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  1. jnr450r

    Help me find an XR or CRF50 for my kid!

    Been sitting for two years, put new gas in and it started first kick (I drained the carb before storing).
  2. jnr450r

    Help me find an XR or CRF50 for my kid!

    I have one. Its a 2011 ( I think?) I'll check tomorrow, when I go out to my the shop. It probably only has 15 hours on it from my daughter. Its clean, with some extra parts. I'll post a photo tomorrow.
  3. jnr450r

    Track riding

    Anybody ride the new lay out at Gormon MX???
  4. jnr450r

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    What are you guys watching it on? Red Bull TV??
  5. jnr450r

    Track riding

    Gorman is open, just need a spark arrestor and 5 dollars.
  6. jnr450r

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    To many bikes, not enough time!
  7. jnr450r

    Track riding

  8. jnr450r

    Riding partners

    This whole thread has a very ghey undertone to it? "Riding Partners"
  9. The young lad gives us great insight, and was so well spoken. I became a fan today. Watch out Emig!
  10. jnr450r

    Where is this at?

    Must be a remote area, because there's no graffiti on it?
  11. Thats me wheeling too, its surreal to have bombs and missiles, drones flying over your head when your riding a dirt bike in Hawaii, making in a week what the average person makes a year. , Its funny how you can do all kinda cools things, but their is always some apple out there, who's a hater. Saying stupid things, that she knows nothing about! There'e a reason I do what I do and travel the world doing it(in Spain now working on Terminator). I realized a long time ago, I was going to a factory rider in the late eighties, early 90's race scene. So I learn the craft of the film biz and I made it because I know how treat people and be a team player, not to mention learning to do what other people won't do on street and dirt bikes and cars. So you Ringadingdonglina, are a apple slow poke idiot, never was and never will be!! Funny thing is though's fast guys I use to race, now call me wanting to do what I do (buts its to late!). Life is a funny ironic thing! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0731243/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  12. Its JNR III, and yes thats me in the top photo on the far right. Those kicker ramps were booters, especially on DR 400's and all that gear. But if it was easy, even Kranapple could do it!
  13. I agree with the other donkeys () on here. Leave it stock!! BTW, that thing is super clean, be proud and leave her alone.
  14. jnr450r

    Post race microphone shortage.

    Steve Matthes ate the the other microphone. . .