It has been known for the same 7-9 years that: clean oil is critical Clean filter is critical Exhaust guide wear is inherent in Hondas design of the exhaust side Beryllium copper seats are a major upgrade for longevity DelWest, Xceldyne, Kibblewhite have been a common upgrade for many years now The fact is these are high RPM motors and all those moving parts are gonna wear out. Guides, valve faces, seats, springs, pistons, crank bearings, all of it is gonna always need attention. Sure you can buy some extra time with coatings and such, but its never gonna go away. Further, for a tean that only plans to "win", seems you'll need a lower hourly head maintenance interval anyways if for no other reason than the insurance of being stranded in teh desert.
  13. spizz5

    Ordered a Clarke 1.7 oversize tank (fingers crossed)

    I just had AJ at my house dropping my frame and other parts off so I can start assembling. He told me the IMS tank also works, but has one spot that needs to be heated up and pushed in to provide clearance at the valve cover.
  14. spizz5

    Pics of tall seats

    Theres a 150R for sale on ebay right now listed with a tall seat on it. Doesnt say what brand, and judging by the pictures, it certainly doesnt look overwhelming.
  15. spizz5

    Time for a new clutch

    No need for anything waterpump related. In fact you can do it without even draining the coolant by just holding the cover back out of the way with something. Ive used a 6 inch bungee cord in the past, but an extra hand, or some string would work too. Oh and save yourself some greif and replace fibers with oem ones.